Our Psychics


Abigail Code: 2203
(5.9) from 46 reviews

Abigail is a high functioning trance channel and psychic who has helped many clients move from a negative timeline in to one that is positive. If you are feeling at a crossroads, Abigail can channel into ‘source’ to get to the essence of your concerns. The spiritual guidance she receives is tailored just for you. Give her a call.

Alexander Code: 2160
(6.0) from 100 reviews

Alexander is a naturally gifted psychic who has a passion for tarot, angel cards and dream interpretations to pass on messages. For more than 35 years he has been sharing his psychic abilities to help people regain their zest for life. Want to gain clarity and feel uplifted? Call Alexander for an honest and gentle reading.

Alison Code: 2218
(6.0) from 18 reviews

Alison is a well-known psychic, medium and healer based in Spain. Formerly from the UK, Alison has helped many people with life’s challenges. Working with her guides and the Ascendant Masters, Alison will tune in to source to provide you guidance about love, relationships, career or destiny. Call for a warm-hearted reading.

Aliyah Code: 2181
(5.4) from 16 reviews

Aliyah is a 5th generation Australian Indigenous Shaman and psychic medium, who has a deep understanding of earth magic and the other realms. With years of professional reading experience, Aliyah is known as a powerful channeller and spiritual healer who can share messages to serve your greatest good. Give her a call.

Alyssa Code: 2175
(6.0) from 106 reviews

Alyssa has been reading professionally for close to 30 years. A passionate clairvoyant, spiritual healer and empath, her readings have helped many people get through hard times. Alyssa’s strong connections with her spirit guides allows her to share past, present and future insight, to help you make changes for the better.

Amanda Lee Code: 2158
(5.8) from 32 reviews

Amanda Lee is a professional psychic tarot reader who gets a lot of information from her guides during her readings. Her purpose is to teach love again and help you understand yourself and your life lessons. A gifted medium too, Amanda Lee would be delighted to share any messages for you from passed loved ones.

Andrew Code: 2062
(5.9) from 56 reviews

Andrew comes to us with more than 40 years reading and healing experience and is fluent in German. His gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship and channelling will assure you an uplifting reading to help you move forward in your life. You will be delighted by his compassion and knowledge. Call him now.

Anne Code: 2249
(6.0) from 6 reviews

Anne is an intuitive psychic & tarot reader who has a professional counselling background. There's not much in life that Anne hasn’t experienced - she can relate to & advise about any situation. A gifted channeller too, Anne’s guides step in to help complete the picture, giving you greater understanding & comfort.

Anthi Code: 2166
(5.9) from 98 reviews

Anthi is a very gifted intuitive psychic reader and channel whose soul’s mission is to serve your highest good. Having read for clients all over the globe, Anthi’s spiritual guidance comes from a divine source, leading you back to your truest form of unconditional love. Twin flame readings are one of her specialties too. Call now.

Asha Code: 2038
(5.9) from 43 reviews

Asha is a profound and insightful professional psychic reader with more than 34 years’ experience. A gifted medium, clairvoyant and channel, Asha can see your vast talents, your life desires, your inner quests and your yearnings to help you connect to your deeper journey in life. Give Asha a call!

Asheeka Code: 2199
(6.0) from 50 reviews

Asheeka is a professional psychic channel and spiritual healer who can share divine wisdom using many psychic modalities. A gifted clairvoyant and medium who has a passion for Qabbalistic numerology too, guiding you from uncertainty to achieve your goals of happiness and fulfilment is her inspiration.

Avril Code: 2164
(5.6) from 26 reviews

Avril is a professional psychic medium and spiritual healer with more than 20 years’ experience. A psychic reading with Avril will shine light on your soul's purpose, and very quickly undo the stories that keep you stuck. Avril’s joy in helping you discover your potential is truly contagious and uplifting. Give her a call today!

Benita Code: 2189
(6.0) from 29 reviews

Benita has more than 20 years psychic reading experience & is passionate about helping others to reconnect to the beauty & richness of life. A gifted psychic trance channel with qualifications as a Transpersonal Counsellor & Somatic Therapist, Benita can help you find insight into matters of the heart.

Bev Code: 2241
(6.0) from 2 reviews

Bev is a professional psychic medium, channel & energy worker. Born from a line of Maori Seers and Healers, this spiritual work has been her life purpose for more than 25 years. Naturally, Bev has a deep connection with Mother Earth, Spirit & Universal Energies. You will enjoy Bev’s heartfelt & positive readings.

