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Psychic Email Readings

Our Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums

Abigail Passionate Psychic Astrologer
(6.0) from 72 reviews

Abigail is a high functioning trance channel and psychic who has helped many clients move from a negative timeline in to one that is positive. If you are feeling at a crossroads, Abigail can channel into ‘source’ to get to the essence of your concerns. The spiritual guidance she receives is tailored just for you. Give her a call....

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Ade Your Future with Clarity
(6.0) from 17 reviews

Ade is a professional psychic medium offering insightful guidance leading you to a clearer future. With clairvoyance, clairsentience, and extensive experience in spiritual healing and protection therapy, Ade provides support during difficult times and can uncover hidden meanings around a situation. You’ll love Ade’s down-to-earth approach and compassionate wisdom....

CODE: 2291 Read profile

(6.0) from 174 reviews

Alexander is a naturally gifted psychic who has a passion for tarot, angel cards and dream interpretations to pass on messages. For more than 35 years he has been sharing his psychic abilities to help people regain their zest for life. Want to gain clarity and feel uplifted? Call Alexander for an honest and gentle reading....

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(6.0) from 56 reviews

Alison is a well-known psychic, medium and healer based in Spain. Formerly from the UK, Alison has helped many people with life’s challenges. Working with her guides and the Ascendant Masters, Alison will tune in to source to provide you guidance about love, relationships, career or destiny. Call for a warm-hearted reading....

CODE: 2218 Read profile

(6.0) from 157 reviews

Alyssa has been reading professionally for close to 30 years. A passionate clairvoyant, spiritual healer and empath, her readings have helped many people get through hard times. Alyssa’s strong connections with her spirit guides allows her to share past, present and future insight, to help you make changes for the better....

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Amanda Lee
(5.9) from 44 reviews

Amanda Lee is a professional psychic tarot reader who gets a lot of information from her guides during her readings. Her purpose is to teach love again and help you understand yourself and your life lessons. A gifted medium too, Amanda Lee would be delighted to share any messages for you from passed loved ones....

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Andrew Psychic At Your Service
(5.8) from 70 reviews

Andrew comes to us with more than 40 years reading and healing experience and is fluent in German. His gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship and channelling will assure you an uplifting reading to help you move forward in your life. You will be delighted by his compassion and knowledge. Call him now....

CODE: 2062 Read profile

(6.0) from 174 reviews

Anthi is a very gifted intuitive psychic reader and channel whose soul’s mission is to serve your highest good. Having read for clients all over the globe, Anthi’s spiritual guidance comes from a divine source, leading you back to your truest form of unconditional love. Twin flame readings are one of her specialties too. Call now....

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Asha Natural Psychic Medium
(5.8) from 53 reviews

Asha is a profound and insightful professional psychic reader with more than 35 years experience. A gifted medium, clairvoyant and channel, Asha can see your vast talents, your life desires, your inner quests and your yearnings to help you connect to your deeper mission in life. Give Asha a call!...

CODE: 2038 Read profile

(6.0) from 89 reviews

Asheeka is a professional psychic channel and spiritual healer who can share divine wisdom using many psychic modalities. A gifted clairvoyant and medium who has a passion for Qabbalistic numerology too, guiding you from uncertainty to achieve your goals of happiness and fulfilment is her inspiration....

CODE: 2199 Read profile

(5.8) from 57 reviews

Avril is a professional psychic medium and spiritual healer with more than 20 years’ experience. A psychic reading with Avril will shine light on your soul's purpose, and very quickly undo the stories that keep you stuck. Avril’s joy in helping you discover your potential is truly contagious and uplifting. Give her a call today!...

CODE: 2164 Read profile

(6.0) from 48 reviews

Candice is well known in the USA as an empowering psychic reader & professional astrologer. Candice may use many metaphysical tools during her psychic readings, to find from Spirit the answers to help you move past any impediments to achieving love, joy or success. You will be delighted by her wisdom & knowledge....

