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Monthly Horoscopes 2024


July 2024 Horoscopes Overview – Boosting Ambition & Achievement

Hello and welcome. I’m Rose Smith from AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com. I’ve got the July 2024 astrology overview for you. This is just a quick overview of the movements of the planets and what’s going on. Your individual horoscopes will be available on our website in greater detail on Our Monthly Horoscopes page.

Planetary Movements and Energies

This month, we have a number of significant astrological events and planetary movements that will influence your life. Let’s dive into the key highlights:

Minor Grand Trine

There’s a minor grand trine involving Saturn, Mars, and Venus, which will impact many signs. A trine between Saturn and Venus brings a smooth, easy energy, enhancing self-discipline, structure, and stability. Saturn in your subconscious may feel out of place but will encourage you to work harder and be more disciplined. This energy funnels towards Mars, boosting ambition and achievement.

Neptune Retrograde (July 2)

Neptune goes retrograde, urging you to spend time on self-reflection and connect with your spiritual side. This period is ideal for introspection and enhancing your intuition. Especially if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s a good time to stay close to home, practice self-care, and nurture your family.

Mercury in Leo (July 2/3)

Mercury moves into Leo, bringing boldness and drive to your communications. You’ll find yourself in the spotlight, so be mindful to communicate clearly and avoid unnecessary drama. This energy will make your interactions more vibrant and attention-grabbing.

New Moon in Cancer (July 5)

The new moon in Cancer brings new beginnings around home and family. You may feel protective and more emotional, but in a positive way, fostering new, nurturing energies in your domestic life.

Venus in Leo (July 11)

Venus joins Mercury in Leo, enhancing warmth, affection, and generosity. This period will be filled with love and kindness, making it a great time for relationships and social interactions.

Mars in Gemini (July 20)

Mars moves into Gemini, adding forcefulness to your communications. Be cautious with your words, as they may have a stronger impact than intended. Use diplomatic energy to soften any potential conflicts.

Full Moon in Capricorn (July 21/22)

The full moon in Capricorn brings a focus on stability and determination. This is a time for hard work and responsibility. You may feel a strong urge to get things done but remember to balance work with relaxation.

Sun in Leo (July 22)

The sun enters Leo, bringing bright, sunny, and dramatic energy. You’ll be the centre of attention, and people will notice you more. Enjoy this vibrant energy but be mindful of being too stubborn or self-assured.

Mercury in Virgo (July 25)

Mercury moves into Virgo, enhancing communication and attention to detail. This period is excellent for organising, writing, and creative projects. Be meticulous with financial transactions and be cautious of scams.

Chiron Retrograde (July 26)

Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde, encouraging internal reflection on your wounds and healing processes. This is a time for deep introspection and allowing natural healing energies to surface.


Thank you so much for watching. I hope this overview helps you navigate the energies of July 2024. Check out the more detailed horoscopes for each star sign on my website.

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Your Psychic Astrologer Rose xox

Rose Smith
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