Job Tips for Scorpio

Job Tips Scorpio

Determined and Hard Working

Secret agent Scorpio… you can keep secrets! Scorpios are ruled by two planets – Mars and Pluto – action and power! This explains the simultaneously intense and magnetic attraction that some people feel around you! You exude an aura of mystery and would be equally at home doing top shelf negotiations or spying. Beware of subterfuge becoming the name of the game as you can sometimes get drawn into love triangles or risky business.

Scorpios have great concentration abilities and talents for problem solving and working with precision. They are often intelligent, precise, hard working and determined.

Best Job Tips – Scorpios Might Consider:

  • Private investigator
  • Negotiation specialist e.g. police negotiator
  • Sex therapist
  • Working in the death industry e.g. medical examiner
  • Law enforcement
  • Auditor e.g. tax inspector
  • Crisis management
  • A medical career e.g. surgery

Downer Job Tips – Scorpios Should Avoid:

  • Jobs where they can’t work alone sometimes
  • Anything that involves inordinate amounts of patience… Scorps can be impatient at times
  • Jobs that do not allow them sufficient control over their work
  • Jobs that do not allow them to use both their intellect and their intuition
  • Any job that does not allow them to express themselves fully

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Author: Rose Smith