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Capricorn Horoscope
July 2024
Current Month Arrow
red haired woman wearing roman helmet and red cape riding a beautiful lion as she is a knight

July 2024 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – Astrology Predictions

In July 2024, Capricorns may feel a shift in energy as the month begins. In the first half of the month, the Sun is illuminating your sector of committed relationships and partnerships. This is a great time to start a new deeper more committed relationship. Perhaps a romance can turn into something more stable now.

Your ruling planet Saturn went retrograde on June 29 quietening communications and perhaps your activity in your local area. You may be staying closer to home now.

Your financial zone is getting a bit of a tumble and turn with Pluto in your 2nd house transforming your beliefs about possessions and finances. Changes will continue until 2044, so make the most of this transformational energy to pivot to a beneficial direction in your money zone.

As the month progresses, you may feel a bit of tension in your relationships as Venus leaves your 7th house of partnerships. There may be some challenges to navigate in your intimacy zone, but these are ultimately beneficial.

The Full Moon in your sign is a powerful time for self-reflection and introspection, helping you to let go of any emotional baggage or negative patterns. You can then burst out into the world with authenticity! Get your message out there and showcase who you really are. Use this time to set new intentions and goals for the future. You are supported by the Universe to manifest your dreams and desires.

Tarot Card for Capricorn Horoscope

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Knight of Pentacles card represents reliability, hard work, and dedication. This card suggests that you are someone who is grounded and practical, and you approach tasks with patience and diligence. You are committed to seeing things through to the end and are willing to put in the necessary effort to accomplish your targets.

This card might also indicate a time for slow and steady progress, focusing on methodical steps and planning for the long term. It encourages you to stay focused on your responsibilities and to avoid rushing into decisions or taking unnecessary risks. By staying disciplined and dedicated, you will ultimately achieve success and stability in your endeavors.

Astrology: Now to Your Monthly Horoscope Prediction for July 2024

July 2 Neptune Retrograde

Your monthly horoscope indicates Neptune resumes its backward motion on July 2. This can bring confusion and uncertainty, especially relating to communications, study or involving your local area. This backwards movement may make it challenging for you to trust your intuition and make important decisions.

Capricorns may feel more vulnerable to deception and may struggle with clarity. It is crucial to remain grounded during this time and not get swept away by illusions or false promises. It’s time for introspection and inner reflection to ensure you are aligning with your true values and goals. Capricornians can learn to trust their own judgment and to maintain a sense of clarity amidst the confusion of Neptune Rx.

July 2 Mercury enters Leo

Mercury enters Leo on July 2, into the 8th house of the Capricorn horoscope. You can expect a boost in communication skills and confidence, particularly involving shared assets, investments, loans and taxes. Communications are improved regarding joint income, real estate, superannuation and basically those things you share – be it with governments, corporations or partners. These smooth flowing discussions are conducted efficiently and are often successful now.

You also might be more expressive and outgoing with others about intimate matters. This transit encourages Capricorns to speak up and share their ideas and opinions with passion and enthusiasm. You could also feel a heightened sense of creativity and inspiration.

Overall, there’s a positive energy allowing you to shine brightly in communications and expressing yourself more freely about intimate things. Favourable gains in intimacy with another are possible now as you can take more risks with your personal privacy. Allow yourself to let it all hang out baby!

July 5 New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 brings a focus on emotions in partnerships and relationships. This lunar event encourages you to take a closer look at relationships with loved ones and to nurture and strengthen these bonds.

Capricorns may feel more sensitive and intuitive during this time, leading to a deeper understanding of their own needs and those of others. It is a good time to prioritize self-care and create a safe and nurturing environment for themselves and their loved ones.

There are new beginnings with either established relationships being rejuvenated or new relationships becoming deeper or more committed.

July 11 Venus enters Leo

On July 11, Venus will enter Leo, bringing a passionate and creative energy to Capricorns, especially relating to joint assets. This transit will inspire Capricorns to express themselves more brightly and confidently in their romantic relationships and creative pursuits. They may feel more charismatic and charming, easily attracting others with their magnetism.

