Gemini Horoscope 2023
September 2023
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Gemini Horoscope September 2023 Predictions

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Gemini Zodiac Sign Tarot Reading

Hello there, fabulous Gemini! Welcome to your September horoscope, tailored just for you. Before we dive into your Gemini horoscope, let’s kick off by drawing a couple of tarot cards. These cards will set the tone for the upcoming month.

Imagine a beautiful journey ahead, dear Gemini. So, for the first half of September 2023, I’m all about this fascinating kite aspect pattern right here. It’s a potent blend of a Minor Grand Trine and a Grand Trine. Think of it as a journey involving motivation, challenges to conquer, and a precious reward at the end. You know how diamonds are formed under heat and pressure? Similarly, your efforts now are shaping something truly valuable in your life.

Let’s flip over the card for this part of the month. Ta-da! It’s the Five of Swords. While the imagery might appear daunting, fear not. This card highlights the areas where you might be subjugated or suppressed. It’s a mirror, revealing where you’re either pushed down or pushing someone else down. If you’re in a position of authority, wield it fairly. Recognizing these dynamics is your first step towards liberation. And see those chains? They’re about to break. That oppressor’s crown? It’s going down. Positive change is on the horizon, and intuition will guide the way.

As we glide into the second half of September, picture yourself on a breezy, invigorating bay. Change is in the air, and it’s anything but stormy. There might be a hint of anxiety, but excitement reigns supreme. Now, let’s unveil the next card – the Eight of Pentacles. This card isn’t just about money; it’s about being justly rewarded for your hard work. Whether it’s crafting, typing, or turning your hobby into a source of income, your efforts are about to pay off. Keep your feet grounded because this card speaks of craftsmanship and skill.

Gemini September 2023 Horoscope Predictions

Now, let’s explore your Gemini horoscope in detail.

Mark the 14th on your calendar – that’s when the New Moon in Virgo arrives, marking a fresh start at home or with family. Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, your ruling planet, this moment is even more meaningful for you. The Sun and Mercury, joining forces, gifting you with insights about family and home matters.

With seven planets in retrograde, September invites spiritual reflection. However, Venus and Mercury’s shift to direct motion injects a forward push. The equinox – whether it brings Spring renewal or Autumn tranquility, depending on your hemisphere – reminds you to seek balance.

Venus Retrograde Bye Bye!

So, Venus makes its comeback on the 3rd, smoothing the path of communication and interaction in a lovely, courteous way. And guess what? If things have been a tad sluggish or misunderstood, expect the flow of ideas and communication to speed up beautifully. Jupiter starts its retrograde on the 4th, marking a period of introspection and spiritual growth. Embrace your dreams, your inner world, and the hidden wisdom you possess.

Mercury Retrograde Ends

Your ruling planet Mercury, the quick-witted messenger, finally goes direct on the 15th, lifting off any communication glitches and unleashing a burst of brilliance. You could be feeling more clear headed as flashes of brilliance dart across the landscape of your mind on a regular basis! This is good news for all areas of your life but particularly for family relationships and matters pertaining to people at your home.

Sun in Libra Season

The 23rd is when the Sun moves into Libra, boosting your creativity and zest for socialising. As the Sun cosies up to Mars, your drive and assertiveness reach new heights. It’s also a great time for romance and Mars could be pushing passion around you now! Living closer to the world of the child, you could be up for leisure and pleasure and having fun for good measure!

Full Moon in Aries it’s a Blue Sturgeon Supermoon

And let’s not forget the grand finale – the Super moon in Aries on September 29. This powerful event can bring new connections or shake up your current circle. Keep in mind the initial turbulence at the start of the month, which finds balance through this dynamic lunar event. Remember the Five of Swords card? It might even connect to your friendships, groups, or associations. As you gain insight and awareness, you’ll find the strength to sever any chains that hold you down.

With seven planets in retrograde, September invites spiritual reflection. However, Venus and Mercury’s shift to direct motion injects a forward push. The equinox – whether it brings spring renewal or autumn tranquility, depending on your hemisphere – reminds you to seek balance.