CODE: 2174 Read profile

(6.0) from 127 reviews

Carolyn from Brooklyn comes to us with many years of psychic experiences in a variety of settings. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance (clear sight), channelling, numerology, tarot card reading, astrology and dream interpretation. Call Carolyn today for a heartwarming psychic experience....

CODE: 2017 Read profile

Cate Marie
(6.0) from 121 reviews

Cate Marie is a professional Spirit Medium, Empath, Grey Witch and Seer. She has a strong sense of premonition, giving clarity where it's needed, and direction at those times that leave us all at crossroads now and then. Using her many special gifts, let Cate Marie help you to live your best life possible. Give her a call! ...

CODE: 2121 Read profile

(6.0) from 117 reviews

Catherine is highly gifted in the areas of mediumship, grief and spiritual counselling and life readings. She is passionate about helping you find your true self as she is completely open to spirit using her gifts of clairvoyance, past lives, ancestral healing, automatic writing. Call today for a very insightful reading....

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Chris INherited Psychic INsight
(6.0) from 140 reviews

Super popular Chris has been reading with us for many years now. She is a stunningly accurate clairvoyant who can enhance your psychic reading experience using tarot, pendulum, crystal and chakra healing. Chris also believes in the power of manifestation. Give her a call. She truly will make you feel better....

CODE: 00204 Read profile

(6.0) from 28 reviews

Claire is a very inspiring and talented psychic, healer and tarot reader who is deeply connected with the divine. For more than 20 years, she has brought harmony and healing to the hearts and minds of many. Her focus is to help find you pathways to bring you understanding and answers from the past, present, and future. ...

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Diana-Rae Direct Spirit Messages
(5.9) from 34 reviews

Diana-Rae has years of psychic reading and life experience. No matter your situation, Diana-Rae just ‘gets it’. If you have questions about relationships, business, your life purpose, she can help show you the way. A gifted clairvoyant, medium and tarot reader, Diana-Rae’s messages are compassionate and straight to the point. ...

CODE: 2021 Read profile

Dionne Welcome Spiritual Guidance
(6.0) from 171 reviews

Dionne has more than 20 years professional reading experience and is a gifted channeller. She has a very active relationship with her guides and will share with you the messages that her guides want you to hear. Calling on her teachings of Buddha, Dionne’s readings are truly mindful and uplifting. Give Dionne a call today! ...

CODE: 2131 Read profile

(6.0) from 30 reviews

Donna is a professional psychic reader and reiki healer who tunes in to your past, present and future energies. She can feel where you are at this moment, and offer you guidance through your guides and her guides. Donna loves to turn every situation in to a positive. Be open to the reading, and the messages will come....

CODE: 2177 Read profile

Eliza Marie
(6.0) from 3 reviews

Eliza Marie is a 2nd generation psychic who has a deep affinity with the tarot. The tarot serves as a profound tool for matters of the heart, a passion she has nurtured over time. Eliza Marie’s expertise, including Clairvoyance, Healing & Angel Work, fosters a reading experience that will fill you with hope, & guide you towards your desired future....

CODE: 2298 Read profile

Eve Angelic Help Awaits You
(6.0) from 39 reviews

Eve is a professional psychic medium, tarot reader & healer with three decades psychic reading experience. She is highly sought for her accurate readings having read for celebrities around the world. But her greatest passion is helping people from all walks of life, giving them the tools to achieve clarity of the mind, body & soul to use in everyday life. You’ll love her upbeat readings....

CODE: 2282 Read profile

(6.0) from 39 reviews

Francesca is a 3rd generation psychic and professional tarot reader. A gifted clairvoyant who has a strong connection with spirit, Francesca can reveal unseen issues that may be preventing you from living your best life. You will really appreciate Francesca’s clear, honest and empowering readings. Give her a call....

