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woman with 2 faces looking at the moons

Date: 15.08.23 Author: Rose Smith

Supermoon Rituals

Personal rituals can be a great source of strength and transformation. And timing your rituals with natural events like a Supermoon will enhance the potency of your rituals. Choose an Elemental Ritual to embrace the next Supermoon – Air, Fire, Water or Earth.

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Date: 06.01.18 Author: Rose Smith

Cycles of the Moon

Following the moon cycles can be beneficial to you to help you achieve personal growth. Pay attention to our behaviour and the energy that you put out during the moon cycle phases. This article may help you understand how moon energy works.

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image of beautiful purple moon and reflection in the water

Date: 28.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

8 Phases of the Moon

Harness the energy of the moon and the eight moon phases to achieve personal growth. Understanding the different phases of the moon and how they affect us, may just lead you closer towards achieving your goals.

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Supermoon of the Century is coming.

Date: 09.11.16 Author: Rose Smith

Biggest Supermoon of the Century – World Transformation

Get ready for the biggest Supermoon of the Century which is happening Monday 14 November 2016. Rose Smith shares with you how to best prepare yourself for this unsettling time. Don’t worry! This feeling of unsettledness lasts only a short time.

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Harness the power of the spiritual moon to achieve personal growth! Our Supermoon Articles explain how the moon phases can spiritually and emotionally affect us.