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Hello my name is Abigail, and I am a professional Trance Channel and Psychic, with a passion for Astrology too.

Descended from one of Europe’s oldest bloodlines, I am a naturally high functioning psychic who has been doing readings since I was sixteen. As a Virgo starsign, it is my purpose to be of service – to not only work on myself, but to help others along the way.

Working with you, I can get to the essence of the issue that you are concerned about from a higher perspective. I can also pick up on events that haven’t yet manifested. These insights are valuable because they enable you to disengage from any negativity and become pro-active. It is through this new higher understanding that things begin to ‘move’ for you.

Over many years I have studied and practised the predictive arts of tarot, astrology and psychometry. Furthermore, I trained extensively with international experts in spiritual healing, reiki, past life regression and remote viewing. Mastery of these fields is essential for hermetic practitioners.

However, my psychic abilities really reached its full strength when I did a modified Abramelin journey, when Saturn was crossing my stellium in Virgo. The Abramelin is a magickal technique that is hundreds of years old. Whilst it was two years of sacrifice and ritual, it was worth it for the third eye opening I was gifted with as a result. Some things are worth working toward.

During my readings, you can ask me any questions about your love life, relationships, finances, career or life path. I then channel into Source and the etheric field to receive spiritual guidance and answers that are personally tailored for you. My psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Trance Channelling
  • Remote Viewing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Reiki
  • Past Lives
  • Astrology
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Psychometry
  • Crystals
  • Tarot

I have helped many clients move from a negative timeline into one that is positive, even if they choose to stay in the same situation. If you are feeling you are at a crossroads and can’t see a clear way ahead, I would be delighted to help.

If you would like a reading from me, please use my ID No. 2203.

Abigails’s Other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

First and Second Degree Reiki practitioner – Usui system | Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Level I & II | Certificate in Tarot – Academy of Professional Tarot Consultants | Currently studying Bachelor of Laws | Currently studying Hellenistic Astrology | Certificate IV Training and Assessment | Diploma in Freelance Journalism – Australian College of Journalism

Psychic Abigail from Absolute Soul Secrets

Country: AU
Starsign: Virgo
ID Code: 2203


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Reviews for Abigail

Abigail is rated 5.9/6 from a total of 35 Rated Reviews.

So lovely to talk to you Abigail. I really enjoy our chats and your keen insight and wisdom. Thank you… until the next time. Blessings peace and light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alexandra review:

Dear Alexandra. I really enjoy our chats together too, sometimes it feels less like a reading and more like a meeting of like-minded souls. I love the range of our chats but also the quality, it has such a velvet, midnight forest timbre. The solstice on December 21 should be an interesting time for you with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. Looking forward to hearing about it! Love and Light. xxoo


Sorry Abigail. Ran out of time but thank you for our chat again, really appreciate the insight & support. Always good to know I’m not crazy & to get validation lol. Will take your advice & continue doing what I’m doing as in nothing, & pray it all unfolds as you see next month. Then the journey can begin with a fresh start & a new beginning between R & me with a bright future ahead. Thankyou again for tonight.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sharron review:

Dear Sharron, it was great to connect with you again. This is such an important time for you. I simply love the way you are handling this situation with dignity and patience. Sometimes, impatience can take us into a different timeline with less auspicious results. You are on the right track energetically so I’m sure you will keep holding the space open. Love and light. xxx


Thank you so much for my reading although it was cut short, I will be back to follow up more. You blew me away when you said exactly the same thing as someone else who saw what you saw, that’s affirmation for sure. You truly connected with the person in question & I look forward to the future which is bright. It’s been a long time coming but so worth the wait for us to be together. Thank you for your support Abigail.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sharron review:

Dear Sharron, that was a good reading, it was a pity it got cut short. I loved our reading because you gave me the time and space to really channel and that’s when the profound insights and information come through. It’s a gift for us both and I am so glad you got a direct message from Spirit to keep you serene and balanced while you wait for your pathways to meet again. Take care. Love and Light. xxoo


