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A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

If you’re not happy with your last reading, we will refund you as per our terms. Find Out More

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What's Instore For You in 2024?

Discover your destiny in 2024! Psychic Rose Smith shares star sign predictions on Studio 10. Experience her renowned accuracy & warm-hearted wisdom.

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Our Mission

Our Commitment to You

Our mission is the enlightenment of Humanity through professional, insightful & accurate psychic readings.

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Psychic Email Readings

Gain peace of mind when you purchase a confidential email psychic reading from one of our talented psychics. Priced from $45.00.

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Daily Psychic Readings by Phone, Email and Online

Daily Psychic Readings by Phone, Email and Online

Absolute Soul Secrets has been providing readings to the public since 2000! We have dedicated psychics from all over the world including Australia, UK, NZ, EU, USA and everywhere in between. We have psychic mediums ranging from live phone psychics and astrologers to clairvoyants and spiritual healers.

Our psychics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The initial call cost to our psychics is the cost of a local call from your country. We accept calls from many countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, India, Canada, Singapore and Europe.

Psychic readings can bring insight and awareness about you and your life. A psychic reading can reveal truths that have been laying underneath the surface of your mind and these SOUL SECRETS can help guide YOU to make better and more informed life choices. Our professional psychics will help you discover your past, present and future.

Anyone, no matter what your age or station in life can benefit from accurate and professional psychic readings, via phone or email 24/7. When you speak to your chosen psychic, they will channel the spiritual energies and vibrations you need to hear to assist you to move forward with your life. A professional and accurate reading can abSOULutely help YOU!

Our professional psychics can give you great insight as well as helping you to:

  • Discover other perspectives connected to your issues.
  • Understand and evaluate different options.
  • Make informed and beneficial decisions.
  • Get answers to your questions.
  • Find out how to have a happier future.
  • Move forward confidently with a better idea of what is right for you.
  • Feel better! Yes, you can release that heavy burden you’ve been carrying for so long!

Check out our psychics profile pages to see which one you feel a connection with. Pay attention to your body and listen to your intuition about which psychic is right for you at this time. There are multiple gifted psychics available at any one time, so it’s just a matter of picking one. If you’re not sure, leave it up the Universe and take the next available psychic or make a booking to speak to one in advance.

To find out what your future holds, give us a call today and speak to the psychic who is right for you!

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