Four in Numerology

Number Four people have been known to seek the security of home and family. They can be quite intellectual and excel at analysing situations. Often their minds are very active and they need to practise relaxation techniques and spontaneity. They tend to have so many great ideas in their heads that sometimes they don’t get them out into the physical world.

Number Four’s like to be organised and methodical and they like to put things back in their “proper place”. If for some reason, a number four is disorganised, then this is a sign that person is off track in life. Number four’s like stability and structure in most things they do. Having fun may need to be learnt and practised.

If you’re going into a four year, it will be a year of hard but successful work. Great for building on pre-existing plans or projects you have already commenced. Just don’t overdo it and remember your loved ones will want some time with you – it’s not just all about work. If you’re unemployed or dissatisfied in your work, you will have energy for a new job. People often build/buy homes during this time.

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