Thank you Abigail for another magical and powerful reading. Your insights give me so much joy! My life is unfolding as you had mentioned in our first reading a while ago, and am looking forward to writing and doing my art and sharing it with others. Love and light beautiful lady.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Beria review:

Dear Beria, it is always such a joy to read for you. It just flows and I am so enthused about the possibilities your spiritual journey could create, not just for you, but our wider community who could really do with a message of hope and serenity right now. I would encourage you to write about your experiences, if it helps just one person it is worth it. And then there is the art! So many timelines opening up for you right now, it’s a little busy! I would encourage you to accept anything that comes up in January to give you the opportunity to display your art. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Love and light. xxoo


Thank you Abigail! Beachside location and described the home of my partner perfectly! Very validating. Straight to the point and on the money. You mentioned this is a strange random reading but everything you said from the get-go, was answering questions I had! Lovely and didn’t waste a minute. Thank you. xox

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Dear AB. What a reading, I was a little blown out by it. The images just came so quickly, it was amazing! The whole reading was done in minutes… that doesn’t happen too often in my experience. We must have had a very good connection for that to happen. Anyway, it was a great reading, and I am happy for you. Everyone needs their sanctuary that they love and gain sustenance from. I really feel you are on the right track to that. Take care and would love to hear from you again. Love and light. xxoo


Hello again Abigail. Thanks as always for my readings. I love your insight - so much and so honest when it comes to the man etc. I did ring the bank - a no go. Will call you soon.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to C.O. review:

Dear C, always lovely to read for you. This year has been such a positive one, with you meeting and successfully overcoming the challenges set in your way. There is one situation that lingers, and I see that it will resolve by the time both of the last retrogrades (Mercury and Mars) go direct by mid-November. It is important to strengthen your intent using that very powerful moon in Capricorn of yours to wrap this up. It’s time! Sending lots of light and love. xxoo


Thank you Abigail for your thorough, informative and compassionate reading! I’m looking forward to Christmas time, hopefully things will get better by then with my family situation, as you have predicted. I’ll definitely call to let you know. Much love and gratitude for your support!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Dear Ioana, it is always a lovely experience to connect and read for you. I really feel for the current situation you are in but know you are dealing with it in the most conscious and loving way possible. Even so, it can take a toll. I am so glad you wrote this review as I had a message come through after our reading. Prayer is always helpful, particularly to Saint Monica when it comes to family issues. If you read about her, I think it will resonate with you. Take care of yourself. Love and Light. :)


Hi Abigail. Once again another lovely reading and so with it. True readings I must say. I will contact you in October. Lovely... so down to earth... I love it.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dear Cheryl, it is a real joy to read for you especially seeing how everything has panned out and is falling into place for you now. This is the reward for people who persevere and don’t give up when they face a challenge. Everything you have now you can fully enjoy knowing you truly earned them. And you have! The second half of November looks particularly good for you after Mars goes direct as he is in his dignity in Aries. Any extra projects or plans will get the push they need so make the most of it. Love and light. xxx


Abigail's reading style really suits me. She's positive, fun, forthright and has a lot of positive visions. Gives suggestions on what to do. Love to see it happening… with this man coming back to me.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kim review:

Dear Kim, it was an absolute pleasure to read for you. I feel really confident that you can turn your situation around. It’s your attitude that convinces me, it was mature, perceptive and balanced - astonishingly so, after what you had been through. The biggest factor for me is that you were still lighthearted and mischievous throughout the reading which, combined with miniskirts (as we discussed), is irresistible to Eros. :) Sending love and light. xxoo


Always have straight forward direct honest answers with Abigail… like having a big sister.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Dear Allyson. Thanks for this review, it’s so sweet, I was really touched. It’s the nicest accolade a psychic can get, that you feel there is a genuine sense of warmth and that we are really in your corner. Because we are! And especially for you, I have a heartfelt admiration for the way you have and continue to deal with the challenges in your life, then always climbing higher. The next six weeks, particularly early to mid-September, are shaping up to be an important time for you so keep being centred. Your intuition will be there to guide you through. Sending love and light. xx


