How Our Psychic SMS Text Service Works

How Our Psychic SMS Text Service Works

How Our Psychic SMS Text Service Works

Don’t have time to book a phone psychic reading? Are you looking for fast and confidential answers to your burning questions? Maybe you’re seeking a more discrete and inexpensive service that protects your privacy?

You can now text your questions to one of our talented psychics from your mobile phone 24/7* for quick and private answers. No need to talk or ‘break the bank’ when using our secure psychic SMS service.

As always, you can call our phone services if you wish to get to the ‘heart of the matter’, by verbally discussing your questions with our talented psychics. We recommend this option if you have a particularly sensitive issue, or if you want in depth answers or have an important issue.

SMS psychic chat does not really give all the nuances involved in a given situation as texts are limited to 160 characters which is a very truncated form of communication. Our Psychic SMS Service is intended for general answers only. We cannot give advice on medical, legal or financial questions.

Simply pre-purchase an SMS Text package from our Personalised Booking Manager service on 1300 916 888 or Automated Self Service Top Up system on 1300 721 656.

Starter Package 5 SMS questions – $20 i.e. $4 each | Popular Package 10 SMS questions – $30 i.e. $3 each | Best Value Package 20 SMS questions – $50 i.e. $2.50 each | Visa/Mastercard/Debit/Prepaid cards accepted.

Call Now

Please ensure you enter your correct mobile number on purchase. After purchase, you will receive a Free Message to your mobile phone, advising of your SMS credit purchase. Simply reply texting your questions back to 0467 777 888.

Getting Started Asking Your Questions

  1. Go to our website page SMS Psychics Available to see which psychics are available to answer your question/s.
  2. Contact our Booking Manager service on 1300 916 888 (6am – 1am AEDST) to purchase your SMS package as above. Or use our Self Service SMS credit top up option on 1300 721 656 available 24/7 for your convenience.
  3. If psychics are not available, your questions will be answered by the next logged in SMS psychic.
  4. Simply start asking your question/s to 0467 777 888 after you have purchased your package. Ask one question at a time. Please include the first name or initials of the person you are asking about. It is optional to include your DOB in your question, however the more information you can provide the more helpful for our psychics to gain a faster connection to your situation.
  5. You can ask a question up to 160 characters . 1 question = 160 characters max. Additional characters more than 160 characters, will use additional question credits**
  6. Emojis – please avoid using in your question. Will use additional question credits.
  7. Psychic replies to each of your questions are up to max 160 characters.
  8. Our Psychic SMS Service utilises the latest cutting edge technology to ensure your messages are kept safe and confidential. You now have a choice of 2 options – General Psychic Chat pool or Favourite Psychic. You can text a question 24/7 to our general psychic chat pool which will be answered by the next available psychic. Looking for a Favourite Psychic? You can text your favourite psychic by texting  #psychic’s id code and then ‘send’.
  9. You can check your SMS credit balance any time. Simply type #credit and then ‘send’. This is a free message. Maximum of x 2 #credit messages per day.
  10. You can also check your SMS credit balance with our Booking Manager service on 1300 916 888.

**Due to current system capabilities, question submissions are a maximum 160 characters. We will update you if this changes in the future.

How to Choose your Favourite SMS Psychic

Want to ask a question of your Favourite SMS Psychic? We have extended the time for your question to appear for that psychic to 45 minutes. This means you get a greater chance for your question to be answered by your Favourite Psychic.

  1. To text a Favourite Psychic*, please check their availability on our SMS Psychics Available page. Then text #psychic’s ID Code and ‘send’ e.g. Text #1234 then ‘send’. You will receive a free message saying “you have started a chat with psychic 1234.” Then reply with your question. If you would like to end the conversation with that Favourite Psychic, text #end then ‘send’. This will allow you to start a new conversation with another psychic. Click here to view how to submit a Favourite Psychic Chat on your mobile phone.

How to Choose Your Favourite SMS Psychic

* All efforts are made to provide SMS psychics 24/7. If psychics are not available, your question will be answered by the next logged in psychic.

* If a Favourite Psychic question is not answered within 45 minutes, your question will go into the General Chat pool to be answered by the next available logged in psychic. Please check our Home page for the availability of psychics on phone calls and SMS.

* If your Favourite Psychic logs out within 45 minutes, your question will go into the General Chat pool to be answered by the next available logged in psychic.

If there are two aqua blocks at the bottom of the psychic’s box on the Home page, the psychic is available now for both phone calls and SMS. If the Speaking icon and the SMS icon panels are both pink, then the psychic is logged onto both phone and SMS but he/she is currently on a phone reading. If the SMS box is pink the psychic is not available for SMS.

* Review facilities for SMS messages are not yet available on our system. If you wish to leave reviews for specific psychics, please confine your reviews to phone readings you have had with specific psychics.

You can also check SMS Psychics Available page to see who is logged on for SMS but not available for phone readings.

** Psychics do not have a regular schedule for SMS and may currently log onto this system at any time.

If you have any questions about our Psychic SMS Text service, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

Go to our Terms and Conditions page for Psychic SMS Text Terms