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SMS Psychics Available

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Welcome to our Psychic SMS Service. Leveraging the latest cutting edge technology, we ensure your messages are kept safe and confidential. You can choose between two options: General Chat, where the Universe selects a psychic from our pool of psychic, or you can connect with a Favourite Psychic. Keep in mind that your preferred psychic might occasionally be busy with other readings, resulting in a slight delay in their response.

Feel free to text your questions 24/7 to our General Psychic Chat pool. The next available psychic will promptly respond. For additional details, explore our website’s guide on How Our Psychic SMS Text Service Works. For direct communication with your chosen Favourite Psychic, follow these steps:

  • Check their availability below
  • Text their ID Code (e.g., #1234) and hit ‘send’.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation: “You have started a chat with psychic 1234.”
  • Reply with your question.
  • To end the conversation, text #end and ‘send’. You can then initiate a new chat with another psychic.

We strive to offer SMS psychic services around the clock. If a psychic isn’t available, your question will be addressed by the next logged-in psychic. Keep in mind that late-night or early-morning texts may receive responses the following day.

To streamline your SMS texting experience, consider pre-purchasing an SMS Text package. You can do so quickly and easily via our personalised service at 1300 916 888 or Self Service at 1300 721 656. For SMS Text pricing details, visit our Psychic Reading Prices page.

Please note that our Psychic SMS Service provides general answers only. We cannot offer advice on medical, legal, or financial matters.

While SMS review facilities are not yet available, feel free to leave reviews for specific psychics based on phone readings you’ve had with them

For additional insights into the workings of our Absolute Soul Secrets SMS Psychic Chat Service, explore our detailed guide.

SMS Psychics Available Now

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