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What Can You Do About Workplace Bullying?

Date: 29.08.18 Author: Thomas

What Can You Do About Workplace Bullying?

If you front up to work every day feeling angry because you have bullying in the workplace… you are not alone! It is a sad fact of life that workplace bullying is insidious and seems to be on the rise in today’s world. Read this great article from Thomas.

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image of a woman chasing her dreams

Date: 19.02.18 Author: Thomas

Chase Your Dreams

There is always a voice within us of self-doubt, where we feel that achieving our dreams are an impossibility. You can take your dreams as far as you can. Just remember there is only you in the race to get there. There is no finishing line.

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Spirituality and Life's Challenges

Date: 26.08.17 Author: Thomas

The Challenges of Life – It’s a Beautiful Disaster!

Most of us will hold on to the journey despite what life throws at us through fear of the unknown if we get off the ride. Some will hang on to the ride hoping through faith and hoping that it will get better. Psychic Thomas puts our life journey into perspective.

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image of a little ballerina girl in a pink tutu putting on her ballet shoes

Date: 26.07.16 Author: Thomas

The Dance of Life

Psychic Thomas was inspired to write this beautiful article as a reminder to us that we are all unique, and to not compare our ‘dance moves’ with anybody else in the ‘Dance of Life’. Allow the beauty of your soul to take control.

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image of woman looking through a door of opportunity surrounded by question marks

Date: 23.06.16 Author: Thomas


Have you ever spent countless hours, days or even years beating yourself up by asking ‘Why?’ Why did he stop loving me? Why couldn’t I let go? Read this very thoughtful article from Psychic Thomas.

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image of woman breaking free from chains with dark bg

Date: 16.01.23 Author: Thomas

High Expectations – Why Being REAListic is Important

Psychic Thomas is a highly experienced psychic who has read for many people experiencing stress & anxiety as a result of high expectations.The essence of the calls he receives are related to people who are in conflict with love, work, family, friends, money and high expectations. Read his story.

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