Camilla Code: 2239
(6.0) from 2 reviews

Camilla is a psychic medium & tarot reader who comes from a long line of mediums of Shaman ancestry from South America. She is fluent in English & Spanish too. A naturally talented clairvoyant, intuitive, channel & healer, Camilla can tune in to unravel things for you, clear out blockages & give strong psychic insights.

Candice Code: 2174
(6.0) from 27 reviews

Candice is well known in the USA as an empowering psychic reader & professional astrologer. Candice may use many metaphysical tools during her psychic readings, to find from Spirit the answers to help you move past any impediments to achieving love, joy or success. You will be delighted by her wisdom & knowledge.

Carolyn Code: 2017
(6.0) from 94 reviews

Carolyn from Brooklyn comes to us with many years of psychic experiences in a variety of settings. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance (clear sight), channelling, numerology, tarot card reading, astrology and dream interpretation. Call Carolyn today for a heartwarming psychic experience.

Cate Marie Code: 2121
(6.0) from 81 reviews

Cate Marie is a professional Spirit Medium, Empath, Grey Witch and Seer. She has a strong sense of premonition, giving clarity where it's needed, and direction at those times that leave us all at crossroads now and then. Using her many special gifts, let Cate Marie help you to live your best life possible. Give her a call!

Catherine Code: 2090
(6.0) from 102 reviews

Catherine is highly gifted in the areas of mediumship, grief and spiritual counselling and life readings. She is passionate about helping you find your true self as she is completely open to spirit using her gifts of clairvoyance, past lives, ancestral healing, automatic writing. Call today for a very insightful reading.

Charlotte Code: 2225
(6.0) from 3 reviews

Charlotte is a 2nd generation psychic & tarot reader who has shared her gifts around the world. With more than 30 years reading & teaching experience, her strong connections with spirit will bring illumination & clarity to any situation. Let Charlotte help you realise your inner strengths, to make your journey easier.

Chris Code: 00204
(6.0) from 86 reviews

Super popular Chris has been reading with us for many years now. She is a stunningly accurate clairvoyant who can enhance your psychic reading experience using tarot, pendulum, crystal and chakra healing. Chris also believes in the power of manifestation. Give her a call. She truly will make you feel better.

Christine Code: 2232
(6.0) from 13 reviews

Christine is professional psychic medium, channel and remote viewer with more than 20 years’ experience. A gifted healer too who specialises in the mind consciousness, Christine can help free you from outdated patterns, emotions and pathways that no longer serve you. You will love Christine’s soothing reading style too.

Crystal Code: 2214
(5.9) from 11 reviews

Crystal is a naturally gifted empath, psychic and spiritual healer who is passionate about helping you create a healthy life of abundance. Working with her ancestors and Ascended Masters, she can give you the answers to assist you on your Soul’s journey. A counsellor for the soul, you’ll love Crystal’s heartfelt readings.

Daniella Code: 2113
(6.0) from 85 reviews

Daniella is an exceptional psychic medium & channel. She receives information from a Higher Intelligence that is so much wiser than all of us. Sharing her gifts of claircognizance, remote viewing, trance channelling & more, Daniella can guide you out of your worries, & give you a clear vision on how things could be. Give her a call.

Diana-Rae Code: 2021
(5.8) from 24 reviews

Diana-Rae has years of psychic reading and life experience. No matter your situation, Diana-Rae just ‘gets it’. If you have questions about relationships, business, your life purpose, she can help show you the way. A gifted clairvoyant, medium and tarot reader, Diana-Rae’s messages are compassionate and straight to the point.

Dionne Code: 2131
(6.0) from 120 reviews

Dionne has more than 20 years professional reading experience and is a gifted channeller. She has a very active relationship with her guides and will share with you the messages that her guides want you to hear. Calling on her teachings of Buddha, Dionne’s readings are truly mindful and uplifting. Give Dionne a call today!

Donna Code: 2177
(6.0) from 23 reviews

Donna is a professional psychic reader and reiki healer who tunes in to your past, present and future energies. She can feel where you are at this moment, and offer you guidance through your guides and her guides. Donna loves to turn every situation in to a positive. Be open to the reading, and the messages will come.