Gorgeous Geminis, remember to explore your rising and Moon signs for extra insights. May your September be brimming with growth, introspection, and uplifting change.

Catch you soon! Thanks for watching your sun sign, don’t forget to watching your moon and rising sign! Take care and goodbye for now.

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Gemini August 2023 Horoscope Predictions

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I’ve got your Gemini August horoscope! But let’s draw two tarot cards as theme cards for the month. The first card suggests a completion of unfinished business – the 10 of Wands reminds you to let go of burdens and embrace a new cycle. In the second half of the month, expect messages from the unconscious, encouraging you to release self-judgment and embrace interconnectedness. It just doesn’t work to judge yourself or others!

Lions Gate Portal

The Lions Gate Portal activated on July 28 to August 12. This portal peaks around August 8 and encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression. Leo aligns with the Fixed Star Sirius reminding all zodiac signs to be independent, brave and free in pursuing our desires and increasing your self-esteem. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an annual opportunity for spiritual growth and empowerment.

Overall, this month’s astrology presents opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and challenge.

Moving on to your horoscope, early in the month, a T square involving the Moon, Uranus, and the sun may bring turbulence in your public life or career. Embrace detachment and look at the bigger picture.

Gemini August 2023 Horoscope

Now, let’s look at your horoscope. Early in the month, there’s a T square with the moon, Uranus, and the sun, which may cause challenges in communication and local matters. On the positive side, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus form a Finger of God, bringing transformative spirituality and potential growth in relationships or artistic pursuits.

Full Moon in Aquarius – Yes it’s a Sturgeon Supermoon!

The month begins with the Full Moon in airy Aquarius affecting your horizons, education or spirituality. You may find some turbulence in these areas, or perhaps you want to enlarge your vistas but find obstacles in your way. However, a likely surge of progressive and innovative energy helps you push through. It inspires a sense of community especially with likeminded others as it encourages us to embrace our individuality while working towards collective goals.

Full Moon in Pisces – Followed by a Blue Sturgeon Supermoon!

A Full Moon in Pisces on the 30th might trigger intuitive insights regarding your career or connections with authority figures such as a work boss or parent. You may feel some turbulence around your reputation or your status could become a focus.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th indicates a fresh start for communication and local errands. Your local community or environment becomes more important and you might find you are the centre of attention in your street. You may also have more interaction with distant relatives.

Sun in Virgo

The sun’s entry into Virgo on the 23rd brings comfort and stability at home, but be cautious of potential arguments with Mars’ energetic influence. It would do you good to explore new natural environments so get out and commune with nature.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury goes retrograde from the 23rd August to September 14th suggests being mindful of miscommunications and finishing off previous tasks. As a Gemini, Mercury’s backward motion in Virgo may have a strong impact on your communication and travel plans. Be cautious and stay mindful of your circumstances during this time.

Go here to find out more about the effects of all the planets in backward motion this month 2023 Planetary Retrogrades and Eclipses.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus retrograde in Leo started last month and will continue until September 3. It signals a time of introspection and reevaluation in matters of love, creativity, and self-expression. It urges us to reflect on past relationships and creative endeavors, gaining deeper insights into what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. This period encourages us to let go of outdated patterns and embrace a more authentic and heart-centered approach to love and creativity. The backward motion of Venus is in your communication zone so REALationship matters may go quiet for some time or perhaps your partner is busy so there seems like a bit of distance between you. September your love life moves forward again.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Lastly, on the 28th, Uranus retrograde in Taurus may reveal surprising revelations from your subconscious! Pay attention to what is going on inside your head because Spirit is trying to tell you something. It could be related to the past but whatever it is, it’s bound to be surprising in some way. If you’re psychic or spiritually sensitive, you may also have some ‘fun’ with electrical devices or electricity. Stay out of thunderstorms!

Have a fabulous month ahead! Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to check us out and subscribe to Absolute Soul Secrets on YouTube for more spiritual content or visit our website And check out your Rising and Moon Signs as well 🙂

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