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September 2023
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Taurus September 2023 Horoscope

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Taurus Zodiac Sign Tarot Reading

Hey there, lovely Taurus! Welcome to your September horoscope. Buckle up, because this month is bustling with activity. But before we dive into your Taurus horoscope, let’s kick things off by drawing two tarot cards. These cards will set the theme for the month ahead.

Imagine a beautiful white door swinging open before you in the first half of September. This is no ordinary door – it’s a door of opportunity. Picture a flood of light pouring in from the other side, illuminating exciting chances coming your way. And guess what? You’re taking the steps to ascend, to level up in your consciousness. You’ve already come far, and there’s more to discover on this marble staircase you’re climbing.

Speaking of luxury, Taurus, Venus has your back. You adore the finer things in life, and this month is all about enjoying the sumptuousness that resonates with your Venusian ruler. Now, let’s flip the cards and reveal what they hold.

Whoa, the Tower card shows up. It might seem unexpected, especially after all that opulent imagery. But hey, life’s full of twists and turns. This card signals a moment where something you’ve built up in your mind is about to shift dramatically. It’s not a cause for alarm; think of it as a necessary re-evaluation. If it involves another person, you might see their metaphorical crown knocked off. Your intuition will guide you through this process.

Onto the second half of September, and I’m revisiting that luxurious vision. The castle-like surroundings and that bright, white aura represent your spiritual realm. You’re already there in spirit, and soon, your physical world will mirror this state of peace and abundance.

Now, let’s unveil the second card – the Ace of Cups. Emotions are in the spotlight. A fresh start, a new beginning – that’s what’s coming your way. Imagine feeling rejuvenated and surrounded by beauty, love, and joy. This also connects with your physical well-being, especially when it comes to water, the elemental force that resonates with your sign.

Taurus September 2023 Horoscope

Alright, let’s transition to your Taurus horoscope. There’s a fascinating energy pattern at play – a minor grand trine. Imagine it as a cosmic talent triangle, igniting your creativity. Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune are working together to bring spiritual connections, creative insights, and vibrant interactions with friends and associates. Some unexpected meetings are in store, sparking your imaginative side. It’s a time when progress can be made towards your hopes and dreams!

Keep in mind that seven planets are in retrograde motion this month, but fear not. Venus and Mercury are shifting gears to direct motion, propelling you forward. Pay special attention to your spiritual journey as your twelfth house takes center stage, especially during the Aries Super Moon. It’s a time for meditation, insights, and tuning into your higher self.

As September unfolds, the Equinox arrives – either a Spring awakening or Autumn’s tranquility, depending on your hemisphere. Embrace balance and renew your energies.

Taurus Love Horoscope – Venus in Leo Retrograde No More

Here’s the deal – your ruling planet Venus turns direct positively influencing your relationships and home life on the 3rd, smoothing out rough patches and sprinkling harmony at home. On the 14th, a Virgo New Moon ushers in fresh beginnings, especially regarding creativity, leisure, pleasure, and romantic matters of the heart. All in all, it’s a potentially a fabulous time for your love life and all REALationships generally.

Bye Bye Mercury Retrograde

Mercury also turns direct on the 15th, freeing up your communication lines for fun and connection. Do be aware that when planets in backward motion turn direct, there is a transition period when the energy is changing but you’ll be home and hosed for creative and romantic communications increasingly after the 22nd.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter’s backward journey is quite positive for spiritual growth and begins on the 4th until December 30. There’s a likely inner journey of self-discovery regarding your identity, appearance and how you present yourself to the outside world. Instead of seeking growth externally, you’re prompted to find abundance by expressing your message about what truly matters to you. Financial decisions may involve careful review and a preference for stability. This position invites you to find contentment and prosperity through a deeper understanding of your inner resources and personal worth.

Sun in Libra

With the Sun changing signs on the 23rd, your everyday life comes into focus. The Sun’s meet-up with Mars is like a turbo boost to your daily activities and everyday work. You could be feeling more vital than usual and if you’ve been unmotivated or feeling tired, these feelings could certainly improve. You’ll likely gain insight and awareness into your habits, routines and work-related issues. The Sun will also conjunct the South Node (also known as Ketu) which suggests a karmic theme related to relationships, harmony, and service. This placement can indicate that you have brought unresolved relationship dynamics or patterns from past lives into your current life especially relating to your work or health. You might also have a strong desire to maintain peace and balance in your interactions, but there could be challenges in asserting your individuality and standing up for yourself.