Ellen Code: 2240
(6.0) from 17 reviews

Ellen is a professional psychic medium, channel & healer well-known in the UK. For more than 25 years she has helped hundreds of people. From relationship advice, twin flames, or connecting with past loved ones, she can help in any situation. Her gifts from Spirit hold no limits in finding the answers you need the most.

Florence Code: 2105
(5.8) from 61 reviews

Florence believes her soul is meant to do this important spiritual work. Bringing joy back in to people’s lives is her passion. Using her gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, chakra healing and angel cards, Florence feels very blessed to share her gifts. Give her a call for some healing and enlightenment today!

Francesca Code: 2204
(6.0) from 20 reviews

Francesca is a 3rd generation psychic and professional tarot reader. A gifted clairvoyant who has a strong connection with spirit, Francesca can reveal unseen issues that may be preventing you from living your best life. You will really appreciate Francesca’s clear, honest and empowering readings. Give her a call.

Gail Code: 2242
(6.0) from 7 reviews

Gail is a down-to-earth psychic medium & intuitive oracle card reader. Everything comes from her heart & a sense of knowing during your reading. Along with her gifts of clairaudience, claircognisance, spiritual healing & more, Gail can show you a positive outlook in life, and let you know that you are not alone. Give her a call.

Grace Code: 03779
(6.0) from 61 reviews

Grace has been reading with us for several years now and our callers tell us they enjoy her honest and uplifting readings. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance, mediumship, tarot, dream interpretation and spiritual counselling. Extremely popular, call Grace now for an optimistic and healing reading.

Gwen Code: 2015
(6.0) from 36 reviews

Gwen has many years phone reading experience. Her psychic specialities include channelling, clairsentience, tarot and spiritual healing. Gwen is also a metaphysical card specialist using Messenger, Voyager, Ascended Masters and Animal cards. Call today for an accurate and surprising reading.

Harmony Code: 2228
(6.0) from 28 reviews

Harmony is a gifted psychic channel, medium & healer whose psychic abilities go back 4 generations. After a near death experience at 17, this spiritual work became her purpose. Blending her energies with spirit & passed loved ones, she can feel the energies of past, present or future. Harmony can remove blockages too.

Holly Code: 1438
(6.0) from 38 reviews

Holly is an energetic healer, psychic and light worker who has returned to read for us! Holly is known for giving accurate guidance and has a passion for helping with past life connections, twin flames, spiritual ascensions and more. Her skills include clairsentience, spiritual healing, angel cards, tarot and astrology.

Inneka Code: 2231
(6.0) from 15 reviews

Inneka is an intuitive psychic medium and energy coach who deeply understands how trauma can impact our lives. A trauma survivor herself, Inneka is passionate about working with your inner child, twin flames and spiritual manifestations. A gifted channeller too, Inneka’s guidance can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Janet Code: 3107
(6.0) from 17 reviews

Janet is an amazing reader who has been reading with us since 2002. She specialises in clairvoyance, mediumship, crystal and spiritual healing, automatic writing, dream interpretation, reiki, relationships and pet readings. Janet is extremely popular. Book her early to avoid missing out.

Jeanette Code: 2245
(6.0) from 11 reviews

Jeanette is a professional psychic, medium & witch who is well-known for her paranormal work in the USA. For more than 20 years her insights have guided hundreds of people through their journey. She can answer questions that you may have been too afraid to ask. Let Jeanette help you navigate your life with more clarity.

Jeanie Code: 02914
(5.3) from 15 reviews

Jeanie has been working with clients for many years, guiding and helping them to make their own best decisions. She has many psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot, runes, crystals and dream interpretation. Call her today for a truly holistic reading.

Jennifer Code: 2254
(6.0) from 3 reviews

Jennifer is an intuitive tarot reader who has been reading professionally for more than 30 years. Along with her psychic intuition & clairsentience abilities, Jennifer may include Astrology & Numerology to give you a balanced map of your unique life & wellbeing. Her readings are delivered with loads of empathy. Call now.

Jess Code: 2236
(6.0) from 8 reviews

Jess is an intuitive psychic & spiritual healer who is especially talented in analysing & reading energies. She can tune in quickly & identify any patterns that may be influencing your life. Through her gifts of clairvoyance, channelling, past lives & more, Jess hopes to inspire you to feel released and open to new ideas.