You might want more intimacy in your life, or at least to discuss matters of intimacy and sexuality. This is especially if you feel you’re not getting sufficient closeness and affection with another special person. Love relationships can go to new levels of honesty and mutual respect now. Secret or hidden love affairs are also possible for some now too.

Capricorns might also feel a stronger desire for luxury and indulgence, seeking out pleasure and beauty in their surroundings. This is a great time for Capricorns to enjoy the finer things in life and to let their inner fire shine brightly.

July 20 Mars enters Gemini

Mars entering Gemini on July 20 and conjuncting Jupiter soon after, brings an expansive burst of energy and motivation in everyday work and routine. This transit may bring about more motivation in accomplishing helpful habits.

It is a time for expanding your knowledge and embracing diversity in your everyday interactions as you could feel more motivated to get things done.

However, there may be a tendency towards scattered energy and impulsiveness, so Capricorns are advised to stay focused and think before acting. This could cause some tension and stress, so times of relaxation are advised for your health and well-being.

Overall, this transit will bring a refreshing change in perspective and may lead to exciting opportunities for growth and progress in various aspects of your normal life.  Balance is called for in all things.

July 21 Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in your sign Capricorn (your ruler is Saturn) on July 21, will bring intense energies, highlighting your ambitious nature and desire for structured success. This lunar phase may push you to reflect on your aims and ambitions. This will help you to make necessary changes to achieve your objectives.

You may feel more disciplined and focused, making it easier for you to tackle challenges head-on. The Full Moon in Capricorn will also encourage you to take on leadership roles and to assert yourself more. Capricorns can step into their power and strive for their highest potential. Project yourself out into the wider world now and get your message out there!

July 22 Sun enters Leo

As the Sun enters Leo on July 22, Capricorns may feel a surge of energy and creativity in relation to joint financial matters. Leo is a fire sign, known for its boldness and passion, which can inspire you to take on new challenges and pursue your aims with confidence.

You may become more aware of a need for intimacy in your life, especially if you’re not getting enough closeness, sex or love with someone special. This planetary movement may inspire you to go out and get what you want in one way or another.

Overall, the Sun in Leo can ignite a sense of driven excitement in Capricorns, motivating them to step out of their comfort zone and embrace new opportunities and directions.

July 25 Mercury enters Virgo

When Mercury enters Virgo on July 25, Capricorns may find themselves feeling more analytical and organised in their communication and decision-making. This transit will bring a focus on practicality and attention to detail, which can benefit Capricorns as they seek to broaden their horizons in the world.

You might think about travel, spirituality or education to assist you to grow as a person. There’s a strong possibility of communications with overseas connections. You are probably attracted to the exotic now and want to learn more as you have exciting adventures, perhaps globally or within yourself.

You may feel more logical and rational, making it easier to problem solve and make informed choices. Capricorns could also find that they are more efficient and productive during this time, as they are able to prioritise tasks and stay on top of their responsibilities with ease. Overall, Mercury’s move into Virgo will help Capricorns to be more methodical and precise in their actions as they seek to grow and develop even further.


August 2024
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Expect next month’s horoscope to be accessible by around the 20th of the month.

June 2024
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8 of pentacles tarot card showing a female smith making 8 gold coins

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for June 2024 – Astrology Predictions

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – for Sun, Moon Sign & Ascendant

In June 2024, Capricorn, you may find yourself feeling more focused and driven in your personal and professional endeavours. You have various influences supporting your ambitions and goals. So now is a great time to take action pursuing goals in many areas of your life, and especially for success in your career.

The Capricorn family and home could take up a good deal of time and energy but with Mars helping out, you can achieve great things around the home. Nevertheless, your Capricorn horoscope suggests that prioritizing self-care and relaxation is important to maintain good health and well-being. Take breaks and recharge your energy, especially if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, especially in the latter half of the month. In fact, recently you could have had a boost of energy thanks to Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in your house of health until the first half of June. Jupiter here is likely to attract vital energy to you for the next year.

