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Absolute Soul Secrets was founded in 2000 by Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS after having a dream wherein Archangel Michael wrote the name on her forehead whilst she slept. We take this important spiritual work seriously. Absolute Soul Secrets is a family based business that is now one of the largest psychic networks in the world. It is a reputable and honest organisation of dedicated and talented psychics from all over the world who really care about the psychic services they offer. All our psychics are closely screened for accuracy, compassion and psychic skills. They go through a 3 stage psychic reading interview process unlike any other and are subject to a Contract and Code of Ethics to ensure the quality of their readings. You can read more about Our Philosophy by clicking here.

We value our customer feedback and respectfully request you to leave feedback on your reading experience. You have two ways to leave us feedback or provide a testimonial. Go to the Psychic Feedback Form listed under the Psychic Readings tab or go to our Psychics Profile tab, select the reader and fill out the testimonial form on the bottom of that reader’s page.

We fully believe in what we do. Because we believe, we offer a no risk Satisfaction Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with your last psychic reading, we will refund you subject to the terms and conditions of our Satisfaction Guarantee. We believe in our psychics and our service so we offer you this no risk guarantee. If you are unhappy with your last psychic reading, we will refund your money from that reading or give you another reader. With our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can have peace of mind with no risk!

Our Genuine Psychic Service

Absolute Soul Secrets is a family based psychic network. It is part of Rose Smith’s life mission – to educate and help humanity move towards the light. As part of this philosophy, psychic reading costs are kept as low as possible enabling many more people to use our services. As our reading costs are so competitive, we do not offer ‘special’ rates for the first 15 minutes to attract new customers who then suffer ‘bill shock’ when they find out the price has been ‘jacked up’ to a much higher price for the remainder of the reading. We do not try to manipulate callers into staying on the phone line so that they will be charged a higher rate after a short time. You will be charged the same low rate throughout the entire length of the reading regardless of whether it is 15 minutes or longer.

We Care About Our Callers

We care about you and your experience using our service so we encourage you to provide feedback. We are always excited to hear about what happened during your reading and what transpired further down the track. Did you win the lottery? Did Mr/Miss Right come along? Did you score that wonderful new job?  Our customers have reported these things and we would love to know of your experience. Below are just a few genuine testimonials sent in from happy callers. You can read more on our psychics’ profile pages.

Some of our Testimonials

I have had many readings over the years by many psychics and can pick out the genuinely talented psychics from the duds. Janet is one of the most highly gifted psychics I have come across and I recommend her to anyone seeking an honest and indepth reading. Janet has a talent of seeing deep into any problem you may have and delivers her advice in a caring compassionate way along with a good sense of humour when embarrassing secrets come out! LOL. Another attribute to Janet is her strong abilities to channel loved ones whom have passed away. Not only does she relay messages from them, she often takes on their voice tones and phrases which further confirms she has true contact.

Thank you for all you help Janet. From Wendy in NZ

Robyn gave me one of the best readings I have ever had. She was extremely quick and very accurate, no wasting time, she went straight to the problem at hand.  I will definitely be using Robyn in the future. I have also had other excellent readings from this same service.

Thank you very much Robyn. From Joanna in VIC

I cannot believe how accurate Najeedah was with my first reading and she still is today, it’s so awesome. It really spun me out when it first happened and Najeedah is still spinning me out. I don’t think I would have made it this far on my own without spirit translating through Najeedah who passes on the messages to me so I can to see things differently. I am very honoured and proud to have met Najeedah through Absolute Soul Secrets. She is spot on and has eased my mind. Words really cannot explain how I feel. You go sista girl!!

From Robbie in QLD

I had a reading from Summer in September 2010 because I was going through a difficult period in my life. I split up from my second husband and was having financial difficulty. Summer reassured me all would work out well and said I should go back to my first husband whom I had been married to for 30 odd years. He was my childhood sweetheart. Summer also suggested I buy a lottery ticket in October. Well to my absolute delight I am now good friends with my first husband and we’re both beginning to see more of each other and would you believe I bought that lottery ticket Summer suggested and won a substantial amount of money which has alleviated all my financial stress. Thank you so much Summer for your positive guidance and reassurance. I highly recommend Summer for a reading as she is friendly and extremely accurate. Thanks again.

Margaret from WA  

Dear, sweet, AMAZING Sophia, WOW. Do you know how amazing you are? Let me tell you folks, this woman is so connected. My Nana came through and Sophia was giving me information that just blew me away. l was laughing, crying, crying, laughing. We are talking specific details about my Nana that only family knew. l finally felt at peace with the passing of my Nana and for that l will be forever grateful. Poor Sophia lol, once Nan came through so did about 4 others, all with specific information. Sophia also picked up on my past, present and future. l sat there with my mouth opened most of the time because l could not believe how accurate and connected this gifted woman is. l have had many readings. Sophia is one of the best medium intuitives l have ever come across in my life. You are truly a gift to mankind. You are the link between this world and the next. You are the messenger who gives hope to many and l feel so honoured to have had you read for me. AMAZING xxxxx. Many thanks.

Rachael from Victoria

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