Our Philosophy

image of hands healing heart

Often in my visions I see Archangel Michael’s hand stretching down from up on high. His intention is to give everyone a hand up to a higher spiritual realm. This is his and our intention for Absolute Soul Secrets. We are here to give you guidance. Our mission is to offer our services with the intention of facilitating consciousness at wherever you are at. Becoming conscious is a high and does wonders for your self-esteem. Having insights about ourselves is truly wonderful and gives us peace and confidence that no one can take away.

Increase Your Awareness

A psychic reading with us is a tool for consciousness. It can be especially useful when you are unsure of your direction in life or you have an important decision or action to take. Yes, the psychic will pick up on future events but a reading can be more than that. If you have decision to make, our psychics can offer healing and other options, which may provide a different point of view. You can examine these options together and come to a more realistic appraisal of your current situation. A good psychic can detect the energies around you, past present and future. A good psychic can also assist manifestation of desired events including healing past hurts (this life and previous lives) or magic and ritual.

A psychic reading with our readers can help you when you are feeling down and dejected. No matter how difficult your present situation is, a psychic reading will help calm your nerves and give you hope in the future. You have anonymity with our readers who are trustworthy and will not disclose your personal information. Your confidentiality is assured. You will not be judged or belittled in any way and at all times you are treated with “unconditional positive regard”. When you ring our credit card line, your personal details such as surname and credit card details will not be divulged to our readers. Our readers receive only your first name and phone number and they will call you straight back. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will not sell your private details to any other organisation. Confidentiality is paramount.

Our prices are easy to understand and there are no hidden extras. The only time you will pay more than our basic price is when you use a mobile or cellphone. Our pricing philosophy is simple; we provide a quality service at a realistic price. Compare our prices to other psychic phone lines and you will see we are very competitive. Added to this, we have a superlative standard of psychic readers and customer service.

Psychic readings can also be just plain fun and very interesting. It’s fascinating to hear of things that are coming our way that we may not of even thought of yet. It gives us food for thought. We can consider life in ways we would not have imagined left to our own devices. We can rehearse and have situation “practise runs” in our minds so when the event actually happens we are prepared and better able to handle it.

“Go on, have a go, you may be surprised at what comes up! Brightest Blessings and more power to you”

Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS, Karuna/Usui Reiki Master, Trained Louise Hay Teacher, Licensed Pilot, Psychic Channel