Full Moon in Aries is a Blue Sturgeon Supermoon!

Finally, the Aries Supermoon on the 29th brings a spiritual crescendo. Your spiritual growth aligns with your destiny. Your path is lit, and introspection leads the way.

A Supermoon in Aries in your 12th house brings attention to the need for balance between self-expression and inner reflection. This placement suggests a culmination of energies related to your individuality, assertiveness, and independence (Aries) with the spiritual and subconscious realms (12th house). It’s a time when your emotions may come to a peak, revealing hidden desires or unresolved issues.

Remember to explore your rising and Moon signs for extra insights on your cosmic alignments.

Wishing you a September full of insights, joy and balance, dear Taurus.

Best Wishes from your friendly Psychic Astrologer

Rose Smith 🙂

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Taurus August 2023 Horoscope Predictions

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Hi I’m Rose Smith, and here’s the Taurus horoscope for the month of August. Let’s begin with the theme cards for the month. I see a lighthouse on a promontory, symbolizing the need for caution amid potential challenges. Trust your intuition and let go of unnecessary burdens, as a new cycle is about to begin. The fiery energy of the 10 of Wands suggests that while motivation may dwindle, it’s time to release what no longer serves you.

For the 2nd half of the month, I have pulled the Moon card on your behalf. This tarot card encourages you to listen to your intuition and to spend some time in self reflection during the month of august 2023.

This month holds some significant astrological events, such as a Blue Full Super Moon at the end of the month. Why, it’s a Double Sturgeon Super Moon this month!

Lions Gate Portal

We also have the Lions Gate Portal activated from July 28 to August 12. This portal peaks around August 8 and encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression. Leo aligns with the Fixed Star Sirius reminding all zodiac signs to be independent, brave and free in pursuing our desires and increasing your self esteem. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an opportunity for spiritual growth and empowerment.

Overall, this month’s astrology presents opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and challenge.

Moving on to your horoscope, early in the month, a T square involving the Moon, Uranus, and the sun may bring turbulence in your public life or career. Embrace detachment and look at the bigger picture.

Aquarius Full Moon – Sturgeon Supermoon!

The month begins with the Full Moon in airy Aquarius affecting your career, life direction or perhaps interactions with authority figures such as a parent…maybe your mother? There’s a likely surge of progressive and innovative energy. It inspires a sense of community especially in career and it encourages us to embrace our individuality while working towards collective goals.

Pisces Blue Moon – The Blue Sturgeon Supermoon!

Around the 30th, a Full Blue Moon in Pisces might affect your hopes, dreams, or social circle, urging you to go with the flow. You may become a shoulder for your friends or associates to lean on as your empathy knows no bounds.

Leo New Moon

On August 16th, a New Moon in Leo welcomes the second half of the month by inviting you to initiate new beginnings related to home, family, or relationships. Start some new home projects – gardening or redecorating. Perhaps there are some celebratory times with family or close friends.

Sun enters Virgo

Later in the month, on the 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo, bringing insight and contentment, especially in creative pursuits and dealing with children. You may also become more systemised or organised in some way.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

However, Mercury going retrograde from the 23rd until September 14th advises caution in communication and technology use. Allow plenty of time for travel, or try to reschedule to a later date if possible. Often misunderstandings or miscommunications occur during this time, so clarifying things in writing often helps. It can also be a time for increased scams, especially via technology – your phone or computer.

Go here to find out more about the effects of all the planets in backward motion this month 2023 Planetary Retrogrades and Eclipses.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus Retrograde in Leo started last month and will continue until September 3. It signals a time of introspection and reevaluation in matters of love, creativity, and self-expression. It urges us to reflect on past relationships and creative endeavors, gaining deeper insights into what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. This period encourages us to let go of outdated patterns and embrace a more authentic and heart-centered approach to love and creativity.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Lastly, on the 28th, Uranus retrograde in Taurus may lead to unexpected ideas or radical changes related to your identity or appearance. As Uranus the planet of unpredictable volatility is in your sign, Taurus natives should be careful about taking unnecessary risks… best to re-evaluate your options at this time.

Remember to take care of yourself, release unnecessary burdens, and stay open to surprising opportunities this month.

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Have a wonderful and fulfilling month ahead and embrace all the new opportunities coming to you Taurus!

Rose Smith, your friendly psychic astrologer!