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How to Read Tarot Cards?

image of tarot cards

How to Read Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards History

Readings have been around for thousands of years. Tarot reading is a descendant from ‘the casting of lots’ which originated in ancient times. One of the earliest recorded ‘casting of lots’ occurred in 8th century BC. Phoenician sailors drew lots to find out who was responsible for storms at sea. This was recorded in the Book of Jonah in the Old Testament. However, many other ancient cultures have also used lots which then developed into tarot card readings as we know them over time.

Tarot cards were and still are a random form of decision-making known as ‘cleromancy’. This comes from the Greek work ‘kleros’ meaning lot or inheritance. Around the 15th century in Italy, tarot cards were known as ‘tarocchi’ in a game which resembled Bridge. However, some say that tarot cards were present in Europe since around 1200 AD. It is thought by some, that wealthy families often held tarot events for entertainment and enlightenment. At the very least, wealthy people commissioned beautifully painted tarot decks for their own amusement, entertainment and spiritual growth.

Tarot Card Spreads

There are many types of tarot decks and spreads available. Our psychics will choose a spread or deck for you based on their own preferences. Tarot psychics will gain spiritual information and individual meaning from each card. These often confirm the messages they are already receiving for you. Tarot psychics do this by calling on other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and even mediumship.

The 5 Card Spread

image of tarot pentacles and wands. Tarot Card Spread

Psychic Astrologer Rose Smith often uses a 5 card spread when appearing on our Facebook and Youtube channels. Rose believes that 5 cards is sufficient to find an answer in a short time. However, there are many more complicated and time consuming spreads that can be used by tarot psychics. These complicated readings obviously give more information. Here’s just a few of the tarot card spreads that may be utilized by psychics during your psychic reading.

♥️Relationship Spreads♥️

In tarot readings, there are multiple relationship spreads. These are specifically designed to provide insights into the dynamics of romantic relationships. These various spreads help you explore various aspects of your love life, understand underlying issues, and gain clarity for decision-making. Let’s delve into some common relationship tarot spreads:

  1. The “Check-In” Spread:

    • Sometimes, you just want to ensure that you and your partner are on the right track. This spread acts as a touchstone to generally view your relationship.
    • Draw 8 cards and arrange them in an upside-down pyramid:
      1. Card 1: Represents the energy between you and your partner.
      2. Card 2: Reveals how you truly feel about your partner.
      3. Card 3: Reflects your emotions when you’re together.
      4. Card 4: Identifies the greatest strength of your relationship.
      5. Card 5: Highlights the biggest challenge you’re facing.
      6. Card 6: Indicates what your partner needs from you.
      7. Card 7: Describes what you need from your partner.
      8. Card 8: Indicates ways you can improve your relationship.
  2. The “Compatibility” Spread: Curious about how compatible you and your partner are?

    • Draw 7 cards and arrange them in two rows, with an additional card at the bottom to “sum up” your connection:
      • 🔮Row 1:
        • Cards 1-3: Represent your compatibility.
      • 🔮Row 2:
        • Cards 4-6: Indicate challenges or obstacles.
        • The tarot card at the bottom indicates how your relationship is travelling overall.
  1. Other Relationship Spreads:

    • The Lovers Spread: Perfect for those already in a relationship.
    • Basic Three-Card Relationship Spread: Ideal for quickly gain an overall view of a current relationship or hoped for relationship.
    • Simple Self-Love Tarot Spread: Focused on self-care and self-love.
    • Five Card Cross Relationship Spread: Offers deeper insights into relationship dynamics.
    • How to Manifest a Soulmate Spread: You can use this tarot spread if you’re seeking a soulmate.

Steps to Remember When Casting a Tarot Spread

Indeed, it’s important to remember that tarot spreads are tools for reflection, guidance, and understanding. Hold a clear intention in your mind and heart before you draw the tarot cards. Choose a suitable tarot spread in alignment with your question. Don’t forget when you’re shuffling the cards, to hold your question in mind and to feel your feelings.

If you wish to try a professional psychic tarot reader, then choose a tarot psychic who resonates with you. If you can feel something… a vibe with one of our psychics, then you’re more likely to receive deeper insights from the tarot reading.

image of a couple in the snow in the city celebrating winter

🔮More Tarot Spreads to Try🔮

Celtic Cross Spread

One of the more popular spreads used, the Celtic Cross spread is designed to give insight and shed light on many aspects of your life. This spread can help give you an overview about any past, present and future concerns you may have. You might have a question about your relationship, love, work, career, finance. The key here is to really focus on the question you really want answered when you put your question to the psychic and the cards.

Astrological Spread

You need not have a specific question for the Astrological spread. Each card on its own represents each astrological house and is interpreted with corresponding astrological houses, that may be influencing your life at the time. The cards reveal information about your Self, your finances, your family, career, friendships and any burdens or fears that may be surrounding you. In fact, the tarot can reveal information about almost anything!

Tree of Life Spread

This is an extensively thorough card spread that explores all facets of your mind, body and spirit. In particular, it gives greater insight into your life direction. The tarot cards will explain your highest ideals, your virtues and wisdom, your creative power and how you can be the architect of your own life.

Past Life Spread

Our past lives do affect our current life, and the Past Life tarot spread gives the psychic an overview of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical influences that you have already experienced in a past life, and how you can deal with these past influences in the now. Any Karmic debts owed and Karmic lessons to be learned are also revealed in these cards.

Our Psychic Tarot Readers

AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com has a multitude of psychic readers who are gifted in the art of tarot readings. Additionally, many of them have studied this art for years or even decades. Another key point is that our psychics use tarot as a divination method to augment the answers they are already receiving for you from spirit.

If you are interested in trying a tarot reading, don’t hesitate to get a psychic tarot reading from one of our psychics. Alternatively, go to the Our Psychics profile pages on our website to find out which of our psychics offer tarot readings.

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