Weekly Tarot Predictions

image of a hand holding the ace of cups

Date: 17.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 17th October 2017

If you have recently gone through some difficult challenges, the Ace of Cups reassures you that happier times are just around the corner. You are now entering a time of peace and harmony. Open up your heart to something new.

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image of a queen in silk dress holding a wand representing the queen of wands tarot

Date: 09.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 10th October 2017

If you feel drawn to this card then it is time to start something new! You have the energy and sunny disposition to make things happen. Others around you will feel drawn to you too! You are simply brilliant at this time!

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image of a woman hanging upside down suspended from the ceiling

Date: 03.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 3rd October 2017

Even though you may feel as if your life is on hold at the moment, trust that the universe will support you. There are better times to come. Go within and reconnect with your Spiritual purpose in life.

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image of woman carving out a sculpture surrounded by 3 of pentacles

Date: 26.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 26th September 2017

You are very capable of achieving goals by yourself however, you much prefer to work on goals and project with others. You make a great team leader as you recognise the talents of others to get the job done!

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image of king sitting on throne with swords

Date: 19.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 19th September 2017

If you are making major decisions at the moment, don’t let your emotions get in the way. You need to think clearly and if necessary, ask professionals for their help. Make sure you gather all the facts first.

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Date: 11.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 12th September 2017

Do I stay or do I go? As the Two of Wands shows, one bat is attached to the wall and the other is free standing. You are in two minds about whether you stay in your current safe environment, or take on the world?

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image of woman surrounded by 7 of cups

Date: 05.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 5th September 2017

The Seven of Cups is reminding you to get out of your cruising zone… and start change. You have reached a time in your life where you need to make changes to find happiness and fulfillment. Remember to stay grounded in your decisions.

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woman sitting blindfolded holding scales representing the Justice tarot card

Date: 29.08.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 29th August 2017

The lady on the card has bare feet which suggests to you that you need to stay grounded at the moment. The owl tells us to listen to our inner wisdom. If you are involved in any legal proceedings at the moment, be honest and upfront.

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image of woman holding a genie lamp surrounded by gold cups

Date: 21.08.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 22nd August 2017

The genie appearing on the Ten of Cups card is letting you know that happy times are ahead! You will feel like you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this is more likely due to your hard work and persistence.

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image of woman in gown with 6 baseball bats

Date: 15.08.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 15th August 2017

Success is yours!! It is your time. You will receive praise and acknowledgement for all your hard work. If you have been waiting for news regarding a career move, good news is on its way. Remember, it still takes hard work to continue to be a success.

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