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Capricorn August 2023 Horoscope

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Hello and welcome, courageous Capricorn! Your August 2023 horoscope reveals that your ruler, Saturn, will be closer to Earth this month, potentially making some feel more constricted or restricted by rules and regulations. Others may feel safer or comfortable because they assiduously keep to regulations and they’re doing exactly what Saturn wants, keeping good schedules, playing fair and sticking to the rules. Keep an eye on this Saturnian influence throughout the month and don’t take any shortcuts for example around legal matters, road rules and taxes.

I have drawn two tarot cards for you which indicate that you may be breaking old patterns and beliefs, paving the way for new beginnings. The Queen of Cups suggests you’ll be in touch with your emotions and desires, while the King of Swords emphasizes clear-headed decision-making. Sometimes the King of Swords can relate to legal matters or dealing with someone who is a bit ‘cut-throat’. Again watch for clues and keep an eye on anything related to your ruler Saturn. Your Capricorn horoscopes suggests these are the key things to watch for:

Stability, Discipline, Responsibility, Karma, Restriction, Lessons, Authority, Time, Structure and Balance.

The Lions Gate Portal in your Horoscope!

The Lions Gate Portal activated on 28th July to 12th August 2023. This portal peaks around August 8 and encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression as your broaden your life’s horizons. You may become more interested in Spirituality, travel, education, philosophy or anything that has exotic appeal. Leo aligns with the Fixed Star Sirius reminding all zodiac signs to be independent, brave and free in pursuing desires and increasing your self esteem. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an annual opportunity for Spiritual growth and empowerment. In the sign of Leo, the effects of the Lions Gate Portal are pointing the way for you to shine and grow your life!

Overall, this month’s horoscope presents opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and challenge.

The Finger of God – Astrological Aspect Pattern

In your horoscope, note the transformative energy between Pluto and Neptune, both focusing down to Venus. This will bring spiritual insights and communication transFORMation which will also assist you in living life large! This aspect pattern is called the “Finger of God” and it’s quite powerfully karmic!

Double Sturgeon Supermoons – Rare Blue Moon

Two Full Moons grace our skies this month, but they are really Supermoons and the 2nd one is a rare Blue Supermoon! The first Supermoon or mega Full Moon in Aquarius is on the 2nd and there’s a second Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. All this lunar activity could be quite turbulent especially in your home and family zone and also regarding study, communications. If you do any promotion or marketing, you may also be strongly affected. These Double Sturgeon Supermoons, occurring in August, will have an impact on every star sign.

New Moon in Leo

On the 16th, a New Moon in Leo may provide powerful insights into how you can grow your life bigger! You may experience new beginnings around anything exotic, foreign countries and people and overseas connections generally. Formal or structured education could become more important

As the Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, expect newfound knowledge and contentment. Be cautious during Mercury retrograde (23rd August to 14th September), avoid signing contracts, and complete ongoing tasks you started before the 16th.

Mars Magic in Libra

Mars enters Libra on the 27th, energizing your friendships, groups and associations. These could flow really well with a lot of polite courtesy, but still be quite energetic. You could feel quite ambitious about meeting new people and it’s likely you will! Especially, beautiful or attractive people.  Finally on the 28th, Uranus retrograde in Taurus may prompt some radical, surprising changes in areas like creativity and romance.

Venus retrograde in Leo started July 22 and will continue until September 3. This likely slows down your REALationships and growing your life through spirituality, education or philosophy. Contacts with overseas or the exotic could also slow down somewhat. Although you may be tempted to travel overseas, there may be various delays or something holding you back whilst Venus and Mercury are in their backward motion.

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Have a fabulous month and see you again soon!

Your friendly psychic astrologer,
Rose Smith 🙂