Tarot Readings

image of tarot cards

At Absolute Soul Secrets, we have a multitude of psychic readers who are gifted in the art of tarot readings. Many of them have studied this art for years, and use tarot as a divination method to help confirm the answers they are receiving for you from spirit.

There are many types of tarot decks and spreads available, and our psychics will choose a spread or deck for you based on their own preferences. Regardless of the tarot deck or spread type used, the answers they receive for you will be the same; they will get spiritual information and individual meaning from each card, confirming the messages they are already receiving for you. They do this by calling on their other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and even mediumship.

Below is an explanation of just some of the tarot card spreads that may be used by our psychics during your psychic reading.

Relationship Spread

This is a great tarot reading if you wish to explore where your relationship is heading from both your view, and your partner’s view. The cards in the Relationship tarot spread can reveal for you the current state of your relationship, the path you would like your relationship to go, how you view your partner and how your partner views you.

Celtic Cross Spread

One of the more popular spreads used, the Celtic Cross spread is designed to give insight and shed light on many aspects of your life. This spread can help give you an overview about any past, present and future concerns you may have. You might have a question about your relationship, love, work, career, finance. The key here is to really focus on the question you really want answered when you put your question to the psychic and the cards.

Astrological Spread

You need not have a specific question for the Astrological spread. Each card on its own represents each astrological house and is interpreted with corresponding astrological houses, that may be influencing your life at the time. The cards will reveal information about your Self, your finances, your family, career, friendships and any burdens or fears that may be surrounding you.

Tree of Life Spread

This is a very thorough card spread that explores all facets of your mind, body and spirit and in particular, gives greater insight into your Life Path. These cards will explain your highest ideals, your virtues and wisdom, your creative power and how you can design your own life.

Past Life Spread

Our past lives do affect our current life, and the Past Life tarot spread gives the psychic an overview of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical influences that you have already experienced in a past life, and how you can deal with these past influences in the now. Any Karmic debts owed and Karmic lessons to be learned are also revealed in these cards.

If you are interested in trying a tarot reading, don’t hesitate to ask one of our psychics. Alternatively, go to the Our Psychics profile pages on our website to find out which of our psychics offer tarot readings.