CODE: 2204 Read profile

(6.0) from 31 reviews

Gail is a down-to-earth psychic medium & intuitive oracle card reader. Everything comes from her heart & a sense of knowing during your reading. Along with her gifts of clairaudience, claircognisance, spiritual healing & more, Gail can show you a positive outlook in life, and let you know that you are not alone. Give her a call....

CODE: 2242 Read profile

Grace Psychic of Great Compassion
(6.0) from 72 reviews

Grace has been reading with us for several years now and our callers tell us they enjoy her honest and uplifting readings. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance, mediumship, tarot, dream interpretation and spiritual counselling. Extremely popular, call Grace now for an optimistic and healing reading....

CODE: 03779 Read profile

(6.0) from 59 reviews

Gwen has many years phone reading experience. Her psychic specialities include channelling, clairsentience, tarot and spiritual healing. Gwen is also a metaphysical card specialist using Messenger, Voyager, Ascended Masters and Animal cards. Call today for an accurate and surprising reading....

CODE: 2015 Read profile

(6.0) from 86 reviews

Harmony is a gifted psychic channel, medium & healer whose psychic abilities go back 4 generations. After a near death experience at 17, this spiritual work became her purpose. Blending her energies with spirit & passed loved ones, she can feel the energies of past, present or future. Harmony can remove blockages too. ...

CODE: 2228 Read profile

(5.1) from 16 reviews

Jeanie has been working with clients for many years, guiding and helping them to make their own best decisions. She has many psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot, runes, crystals and dream interpretation. Call her today for a truly holistic reading....

CODE: 02914 Read profile

(6.0) from 43 reviews

Jessica is a gifted clairvoyant, healer and tarot reader. For more than 25 years she has helped guide people on to a path of healing and personal empowerment. She does this by following the guidance of spirit and from your higher self. Let Jessica share with you the amazing peace and clarity you can get from a reading....

CODE: 2127 Read profile

(6.0) from 114 reviews

Joan has many years psychic reading experience and speaks fluent English and Italian. Joan would love to help you discover new inspirations and insights into your life. Her psychic skills include clairvoyance, channelling, tarot, numerology and spiritual healing. Call her now to put your mind at ease....

CODE: 2044 Read profile

(6.0) from 18 reviews

Jody is a professional psychic seer, medium and healer. A proud Aboriginal woman with knowledge of ancient wisdoms, Jody can shine a light on your Moi (soul) to help you find your way on your journey. Sharing her highly developed skills, Jody understands the surrounding energies to help you overcome anything....

CODE: 2244 Read profile

Julia Clairvoyant Clarity for YOU
(6.0) from 35 reviews

Julia is a professional intuitive, psychic medium and tarot reader who comes from a family lineage of spiritually gifted people. Julia has many talents including clairvoyance, dream interpretation & angel practices. You’ll love Julia’s uplifting readings that are sprinkled with hope and positivity. Give her a call....

CODE: 2252 Read profile

(not yet rated)

Kareema is a psychic reader & animal communicator who integrates profound insights & guidance from the animals. A gifted clairvoyant & channel too, Kareema’s unique blend of psychic abilities & animal connections can help you understand yourself better. You’ll love Kareema’s distinctive reading style. She can help in any area of life....

CODE: 2301 Read profile

Kate A Psychic of Substance!
(6.0) from 3 reviews

Kate offers psychic, clairvoyant and mediumship services, connecting you with loved ones and providing guidance for a fulfilling life. With experience reading for clients worldwide, including celebrities, Kate’s accurate predictions and spiritual teachings can help you find renewed purpose and direction. Call Kate today....

CODE: 2154 Read profile

(6.0) from 123 reviews

Kerran is a naturally gifted psychic who is respected Australia wide as a teacher in psychic development. She is blessed with so many psychic abilities including clairvoyance, channelling, remote viewing, candle scrying and is a soul mate specialist too. Call Kerran for an intuitive and caring reading....