A Minor Grand Trine involving Neptune, Jupiter/Mercury and Pluto brings a lovely flowing spiritual energy to your communications and perhaps study or learning. You could also have wonderful conversations with nearby locals that are transFORMative in some way.

Follow your heart and make time for activities that bring you joy and peace of mind… also a good time can be had!

Tarot Card Prediction for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

I will now draw a Tarot Card for Capricorn Horoscope:

8 of Pentacles Tarot Card

The 8 of Pentacles is a card that signifies dedication, hard work, and skill development. It often appears when you are diligently working towards a goal, honing your craft, or mastering a new skill. This card suggests that your hard work will pay off in the long run and that you will see the fruits of your labour manifesting soon.

The 8 of Pentacles encourages you to stay focused, committed, and disciplined in your pursuits. It reminds you that success is not achieved overnight but through perseverance and continuous improvement. This card may also indicate a period of apprenticeship or further education to enhance your expertise and knowledge in a particular area.

Overall, the 8 of Pentacles is a positive card that encourages you to keep pushing forward with your goals and to trust in your abilities to achieve success through hard work and dedication.

Now Here’s Your Astrological Horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your love life looks interesting! Surprising or unexpected communications could take place early in the month due to Mercury conjuncting Uranus. However, on June 3 when Mercury changes sign and moves into your sixth house of routine work, habits and well-being, you may become more focused on your work, healthy or daily routine.

For the sign of Capricorn – June 2024 can bring unexpected and unpredictable events in love. It could be a case of feast or famine! It’s either passion and romance or you’re too busy focused on other things to bother with such ‘trivial pursuits’.

In the event that you do meet someone special, it could happen in an unpredictable or surprising way. You could explore new romantic relationships, perhaps even those outside your normal comfort zone. Perhaps you meet someone during the course of regular routine work or concerning health and well-being matters. Also matters of service where you are helping someone or somehow to do with pets could come into play.

Capricorn Career & Capricorn Finance Horoscope

In terms of your career, you may be presented with opportunities for advancement or new projects from those in superior positions. These allow you to showcase your skills and talents in a beautiful or elegant manner thanks to your MC being in Libra in your tenth house. Personal planets Sun and Venus in conjunction and the presence of Jupiter can bring good luck and lovely bright expansion in your routine work and habits.

Your personal finances could be getting a shakeup from the bottom up! Pluto has a lot to say here, but fortunately for you there is a ‘silver’ or should I say ‘golden’ lining in that Jupiter is making a very positive trine with Pluto bringing expansion and some good luck in your finances, daily routine, work or health.

Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius June 2

When Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, at the beginning of the month and onwards, Capricorn may experience a powerful transformation in their career and personal ambitions. Jupiter’s optimistic and expansive energy combined with Pluto’s intense and transFORMative influence can bring opportunities for success and growth. You may feel more driven and motivated to pursue your goals and have a greater sense of power and control over your circumstances. This also brings a deeper understanding of your own inner strength and ability to overcome challenges. Overall, you could feel a sense of empowerment and renewal during this transit.

Mercury enters Gemini June 3

Mercury moves into Gemini June 3, 2024, Capricornians may experience a heightened sense of communication and intellectual stimulation. This transit could increase your desire to express yourself through writing, speaking, or engaging in deep conversations. You may also be more curious and eager to learn new things, making it a good time to expand your knowledge and skills. However, you may need to guard against scattered thinking and overanalysing situations. It is important for Capricornians to use this energy to their advantage by staying focused and clear in their communication efforts, especially regarding everyday work, routines, health, and well-being matters.

New Moon in Gemini June 6

This New Moon on June 6 in your sixth house brings a sense of mental clarity and communication at work and in your everyday routine. Focus on your thoughts and ideas, as well as how you express yourself to others, particularly at work or when discussing your health.

This New Moon is a great time to start new projects, have important conversations, or make decisions that are based on logic and reason. This communicative energy is all about flexibility, adaptability, and using our intelligence to navigate through life’s challenges.

