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image of a relaxed woman reading a book on a hammock

Date: 21.08.17 Author: Psychic Chris

Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

Taking time out has an overall positive effect on your life and lifestyle, your health, your emotional well-being and the way you perceive people and experiences. Make a promise to yourself to take more time out for you and feel the difference.

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image of lightning striking on the Gold Coast Australia Saturday 3rd December 2016

Date: 05.12.16 Author: Rose Smith

How Lightning Influences us Spiritually

Rose Smith was watching the thunderous lightning storms the other night on the Gold Coast Australia and this phenomena got her thinking. What does lightning mean in terms of spirituality? Get more personal power in your lives! Unlock your emotions!

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image of a beautiful child happy with both her parents who are co-parenting

Date: 09.08.16 Author: Psychic Chris

Co-Parenting with your Ex – is it possible?

Divorce or separation can be difficult enough for the adults to comprehend. But think for a moment…How is your child coping with this? Can you put your feelings aside and co-parent with your ex to ensure your child continues to thrive no matter what?

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image of a little ballerina girl in a pink tutu putting on her ballet shoes

Date: 26.07.16 Author: Thomas

The Dance of Life

Psychic Thomas was inspired to write this beautiful article as a reminder to us that we are all unique, and to not compare our ‘dance moves’ with anybody else in the ‘Dance of Life’. Allow the beauty of your soul to take control.

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image of woman looking through a door of opportunity surrounded by question marks

Date: 23.06.16 Author: Thomas


Have you ever spent countless hours, days or even years beating yourself up by asking ‘Why?’ Why did he stop loving me? Why couldn’t I let go? Read this very thoughtful article from Psychic Thomas.

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image of a hand holding healing crystals

Date: 07.06.16 Author: Psychic Chris

Healing with Crystals

Some people shy away from the use of crystals. Crystals have been used throughout centuries for many different purposes. Each crystal has its own qualities, abilities and of course energy/vibration. Read this great article from Psychic Chris.

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image of woman struggling to avoid procrastination now or later

Date: 31.05.16 Author: Rose Smith

How To Avoid Procrastination

Some people are scared of becoming successful and that is why they procrastinate. Getting a psychic reading can help you break the cycle of procrastination, generate healing and allow you to work towards your desires through releasing blockages.

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image of woman embracing an easy life in the sunset

Date: 03.05.16 Author: Rose Smith

Soul Contracts Connection or Coincidence

Soul Contracts are agreements, that each of us enters into before birth. Prior to the contract being made, your spirit guides allow you to choose from many life lesson scenarios. Your soul choices become the foundation of your Soul Contract.

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image of woman with curly hair hugging and loving herself

Date: 29.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Speaking New Truths to Yourself

Don’t believe you really are fabulous, inside and out? That little voice in your head which carries on a constant dialogue of negative talk has got to stop! Time to start speaking new truths to yourself. Embrace and believe in the fabulous person you are.

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image of woman holding sign control your life

Date: 24.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Taking Back Control of Your Life

Have you blindly lost control or started heading along the wrong path because you have chosen to try to live up to others’ expectations? Taking back control of your life is totally doable through self-awareness, and stepping away from negativity.

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