Jessica Code: 2127
(6.0) from 29 reviews

Jessica is a gifted clairvoyant, healer and tarot reader. For more than 25 years she has helped guide people on to a path of healing and personal empowerment. She does this by following the guidance of spirit and from your higher self. Let Jessica share with you the amazing peace and clarity you can get from a reading.

Joan Code: 2044
(6.0) from 82 reviews

Joan has many years psychic reading experience and speaks fluent English and Italian. Joan would love to help you discover new inspirations and insights into your life. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance, channelling, tarot, numerology and spiritual healing. Call her now to put your mind at ease.

Joanne Code: 2237
(6.0) from 33 reviews

Joanne is a professional intuitive psychic and tarot reader who is especially known for her powerful connection with the cards. Sharing her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance too, the stories that unfold for you can be amazing. No matter the challenges you may face, Joanne can help find the best outcomes for you.

Jodie-Ann Code: 2208
(5.9) from 12 reviews

Jodie-Ann is an intuitive psychic medium who can communicate and deliver messages from the Ascended Masters, Angels, and crossed over loved ones. Not only can Jodie-Ann channel messages that are comforting and inspiring, she also has a vast knowledge of the spiritual realm, Moon Magic and Astrology. Call now.

Jody Code: 2244
(6.0) from 7 reviews

Jody is a professional psychic seer, medium and healer. A proud Aboriginal woman with knowledge of ancient wisdoms, Jody can shine a light on your Moi (soul) to help you find your way on your journey. Sharing her highly developed skills, Jody understands the surrounding energies to help you overcome anything.

Julia Code: 2252
(6.0) from 7 reviews

Julia is a professional intuitive, psychic medium and tarot reader who comes from a family lineage of spiritually gifted people. Julia has many talents including clairvoyance, dream interpretation, angel practices, and lost & found. You’ll love Julia’s uplifting readings that are sprinkled with hope and positivity. Give her a call.

Julie Code: 2182
(6.0) from 33 reviews

Julie is a well-known professional psychic medium in the UK & author of a number of spiritual books. For more than 40 years, she has been providing loving guidance using all her psychic senses including clairvoyance, mediumship, numerology, remote viewing & more. You’ll love Julie’s upbeat reading style.

Kathie Code: 2243
(6.0) from 13 reviews

Kathie is a deeply insightful professional psychic medium & spiritual educator. A psychic with many talents, she can provide answers about your career direction, life purpose, relationships & past lives. As an evidential medium too, Kathie can connect with your loved ones in Spirit, to share messages of reassurance.

Kathleen Code: 2256
(not yet rated)

Kathleen is a professional tarot reader with strong clairsentient abilities. Dream interpretations are one of her specialties too. The spiritual connections come through very quickly for Kathleen and she can see and feel the barriers you are facing. Give her a call for a reading full of energy, direction, and fun too.

Kerran Code: 2094
(6.0) from 71 reviews

Kerran is a naturally gifted psychic who is respected Australia wide as a teacher in psychic development. She is blessed with so many psychic abilities including clairvoyance, channelling, remote viewing, candle scrying and is a soul mate specialist too. Call Kerran for an intuitive and caring reading.

Kristie Code: 2169
(6.0) from 15 reviews

Kristie is a gifted psychic, medium and tarot reader who is proud of being able to help people laugh, to be amazed at their own life, and to step forward feeling refreshed and encouraged. A professional reader for more than 40 years, Kristie has the collective wisdom and psychic gifts to help settle your mind.

Laura Code: 2250
(6.0) from 10 reviews

Laura is a naturally gifted channel, tarot reader & passionate animal lover. She has been reading ever since she was 15 years old. Sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience & the cards, Laura is committed to offering you the loving guidance that spirit needs you to hear. She would be honoured to read for you today.

Laurence Code: 06117
(6.0) from 68 reviews

Laurence is a former policeman, teacher, professor and student of ancient European spirituality who has travelled the world. He specialises in runes, runic tarot, norse mythology, dream interpretation and spiritual counselling. Call him today for an understanding and compassionate reading.

Layla Code: 2255
(6.0) from 1 reviews

Layla is a professional psychic who has been reading since the 1990s. As an empath who has a passion for numerology and astrology too, Layla blends all her modalities so that you have practical guidance and strategies to move forward from whatever may be blocking your path. Call Layla for a comforting reading.