CODE: 2094 Read profile

Laura Animal Empath & Psychic
(6.0) from 39 reviews

Laura is a naturally gifted channel, tarot reader & animal lover. She has been reading ever since she was 15 years old. Sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, remote viewing & the cards, Laura is committed to offering you the loving guidance that spirit needs you to hear. Call Laura and enjoy the safe space to ask any questions about any areas of your life....

CODE: 2250 Read profile

Laurence Master of Runes
(6.0) from 105 reviews

Laurence is a former policeman, teacher, professor and student of ancient European spirituality who has travelled the world. He specialises in runes, runic tarot, norse mythology, dream interpretation and spiritual counselling. Call him today for an understanding and compassionate reading....

CODE: 06117 Read profile

Layla Vital Psychic Insights
(6.0) from 54 reviews

Layla is a professional psychic who has been reading since the 1990s. As an empath who has a passion for numerology and astrology too, Layla blends all her modalities so that you have practical guidance and strategies to move forward from whatever may be blocking your path. Call Layla for a comforting reading....

CODE: 2255 Read profile

Lesley for Uplifting Readings
(6.0) from 260 reviews

Psychic Superstar Lesley is extremely popular and has been reading with us for many years now. Her psychic skills include psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot and spiritual healing. Lesley is a keen animal lover and also does pet readings. Book her early to avoid missing out....

CODE: 03014 Read profile

(6.0) from 68 reviews

Lilibet is a professional psychic reader who uses tarot to share divine clarity about any situation. Her talents made her highly sought after for complex issues, especially in the corporate & relationship worlds. Lilibet would love to help you find the key to your dreams or help you connect with past loved ones. Call now....

CODE: 2280 Read profile

Lisa Heavenly Oneness Channel
(6.0) from 145 reviews

Lisa has amazing psychic abilities which include telepathy, healing, channelling, claircognisance, emotional healing, tarot and more. She was born in to this physical world with a visual disability but then was gifted with many psychic abilities to connect deeply with the spiritual world. Call Lisa for a truly inspiring reading....

CODE: 2123 Read profile

Marayah Rose
(5.6) from 24 reviews

Marayah Rose is a psychic medium and teacher of psychic development and meditation. She is renowned worldwide for her accurate psychic gifts including mediumship, remote viewing, past lives, tarot and astrology. Call Marayah today for a truly spiritually awakening reading....

CODE: 2091 Read profile

(6.0) from 11 reviews

Marita is a 2nd generation psychic reader & medium with over 50 years of experience in tarot readings & many other psychic modalities. She is passionate about guiding you to clarity around your decisions, relationships or emotional challenges. Marita is a talented clairvoyant & healer too who can help you tap into your inner wisdom. Give her a call. ...

CODE: 2295 Read profile

Melody Tarot Reader Extraordinare
(5.8) from 36 reviews

Melody has been reading professionally for more than 30 years and has many specialised psychic skills. She is a Vibrational Energy Therapist and Transformation Coach. Her other gifts of clairaudience, channelling and past lives allows Melody to be the link between you and spirit, to help you achieve your dreams. Call now....

CODE: 2068 Read profile

(6.0) from 36 reviews

Merry is a professional medium who has a great deal of psychic talent & life experiences. She can connect with the energies of people from all walks of life. Using her abilities such as clairvoyance & ‘knowing’, Merry has a host of guides to call on to give you the answers you need. You’ll love her highly in-tuned readings....

CODE: 2077 Read profile

(6.0) from 42 reviews

Mia is a professional psychic reader and healer who has years of telephone reading experience. She frequently has visions during her readings that turn out to be accurate. With a strong connection with the Archangels too, Mia can intuitively guide you in a better direction, or confirm you are already on the best path....