Take this opportunity to set intentions around enhancing your communication skills, expanding your knowledge, or seeking out new opportunities for learning and growth. Overall, this New Moon is a time of mental stimulation and curiosity. Embrace the energy of this lunar phase and use it to your advantage as you move forward in your journey.

Mars enters Taurus June 9

When Mars enters Taurus on June 9, 2024, take the initiative as you may feel a surge of energy towards practical matters such as finances, security, and stability. This transit can bring a sense of determination and drive to achieve long-term goals. Capricorn can also embrace the chance to feel more grounded and focused on building a solid foundation for the future during this time.

However, there is a potential for stubbornness and resistance to change, so it is important for Capricorn to remain adaptable and open to new opportunities that may arise during this transit so you can climb the ladder of success. Overall, Mars in this zodiac sign can help you make progress with material endeavours and establish a sense of security and purpose, especially at home or with family.

Venus enters Cancer June 17

When Venus enters Cancer on June 17, 2024, Capricorns may experience a shift in their emotional focus. They may feel more sensitive and nurturing towards their loved ones, focusing on creating a sense of security and stability in their important relationships. This transit could bring a desire to connect on a deeper emotional level and prioritise their connection with partners, family, and close friends. Capricornians may also feel more attuned to their own emotions and may find themselves seeking comfort and support from their loved ones.

Mercury enters Cancer June 17

Capricorn may experience heightened emotions and sensitivity in their communications. They may find themselves more attuned to the needs and feelings of others and may even feel more inclined to express their own emotions. This can lead to deeper and more meaningful connections with those around them. However, Capricorn may also need to be mindful of becoming overly sentimental or moody during this time. It is important for them to strike a balance between being open and vulnerable, while also maintaining their professional demeanour whilst at work. Overall, this transit can bring about a greater sense of empathy and understanding in Capricorn’s interactions with others.

Sun enters Cancer June 20

The Sun entering Cancer on June 20, 2024, will bring a shift in focus for Capricorn individuals. This transit can make you more introspective, emotional, and sensitive than usual. You may feel a stronger connection to your home and family, and you could focus upon personal matters over work or career concerns. Caps may also feel a renewed sense of nurturing and protection towards their loved ones. It is a good time for Capricornians to focus on self-care, emotional healing, and strengthening relationships with those closest to them. Overall, this transit encourages Caps to tap into their emotions and connect with their intuition.

Full Moon in Capricorn June 21

The Full Moon in your sign on June 21, 2024, will have a powerful impact on you. This lunar event will bring a sense of clarity and direction to Capricorns, helping them align their goals and ambitions with their practical capabilities. It is a time for Capricorns to reassess their long-term plans and make any necessary adjustments to ensure success. Emotionally, this Full Moon may bring up feelings of responsibility and duty, urging Caps to take charge of their lives and make decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Overall, this Full Moon will be a time of empowerment and growth for Capricornians.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces June 29

During Saturn retrograde, Capricornians may face a sense of restriction and limitation in various areas of their lives. The influence of Saturn could bring up past issues or unresolved challenges that need to be addressed, particularly concerning communications, study, neighbours or distant relatives. Capricornians may also feel a heightened sense of responsibility and accountability, prompting them to reassess their goals and priorities. Use this time for self-reflection and introspection, taking the opportunity to reevaluate your long-term plans and make necessary adjustments. While Saturn retrograde can be challenging, it ultimately encourages Caps to take a more disciplined and structured approach to their personal and professional lives.

June 2024 Horoscope – Astrology Summary

The Capricorn June 2024 horoscope indicates this month some patience and understanding is required, especially with distant family members, including siblings and cousins. There’s a tendency to become a little confusing in communications, perhaps you feel as if you’re walking in a fog when communicating with various family members? Maybe they are refusing to let you have your own opinion and conversations become tense or stressful. Perhaps give it a little break and look after yourself and your stress levels first.

Overall, June is a month of growth and progress for you, Capricorn. So, what do the stars have in store? Trust in the process and know that all your efforts will lead to a brighter future. x

Astrologer Rose Smith

Rose Smith
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