Lesley Code: 03014
(6.0) from 160 reviews

Superstar Lesley is extremely popular and has been reading with us for many years now. Her psychic skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot and spiritual healing. Lesley is a keen animal lover and does pet readings. Book her early to avoid missing out.

Lisa Code: 2123
(6.0) from 107 reviews

Lisa has amazing psychic abilities which include telepathy, healing, channelling, claircognisance, emotional healing, tarot and more. She was born in to this physical world with a visual disability but then was gifted with many psychic abilities to connect deeply with the spiritual world. Call Lisa for a truly inspiring reading.

Marayah Rose Code: 2091
(5.5) from 21 reviews

Marayah Rose is a psychic medium and teacher of psychic development and meditation. She is renowned worldwide for her accurate psychic gifts including mediumship, remote viewing, past lives, tarot and astrology. Call Marayah today for a truly spiritually awakening reading.

Melanie Code: 2216
(6.0) from 12 reviews

Melanie is a 3rd generation psychic medium who does not need tools to see into your life. Naturally gifted with clairvoyance and clairaudience too, she communicates with spirit, your guides and the angels. With their help, Melanie can show you the pathways that can fulfil your life journey. You’ll love her warm readings.

Melody Code: 2068
(6.0) from 26 reviews

Melody has been reading professionally for more than 30 years and has many specialised psychic skills. She is a Vibrational Energy Therapist and Transformation Coach. Her other gifts of clairaudience, channelling and past lives allows Melody to be the link between you and spirit, to help you achieve your dreams. Call now.

Mia Code: 2247
(6.0) from 5 reviews

Mia is a professional psychic reader and healer who has years of telephone reading experience. She frequently has visions during her readings that turn out to be accurate. With a strong connection with the Archangels too, Mia can intuitively guide you in a better direction, or confirm you are already on the best path.

Michelle Code: 2220
(6.0) from 23 reviews

Michelle is a psychic empath and channel who has been reading professionally for more than 20 years. She calls upon her spirit guides and Ascended Masters to bless and channel information that will help align you with your higher self, and your soul’s purpose. You will enjoy Michelle’s very insightful readings.

Monica Code: 2146
(5.8) from 13 reviews

Monica is a very experienced psychic who is passionate about healing others to enjoy a more abundant life. A naturally gifted spiritual healer, clairvoyant and medium, Monica has dedicated her life to this work and is also a Shamanic Healer and practitioner of so many other healing modalities. Call Monica today.

Nancy Code: 2230
(6.0) from 9 reviews

Nancy is a deeply attuned psychic reader and angel intuitive who can communicate with animals. Using her gifts of claircognizance along with her natural synergy with the angels, Nancy can reveal paths to help you feel clear and rejuvenated. She can share the animal wisdom and insights from your pets if you wish too.

Natalie Code: 2138
(5.6) from 44 reviews

Natalie is a professional intuitive counsellor, medium & distance energy healer with qualifications in psychology. A 3rd generation psychic descended from the Austrian gypsies, Natalie can connect with your inner guidance and energy fields, to help you overcome any limitations you are placing on yourself. Call now.

Natasha Code: 2052
(6.0) from 64 reviews

Natasha is a professional psychic medium, channel & energy worker who can connect with angels, spirits, star beings & totem animals. An intuitive counsellor & crystal therapist too, Natasha knows the importance of sharing her gifts to give you the best possible guidance & emotional healing. Call now for a heartfelt reading.

Nicole Code: 2064
(6.0) from 23 reviews

Nicole is a naturally gifted psychic medium who has many profound abilities including clairvoyance & trance channelling. One of her specialties is connecting with loved ones who have passed over. She believes we can learn a lot of life’s lessons from Spirit & those who’ve passed. Call Nicole for a brilliantly uplifting reading.

Patricia Code: 2248
(6.0) from 15 reviews

Patricia is a 2nd generation psychic & professional medium, who has a special interest in historical paranormal investigations. Patricia can relate to any situation, no matter how insurmountable. She believes Spirit comes to us to offer messages of connection, guidance & to support us through our lessons in life. Give her a call.

Paulette Code: 2023
(5.9) from 18 reviews

Paulette is a passionate soul seeking to help others. She is compelled to uplift, inspire and heal her clients. Her specialities include channelling, clairaudience, clairsentience, numerology and spiritual counselling. Paulette is also a Reiki Master. Call today for a compassionate reading.