CODE: 2247 Read profile

(6.0) from 43 reviews

Michelle is a psychic empath and channel who has been reading professionally for more than 20 years. She calls upon her spirit guides and Ascended Masters to bless and channel information that will help align you with your higher self, and your soul’s purpose. You will enjoy Michelle’s very insightful readings....

CODE: 2220 Read profile

(5.9) from 17 reviews

Monica is a very experienced psychic who is passionate about healing others to enjoy a more abundant life. A naturally gifted spiritual healer, clairvoyant and medium, Monica has dedicated her life to this work and is also a Shamanic Healer and practitioner of so many other healing modalities. Call Monica today....

CODE: 2146 Read profile

(6.0) from 151 reviews

Natasha is a professional psychic medium, channel & energy worker who can connect with angels, spirits, star beings & totem animals. An intuitive counsellor & crystal therapist too, Natasha knows the importance of sharing her gifts to give you the best possible guidance & emotional healing. Call now for a heartfelt reading....

CODE: 2052 Read profile

(6.0) from 52 reviews

Netty is a professional psychic medium & healer with 20 years’ experience. Netty & her guides are committed to helping you find peace. Working with the cards, Netty finds these open the doorway to usher in clear & concise messages. Her reassuring readings will support your personal development, healing & growth....

CODE: 2272 Read profile

(5.9) from 74 reviews

Nikkie is a professional psychic medium, empath & angelic healer who has been helping others for more than 20 years. Working with the ascended masters & spirit too, Nikkie can help resolve any internal struggles or conflict, guiding you to find your true path. You’ll love her inspiring readings too. Give her a call today....

CODE: 2261 Read profile

(6.0) from 19 reviews

Olivia is a naturally gifted intuitive psychic and tarot reader from Ireland with more than 20 years’ experience. Her clients love her warm psychic energy where they feel a light has re-entered their lives again. A powerfully clairsentient reader with many psychic gifts, give Olivia a call to feel uplifted and healed today....

CODE: 2263 Read profile

(6.0) from 39 reviews

Patricia is a 2nd generation psychic & professional medium, who has a special interest in historical paranormal investigations. Patricia can relate to any situation, no matter how insurmountable. She believes Spirit comes to us to offer messages of connection, guidance & to support us through our lessons in life. Give her a call....

CODE: 2248 Read profile

(6.0) from 34 reviews

Radha is well known for her psychic expertise. She has been reading professionally for more than 45 years sharing her abilities including aura readings, mediumship and tattwa cards. Radha believes your Aura is key to attracting all that you require and more in life. You’ll love Radha’s reassuring and insightful readings....

CODE: 2043 Read profile

(6.0) from 6 reviews

Discover the profound insights of psychic reader Ruby. With over 25 years of experience, Ruby blends tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, & clairsentience to guide you through life’s challenges. Specialising in love & relationships, Ruby offers empathetic, non-judgmental support. Enhance your reading with aromatherapy for holistic healing too. Book with Ruby today....

CODE: 2300 Read profile

(6.0) from 52 reviews

Sandy is a highly skilled psychic reader & teacher who has a wealth of experience connecting with the spiritual realm. Guided by your higher self, she provides clarity on situations & glimpses into your future to give you peace of mind or closure. As a gifted spiritual healer & remote viewer too, Sandy is your key to unlocking life's boundless possibilities....

CODE: 2294 Read profile

Secret Psychic Email Readings
(not yet rated)

Secret Psychic offers insightful email readings that tap into your energies to provide clarity & guidance. Her natural empathy and intuitive abilities, honed over 20 years, enable her to deliver detailed, uplifting messages. Whether through Tarot or Oracle cards, she helps you discover your next steps....

CODE: 1100 Read profile

Silvie Specialist in Law of Attraction
(6.0) from 8 reviews

Silvie is a professional psychic & clairvoyant who is highly skilled in many divination tools including the tarot, astrology & symbology. She is committed to helping others using her psychic abilities & has spent years studying Law of Attraction principles. She also has qualifications in narcissistic abuse recovery & psychology. Call Silvie today for a caring & transformative reading....

