Leo Horoscope 2023
September 2023
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Leo September 2023 Horoscope Predictions

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Leo Zodiac Sign Tarot Reading

Hello everyone! Welcome to September Leo horoscope. Let’s delve into the exciting things happening this month. But first, let’s draw two tarot cards. Now, for the first half of the month, let’s explore the first card, and for the second half, the second card.

Now, what’s in store according to your Leo horoscope? I’m seeing a gold hue, not just about money, but something deeply valuable to you. Jupiter’s barking in the background as these cards fly out. The Ace of Cups signifies new emotional beginning – positivity, vitality, and exciting new projects ahead. New REALationships and/or new work!

On the other hand, the second card, the Five of Wands, shows you reaching out with passion and possibly facing some competition. Your enthusiasm and motivation will help you navigate this phase. Now, let’s get into your horoscope details.

Leo September 2023 Horoscope Predictions

A Minor Grand Trine between Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus suggests surprising shifts in your career zone. Uranus and Pluto are directing their energy toward your shared resources and intimacy house. This could involve money, investments, or even inheritance. The Minor Grand Trine is a type of talent triangle, so you’ll be using your creativity in order to transFORM your investments, shared assets or intimacy in REALationships.

For a time, this month, there are seven retrograding planets, bringing inner reflection and insight. Your focus is likely to be more inward rather than external. However, both Venus and Mercury resume forward motion this month, boosting your progress.

Venus Retrograde No More

Venus in Leo goes direct in your sign September 3rd (4th in Australia & NZ). This is quite meaningful for your REALationships, appreciation of art and beauty and your creativity. You could be approaching the world in a more beautiful or peaceful manner and you’re likely to give off a vibe of contentment and graciousness thanks to the planet of beauty. With the planet of love here, it’s a fabulous time for attending to your appearance, identity and to pamper yourself with some me time, all of which could help improve your love life! At the very least, it’s an excellent time for how you approach the external world to spread your message.

Love, beauty, and fairness flourish under this influence.

Jupiter Retrograde

On the 4th, Jupiter goes retrograde on your career path and makes a wide conjunction with Uranus in your 10th house of social status, vocation, and parental authority. This could bring surprising or unexpected slowdowns or delays in your career, relationships with parents (particularly your mother) and also your public status. It’s time to reflect, review and reassess your career options, parents, or authority figures. It’s a great time for dietary changes, especially at work and reduce workload.

Mercury Retrograde Ends – Hasta La Vista Baby!

The Sun and Mercury’s direct motion on September 15th illuminate discussions about your finances and valued possessions. You may feel a surge of energy around your personal finances, possessions, or value systems… these are the things that you value in life, and they do not necessarily relate to money either.

Full Moon in Aries – Supermoon Fun!

The Super Moon in Aries on the 29th ends the month with a shakeup of your higher mind and relationships. An old wound could be finally healed, especially related to study, overseas connections, or spirituality.

Libra season begins on the 23rd when your ruling planet the Sun enters Libra in your third house of communications and local affairs. This likely brings insight and awareness as well as friendly chats with local residents. It also coincides with the Equinox, either spring or fall depending on your hemisphere. Find the balance between your own needs and those of others. And as Libra is an Air sign, use some thought and planning in that balance. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the Spring Equinox encouraging you to plant seeds for the future and in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the Fall or Autumn Equinox suggesting you give thanks with gratitude for all that you have. You can also get more prepared or organised for wintertime.

The 14th brings a New Moon in Virgo your second house and kicks off new beginnings related to money matters. The Sun and Mercury’s direct motion on the 15th illuminate discussions about your finances and valued possessions.

In summary lovely Leo, stay open to valuable opportunities. Thanks for reading/watching your sun sign and remember to check your Moon and Rising signs too. Have an amazing month ahead and I’ll catch you soon.

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Leo August 2023 Horoscope

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I have your Leo August monthly horoscope ready and waiting for you! The tarot cards for this month suggest that you might reconsider your boundaries, allowing yourself to become closer to someone in your life. The first card, the King of Swords, indicates a logical approach to decision-making, but be cautious rather than ruthless. The second card, the Sun (how appropriate for you as it’s your Ruler) brings insights, awareness, and contentment, indicating a positive and happy month ahead.

The Lions Gate Portal

The Lions Gate Portal activated on July 28 to August 12. This portal peaks around August 8 and encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression. Leo aligns with the Fixed Star Sirius reminding all zodiac signs to be independent, brave and free in pursuing our desires and increasing your self-esteem. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an annual opportunity for spiritual growth and empowerment. In your sign lovely Leo, the effects of the Lions Gate Portal are particularly significant. It’s your time to shine!

Overall, this month’s astrology presents opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and challenge.

Leo August 2023 Horoscope – It’s Leo Season!

Let’s delve into your Leo horoscope. A sextile and two quincunxes in your financial area bring creative tension, leading to new ways to improve your finances. This aspect is known as a “Finger of God” or Yod, it causes tension, but the type of tension that can spur you onto a good result!

The Full Moon or Sturgeon Supermoon in Aquarius on the 1st, could cause changes in your relationships or partnerships. The Blue Supermoon in Pisces on the 30th may also shake things up regarding shared resources, loans, or intimacy. Your Ruling planet is the Sun (ok I do know that technically the Sun is a star not a planet, however astrology is at least 4,000-5,000 years old, so in ancient times the Sun was called a ‘planet’). However, I digress… Your Ruler the Sun is opposite both Supermoons, so this means you could encounter some obstacles in carrying out your goals, especially regarding money. Intimacy in your love life or shared resources could similarly be affected.

New Moon in Leo

On the 15th, the New Moon in Leo your sign, brings opportunities for a new identity or appearance in the world. Be cautious with financial decisions as Mercury Retrograde in Virgo starts from the August 23 to September 15. Unexpected changes in your career or authority figures may arise with Uranus retrograde in Taurus towards the end of August.

Go here to find out more about the effects of all the planets in backward motion this month 2023 Planetary Retrogrades and Eclipses.

It promises to be an interesting month with transformative energies in your horoscope but remember to avoid ruthlessness and focus on what’s best for you. Embrace the changes and have a wonderful August.

Thank you and have a great day!

Rose Smith,
Your friendly psychic Astrologer!