2023 Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10

2023 Predictions with Psychic Rose Smith

2023 Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10  Rose – shared some of her future forecasts with Studio 10 hosts Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs and Tristan MacManus.

In this interview, Rose talks about Prince Harry, Anthony Albanese and what to expect in 2023. Also covered are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

More 2023 Predictions:

A likely severe recession will hit European countries including the UK. Australia and US may do somewhat better. It’s possible that Australia and US do not enter recession. The Australian government comes up with some ‘out of the box’ ideas about how to keep the country going. Unfortunately the Ukraine war will continue well into 2024.

Despite what the pundits are saying at the moment, Rose sees Twitter continuing with some new facilities. A new baby with Harry and Meghan within 2 years is on the cards. They also have lots of new money making ventures and will do very well financially despite the continued onslaught of bad press.

Even though La Nina has been forecasted to stop by the weather gurus, Rose sees more flooding in Australia in 2023, which is a bit surprising.

UPDATE March 4, 2023…multiple floods in several Australian states have already occurred since Rose uploaded her November predictions on YouTube early in December. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/feb/22/nsw-weather-storms-sydney-central-coast-flooding-floods-power-outages

Harry and Meghan have revealed they have $135 million of new ventures. Published January 19, 2023  https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2023/01/19/how-rich-are-prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-heres-what-we-know-about-the-power-couples-135-million-deals/?sh=3f5fcaf43d86

In the morning of the same day as Rose went live on Studio 10, this video was published advising the Mala which was near extinction had been saved https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8h2les

Watch the video for more 2023 Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10.

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Author: Rose Smith