Radha Code: 2043
(5.9) from 16 reviews

Radha is well known for her psychic expertise. She has been reading professionally for many years sharing her psychic gifts which include mediumship, clairvoyance, aura reading, tarot, dream analysis, tattwa cards and spiritual healing. Call her today for an accurately brilliant reading.

Roxy Code: 2100
(6.0) from 92 reviews

Roxy has been reading professionally for years and is known as a gifted medium and channeller. Sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship, channelling, tarot and more, Roxy can help relieve you from hurts from the past, and help you prepare for a greater future. Call now.

Samira Code: 2251
(6.0) from 2 reviews

Samira is a professional intuitive reader & channel who is deeply connected with the spiritual realm. She has travelled the world developing her psychic gifts to help others. Working with spirit, source & the angels, Samira’s intention is to guide you through the ups & downs of this often crazy, yet wonderful life.

Sarah Code: 2253
(6.0) from 7 reviews

Sarah is a highly intuitive psychic, medium & Transformation Life Alchemist. A gifted Energy Transformer too, Sarah can help instigate great change & transform your energy into a more positive place. Having experienced immense challenges herself, Sarah has the combined wisdom & psychic gifts to support & inspire you.

SMS Psychics Code: 0000
(not yet rated)

Psychic SMS Text is now available at Absolute Soul Secrets. We have a team of talented psychics ready to answer your questions. Text your question/s to 0439687888. We are here for you 24/7. If you are looking for a quick and confidential answer to your situation, we are here to help.

Snowy Code: 2170
(6.0) from 76 reviews

Snowy is a naturally gifted psychic medium and empath, who is known world-wide for her accurate psychic readings as a guest reader and host on tv, radio and psychic expos. A professional reader for more than 20 years, Snowy can help you achieve more happiness through her guidance and insights. Call now.

Sophia Code: 04883
(6.0) from 164 reviews

Sophia has passed over and come back, which gives her an affinity with the 'other side'. She is extremely popular and is often booked out. Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, tarot, numerology and spiritual counselling. Call early at night to book so you don't miss out.

Tara Code: 2117
(5.8) from 32 reviews

Tara is a very gifted psychic medium, channeller and angelic healer. Her soul purpose is to provide you a healing space to help you gain awareness, insight and understanding of your situation sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship and so much more. Give Tara a call today to help you transform your life.

Tera Code: 2196
(6.0) from 11 reviews

Tera has profound spiritual knowledge and is passionate about helping create more beauty and balance in other’s lives. A gifted tarot reader, astrologer, Tibetan numerologist and soul coach, Tera can help show you how to open your own doors of opportunities, leading you to a life of empowerment. Call now.

Vanessa Code: 2011
(6.0) from 12 reviews

Vanessa believes in the alchemy of magic and she would love you to avail yourself to an insightful and powerful psychic reading. Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, candle magic spells in the light, numerology, tarot, crystal healing and affirmations. Call Vanessa to help you move forward.

Vanessa Lee Code: 2184
(6.0) from 31 reviews

Vanessa Lee has years of platform reading and psychic reading experience and is well-known for making powerful spiritual connections with the other side. A gifted medium, channel and remote viewer, her readings are uplifting, healing and full of energy, leaving you feeling hopeful and at peace. Call Vanessa Lee today.

Vilma Code: 2014
(5.8) from 24 reviews

Vilma comes to us with many years of international psychic reading experience. Using her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot and dream interpretation, Vilma can provide you real insight into your situation. You will enjoy Vilma's reading style. Call her today.

Vivianne Code: 0205
(not yet rated)

Vivianne is a guest psychic reader for Absolute Soul Secrets and is only available at special times. She is passionate about helping people through sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, mediumship, dream interpretation and past lives. You will find Vivianne’s guidance thoughtful and inspiring.

Yolande Code: 2257
(not yet rated)

Yolande is a skilled energy healer & psychic who inherited her abilities from her ancestors. Using her 3rd eye, she can look deeply into your life - past & present - to help you break free from patterns that no longer serve you. Yolande’s uplifting readings can also help you energetically, emotionally & spiritually. Call now.

Yvonne Code: 00344
(5.7) from 19 reviews

Yvonne's philosophy is 'We have struggled long enough. Life is meant to be fun.' Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, past lives, crystal healing, flower essences, spiritual healing and pet readings. Call Yvonne now for a wonderfully uplifting reading.