CODE: 2283 Read profile

SMS Psychics
(not yet rated)

Psychic SMS Text is now available at Absolute Soul Secrets. We have a team of talented psychics ready to answer your questions. Text your question/s to 0439687888. We are here for you 24/7. If you are looking for a quick and confidential answer to your situation, we are here to help....

CODE: 0000 Read profile

(6.0) from 98 reviews

Snowy is a naturally gifted psychic medium and empath, who is known world-wide for her accurate psychic readings as a guest reader and host on tv, radio and psychic expos. A professional reader for more than 20 years, Snowy can help you achieve more happiness through her guidance and insights. Call now....

CODE: 2170 Read profile

(6.0) from 261 reviews

Sophia has passed over and come back, which gives her an affinity with the 'other side'. She is extremely popular and is often booked out. Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, tarot, numerology and spiritual counselling. Call early at night to book so you don't miss out....

CODE: 04883 Read profile

(6.0) from 7 reviews

Feeling lost? Suparna is a gifted psychic reader whose specialties include soulmate readings & past lives. She has many unique psychic abilities & is a practitioner of powerful healing techniques including Maa Kali & Lakshmi. Suparna can help shift blockages to promote positive energies in your life. Book now....

CODE: 2299 Read profile

(4.8) from 4 reviews

Susan brings years of psychic reading & healing experience to our team. Her psychic abilities which include clairaudience, aura readings, dream interpretation, reiki healings & more, have been passed down to her from generations. Susan has a deep connection with energy & the spirit world. Let Susan help transform your life for the better with clear insights & guidance....

CODE: 2286 Read profile

Tera for Enlightening Readings
(5.7) from 29 reviews

Tera has profound spiritual knowledge and is passionate about helping create more beauty and balance in other’s lives. A gifted tarot reader, astrologer, Tibetan numerologist and soul coach, Tera can help show you how to open your own doors of opportunities, leading you to a life of empowerment. Call now....

CODE: 2196 Read profile

(6.0) from 18 reviews

Terri-Ann has been on a 50+ year journey honing her skills as a professional psychic medium & channel. She’s had some amazing spiritual encounters guiding her to share her psychic abilities to help others, even during their toughest times. Using her psychic skills of remote viewing, lost & found, and soulmate connections, Terri-Ann will uplift you with spirit’s guidance....

CODE: 2285 Read profile

(5.9) from 22 reviews

Terry is a professional psychic medium whose healing & psychic intuition are gifts from his Celtic & Polynesian heritage. No matter where you are on your own journey, Terry can share the insights from spirit with love & integrity. Using his gifts of clairvoyance & Astrology too, Terry's psychic readings bring much comfort & enlightenment....

CODE: 2229 Read profile

(6.0) from 21 reviews

Vanessa believes in the alchemy of magic and she would love you to avail yourself to an insightful and powerful psychic reading. Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, candle magic spells in the light, numerology, tarot, crystal healing and affirmations. Call Vanessa to help you move forward....

CODE: 2011 Read profile

(5.8) from 31 reviews

Vilma comes to us with many years of international psychic reading experience. Using her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot and dream interpretation, Vilma can provide you real insight into your situation. You will enjoy Vilma's reading style. Call her today....

CODE: 2014 Read profile

(not yet rated)

Vivianne is a guest psychic reader for Absolute Soul Secrets and is only available at special times. She is passionate about helping people through sharing her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, mediumship, dream interpretation and past lives. You will find Vivianne’s guidance thoughtful and inspiring....

CODE: 0205 Read profile

(5.8) from 24 reviews

Yvonne's philosophy is 'We have struggled long enough. Life is meant to be fun.' Her skills include mediumship, clairvoyance, past lives, crystal healing, flower essences, spiritual healing and pet readings. Call Yvonne now for a wonderfully uplifting reading....

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Rose Smith
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