Animal Messages and Totems

image of a white sulphur crested cockatoo

Date: 31.08.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Cockatoo

Cockatoos represent a great sense of community. They remind us of the importance of communication and compromise in all your relationships. Cockatoos are also a symbol of change and to embrace learning and spontaneity in your life.

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image of two fluffy yellow ducks in the grass

Date: 24.08.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Duck

If you are drawn to ducks, you are the type of person who prefers to be in a place where you feel comfortable. The Universe might give you a kick up the backside now and then to get you out of this comfort zone.

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image of a brown koala in the gum tree

Date: 16.08.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Koala

Koalas represent our physical and mental wellbeing. When they appear around you, they are trying to send the message that you need to spend some time nurturing yourself. It’s ok to take a break from the calamities of daily life now and then.

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image of a beautiful green and red beetle sending an animal totem message

Date: 09.08.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Beetle

If you are seeing beetles around you or in your dreams, this could be a sign that you need to make changes in your life. Are you being your true self? An unresolved family situation that needs your attention? Look in from the outside.

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image of a mare mothering her baby foal

Date: 26.07.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Horse

If you choose the Horse to be your spirit animal or totem, this trusty animal will give you the gift of strength, endurance and independence. If you see a white horse, it means that you are very much protected from any negativity or harsh psychic attacks.

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image of two beautiful parrot lorikeets grooming each other

Date: 22.07.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Parrot

We could all learn a lot of lessons from the Parrot. Parrots are beautiful birds who fly with ease and are very nurturing creatures. They remind us of many lessons including the healing power of touch, and that you can achieve your goals with ease.

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image of a beautiful hummingbird eating from a bright pink flower

Date: 12.07.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are beautiful animals and if you happen to see one, the message is they are prompting you to see the beauty around you. Open up your heart and you will naturally draw more love in to your life. This is a great time to pursue your dreams!

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image of a beautiful kookaburra on a log

Date: 23.06.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Kookaburra

If you are seeing or hearing the laughter of Kookaburras around you, they are reminding you of the power of laughter. Laughter is a positive force for the body, and is known to help heal and create relationships. A great time for new relationship too.

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image of an australian magpie in autumn leaves

Date: 14.06.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Magpie

Magpies are mystical and like crows, they travel between space and time and have a true link to spirit. In particular, Magpies are opportunistic. They are here to teach us to take up any and all opportunities that come your way.

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image of a beautiful peacock

Date: 07.06.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Peacock

The Peacock as we know is a beautiful creature recognised for its beautiful feathers which look like many eyes. When you see a Peacock, they are trying to teach you many lessons including to be confident in chasing your dreams with a light hearted approach.

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If we pay attention we can receive spiritual messages every day! Animal messages and totems offer a fascinating viewpoint into what Spirit is trying to tell us on a regular basis.

Both living animals and Spirit animals are here to help. But often we’re distracted by the hurley burley of the external world to hear what they have to say. Spirit Animals are those animals who have passed into Spirit, they have wisdom and knowledge they can share with us if we pay attention. Animals symbolise different energies that can help us in our daily lives. Both living animals and Spirit animals can act as animal guides when we need solutions to life’s problems.

Do you know your spirit totem? Read our Animal Messages and Totems articles for spiritual meanings and see if you get a feeling or a vibe in your physical body. You’ll know by how you feel, if you have a ‘special connection’ with a particular type of animal for example cats, then you may have a cat spirit guiding you through life, along with other guides.

Check out these animals below for the spiritual messages.