Image of Psychic Tara Video Interview

Date: 15.11.18 Author: Psychic Tara

Video Interview with Psychic Tara

Watch this delightful video interview with psychic Tara. She has always felt she was an old soul in a young body, and is a truly committed psychic medium and tarot reader, who loves sharing her gifts and insight to help empower others.

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Image of Psychic Gertrude Video Interview

Date: 11.11.18 Author: Psychic Gertrude

Video Interview with Psychic Gertrude

Psychic Gertrude is a gifted remote viewer, clairvoyant and is a pet empath too. She explains how she loves using her psychic abilities to help you work towards building a better future. We hope you enjoy watching this video interview with Gertrude.

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Video Interview with Psychic Florence

Date: 17.09.18 Author: Psychic Florence

Video Interview with Psychic Florence

Sometimes we don’t understand what is stopping us from moving forward in life. This video interview with Psychic Florence explains how she feels the energies around you from your underlying words. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to Florence.

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What is the Title of Your Book of Life Video

Date: 21.08.18 Author: Rose Smith

What is the title of your Book of Life?

We all have a Book of Life in Spirit that helps guide us through life. Sometimes during a reading, our psychics will see this Book and be able to tell you some of its contents. Watch this short video, and see if the Title of your Book of Life comes to you.

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image of a psychic to celebrate 5th august psychic day

Date: 31.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

5th August is Psychic Day

5th August is Psychic Day! Everyone has some psychic ability. We are all spirits having an earthly experience, yet we are not given a map to help guide us through life. Rather we rely on our intuition or gut feelings to navigate our way. Watch this short video!

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video interview with psychic mitchell

Date: 11.05.18 Author: Psychic Mitchell

Video Interview with Psychic Mitchell

Mitchell is a passionate soul who is dedicated to helping others lead a more happy and fulfilling life. Mitchell explains how he is a channel between you and Spirit… he can see, hear and feel the energy around you. Watch this lovely short video interview.

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image of Rose Smith talking about her course

Date: 28.11.17 Author: Rose Smith

How to Be Spiritual and Surprisingly Successful at Life Course

Looking to transform your life so that you can be more happy, successful and fulfilled? Then this spiritual course may be for you! Rose shares more than 30 years of personal spiritual knowledge, meditations and practise in this course to help you get there.

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image of Aries Starsign Personality Video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Aries Starsign Personality

Want to know more about the personality traits of the Aries starsign? Then watch our video! Spontaneous, fun and brave, Arians are never ones to turn down an adventure. They are very generous too!

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image of taurus starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Taurus Starsign Personality

Those born under the Taurus starsign are known to be conservative, practical, determined and reliable. But did you know Taurus personalities are also generous and warm hearted, but they dislike change and the unknown.

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image of gemini starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Gemini Starsign Personality

Gemini’s love to socialise and are very charming. Explorers at heart, Geminis love to travel and can adapt to almost any situation they’re in. Those born under the Gemini sign crave excitement and are easily bored.

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