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March 2024
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Virgo March 2024 Horoscope: A Month of Insight and Transformation

Welcome to the Virgo March 2024 Horoscope! We’ve got your March horoscope here, filled with insights and predictions for the month ahead.

Closing her eyes for Virgo, Rose sees doors opening, signalling a lot of light and insight coming your way. It’s like stepping into a whole new reality. However, there has been a sense of isolation or a need to stick to yourself in the past. But now, a new era is dawning, and you’re feeling more inclined to connect with others.

March Tarot Cards for Virgo

1. The Justice Card: Natural Law

The Justice card, a major arcana card, indicates that natural law will have a significant influence on your life for an extended period. It aligns with the legal matters you may be dealing with, offering support and guidance. Keep in mind that some information might be hidden, and relying on your intuition and practicality will help you make the right decisions.

2. The Tower Card: Breaking Down Old Beliefs

The Tower card suggests that an old belief system or structure is breaking down, potentially in your work life. This could lead to changes that you may not initially welcome. Pay attention to your daily habits, routine, health, and work environment. Pluto’s presence indicates the end of something, and with Pluto’s influence until September, expect significant changes in your work.

As we move into the second half of March, the scene shifts to a train track, symbolising that you are on the right track in life. Embracing a progressive and proactive approach, you’re ascending in consciousness. The ladder, positioned diagonally, suggests that the journey is challenging but not as difficult as it could have been. The Tower card’s presence indicates the breakdown of a mental structure, likely associated with work-related changes.

The Talent Triangle: Creativity and Negotiation

Virgos, you possess a talent triangle, presenting challenges that bring your creativity and abilities to the forefront. Neptune, Uranus, and Mars bring energy into your life direction, as well as a spiritual inclination. This may involve joint resources shared with others, such as co-workers or employers. Focus on negotiation skills to navigate this important aspect of your life successfully.

Astrological Influences for Virgo

New Moon in Pisces (March 10th): Expect new beginnings and resolutions in significant relationships. This lunar event may bring about a new layer or situation that evolves positively.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra (March 25th): This eclipse highlights issues around money and asks you to deal with them in a fresh and innovative way. Break free from old patterns and behaviors to find new approaches to financial matters.

Mercury in Aries (from March 9th): Discussions around shared resources and intimacy become prevalent. Consider new ideas and approaches, especially in areas such as taxes or superannuation that involve shared control.

Venus in Pisces (from March 11th): Venus enters the scene to help resolve issues with significant others. Embrace compromise and strive for peaceful resolutions in any relationship challenges you may face.

Mars in Pisces (from March 22nd): Mars joins Venus, fostering balanced perspectives and viewpoints regarding relationships and legal matters.

Virgo March Horoscope 2024 Summary

Dear Virgo, as doors open for you this March, be prepared for new realities and connections. Work-related changes and the importance of stable relationships are highlighted. The talent triangle presents a challenge that brings out your creativity. With the equinox reminding us of balance and renewal, prepare for the rebirth of your dreams and aspirations. Wishing you an enlightened and fulfilling month ahead!

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February 2024
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Virgo February 2024 Horoscope: Growth and Healing

Welcome to your Virgo February 2024 Horoscope. With the help of the tarot cards and celestial movements, we’ll delve into your hopes, dreams, relationships, and personal growth this month.

Rose’s Vision for Virgo

To kick off your February horoscope, Rose closes her eyes and sees scaling an icy mountain. Virgo, you’ve come a long way. The journey may sometimes make you feel isolated or lonely. However, with the right tools and determination, you can conquer any obstacle. Remember, ice eventually melts, revealing the beauty beneath. If you’re an avid mountaineer, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

1. 9 of Cups Tarot: Hopes and Dreams

As we delve deeper into the first half of February, the Nine of Cups emerges as a significant card. It signifies the manifestation of your hopes and dreams. While it’s important to maintain practicality and stay grounded, there’s a sense of completion and new beginnings in the air. Keep hoping, keep trying, and let your emotions guide you. This period is all about growth and fulfillment, so embrace the opportunities that come your way.

2. 3 of Swords Tarot: Stay Practical

In the second half of February, the energy shifts to a rocky terrain. This represents a continuation of the previous card, but with less icy challenges. It’s a reminder to stay practical while allowing your emotions to guide you towards your goals. The Three of Swords makes an appearance, indicating a temporary disappointment or a challenging situation in a close relationship. Although there may be some tears, remember that this too shall pass. Keep moving forward and maintain your focus.

Astrological Insights for Virgo

At the beginning of February, a wide T square involving the Moon suggests conflicting communications in areas such as education, travel, and spirituality. You might feel a sense of loneliness or opposition from those around you. It’s essential to stay strong and maintain your connection with the earth, grounding yourself in practicality.

Pluto in 6th House: Endings and New Beginnings

As Pluto moves through your sixth house of everyday routine, endings and new beginnings are in store for you. This could involve changes in your job or career path, reminding you to align your heart with your everyday tasks. Keep an eye out on the first of the month for any potential challenges, as the energy might not flow as smoothly as you’d like. However, there’s also a celebration at work or regarding your health and well-being, so focus on the positive aspects of your daily life.

Relationship Insights: Sun in Pisces

The sun’s transition into Pisces brings insight and awareness to your significant relationships, both personal and business. It’s a time of happiness and growth, although some structure might be required. Destiny plays a role in your intimate life and shared resources, offering an opportunity for profound healing. Embrace intense emotions and work through them, as this healing process will bring long-term benefits.

Virgo February Horoscope 2024 Summary

Remember that growth and healing are at the forefront for Virgos in February. Embrace the challenges that come your way, as they are opportunities in disguise. Stay practical, grounded, and connected to the earth, as you navigate the icy peaks and rocky hills of life. With the celestial influences guiding you, this month holds the potential for significant personal growth and the fulfillment of your dreams. Make the most of this transformative period.

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