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Older mother in yellow jumper with arms crossed with son and his partner in background.

What to do when Your Friends and Family Don’t Like Your Partner

Date: 30.04.24 Author: Rose Smith

Do your friends or family not like your partner? Don’t ditch your love just because your friends do! It happens! Are they genuinely concerned or just jealous? Learn how to deal with disapproval, identify red flags, & prioritise your happiness.

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woman in blue shirt with dark hair has a shocked or worried look on her face when a man puts both his hands on her shoulders.

How to Spot Sexual Predators

Date: 09.04.24 Author: Rose Smith

Learn to identify and handle sexual harassment and predatory behaviour effectively. Explore recognizing signs, setting boundaries, and seeking help when needed. Empower yourself to maintain healthy relationships and ensure your safety and well-being.

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image of couple with love hearts over their eyes

Find Your Zodiac Sign Compatibility This Valentine’s Day

Date: 13.02.24 Author: Rose Smith

Discover your star sign love match this Valentine’s Day with Astrologer Rose Smith. Harness the power of the horoscopes as the stars align favourably for love, courtesy of significant planetary shifts around February 14th. These shifts promise favourable conditions for love.

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image of business woman holding a sign saying no

How to Say No with Confidence

Date: 17.11.23 Author: Rose Smith

Being able to confidently say NO without the guilt. can be difficult to do at the best of times. However there are ways you can practise becoming more confident, build your self-esteem and not feel any guilt for your choices.

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image of woman flirting with another man behind her partner's back

How Do You Respond to Mixed Signals?

Date: 10.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

You are in love with someone…but do they love you back? Sometimes we get what we think are love signals….all mixed up. You can determine if they ‘really are in to you’ after reading this article.

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5 Secrets to Speed Up Cupid

5 Secrets to Speed Up Cupid

Date: 12.02.24 Author: Psychic Athena

Psychic Athena explains there are 5 steps to attracting your Divine Life Partner. When your life is filled with more joy, integrity, enthusiasm, new friendships or hobbies, you create a greater magnetism for “The One”. Read this very thoughtful article.

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image of a happy couple on the couch with their happy dog

Top 10 Tips to Attract Love

Date: 08.02.18 Author: Rose Smith

Looking to attract wild and passionate love into your life? Then read Rose Smith’s Top 10 Tips to Attract Love. Be open and love yourself wholly, be truthful in what you want in a partner, and be realistic. Remember… good looks will fade over time.

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image a woman involved in a toxic relationship

How To Recognise a Toxic Relationship

Date: 15.11.16 Author: Rose Smith

Anyone who has experienced a toxic relationship will tell you it is a very slow and confusing path to the suffocation of your soul. Letting go of toxic people and experiences in your life can be a major step towards a happy and productive life.

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image of couple looking at the sunset enjoying each others company

How to Become Relationship Ready

Date: 31.08.16 Author: Psychic Chris

Stepping into a new relationship can be an overwhelming and uncertain time for many. It is often because we let our fears, old conditioning, labelling and lack of trust get in the way. Find out how to get Relationship Ready to get the best out of your relationship.

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image of a woman talking on the internet with her long distant partner

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Date: 16.08.16 Author: Rose Smith

Studies show that there is nothing to prove that long distance relationships have a higher rate of breakups or relationship problems than ‘regular’ relationships. You can build a strong and loving relationship from a distance, as long as you trust and respect.

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Relationships can be complicated. Get the relationship you deserve and read our thought provoking Relationships articles at Absolute Soul Secrets.

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