Hi Abigail. You are a true reader and so down to earth. If anyone wants a good reader, I recommend this lady… no flies on her and no sugar coating either. I do call her at times when I am in a rut. I will stay in touch and call again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dear Cheryl, I appreciate the positive feedback so much. It’s a gift. I enjoy our readings, it helps so much when a client is spiritually aware as it makes it easier for them to move through the doldrums we all experience. Now that you are on the way to getting that past nuisance resolved it is time to take advantage of the new moon and lead-up to the Pisces full moon on September 2 with regards to career and finances. I can see that you'll get help from unexpected sources in the steps you take towards your goals. Love and Light. xx


I spoke with Abigail for the first time and I knew she was channelling one of the problem people in my life by what she was calling me. Very helpful and insightful. HAPPY to recommend Abigail. I know the connection was the real deal and believe I got a really great reading. Thank you so much for your time and effort on my behalf. Love and light to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lyn review:

Dear Lyn. That was a really interesting reading, people and events came up so readily. I very much appreciated your partnership, you seem to be able to get the best out of a psychic reading with the ideal amount of connectedness. From our reading together, I feel confident that you have the intelligence, clear sight, and wisdom to be able to steer clear of unnecessary drama while you deal with the most important of life's passages. While I was writing this reply, I was repeatedly shown two tall eucalyptus trees next to a watercourse or creek so I interpret that as Source showing me where you will find renewal and peace. And thanks for being so understanding about using that name. That’s channelling for you, it can be a little difficult to contain! Sending all my blessings to you, Lyn. Love and Light. xx


Thanks for a great reading Abigail. You were accurate with your information and what you see in the future was very positive. Looking forward to the end of the year and your predictions coming true! Thanks again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Dear Nerissa. That was a very good reading! You held the line of connection open so we could get to the point very quickly. Thank you, it makes such a difference for me when a client does that. Just to remind you, the two Timelords, Jupiter and Saturn are going direct in September, followed by Pluto in early October. The pent-up energy at the end of a retrograde cycle tends to get fretful as it waits to be released so use the rest of August to get your house in order. Then you can take full advantage of unfettered celestial currents and the new opportunities they will bring you. Good luck! Love and Light. xx


What a lovely lady Abigail is. Her readings are honest, down to earth, straight to the point and straight into the questions. Things come natural to her. I always ring this lovely reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to C.K. review:

Dear C.K. Thanks for your lovely review, it is so heartening to receive one like that. Thanks to your openness and generosity, our readings get better the more in tune we get with each other. Such a delight. We are building a real rapport and continuity which is invaluable for psychic readings. I noticed more clairvoyant images are coming through in each reading like the lake and the white puppy this time round. I feel really pleased about the opportunities opening up for you, once you deal with a few loose ends and you and M get thoroughly settled, which is important. Speak soon! Love and Light. xx


Thank you Abigail for the wonderful reading tonight! I feel so relieved and loved your information about journalling with the Aquarian full moon and the connection with the rocks! Thanks for helping me reconnect with myself and I feel so excited about what's opening up for me. I definitely will call again!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mary review:

Dear Mary. I love our connection, it just flows. I am happy to be of any help I can because it is really exciting when another psychic’s latent abilities begin to manifest. I could see those energies rising from the earth as you saw them and feel that one day you will read them as easily as other people read a book. This is an ability I don’t have myself so to get a glimpse through someone else is fascinating. I enjoyed this Aquarian full moon and hope you got a lot out of it too. Journaling really works for us! Love and Light. xx


I was disappointed as I didn’t feel any connection at all. Didn’t say anything of any substance. Wanted to be fed information then expanded on that in an incorrect way.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kathryn review:

Dear Kathryn. It was an awkward reading wasn’t it. I was relieved when you ended it and I bet you were too. You were right, there was no connection. I remember asking a few times if you were there as I thought the phone line had dropped out. I should have stopped the reading after the first time that happened as without connection, I flounder. This is unusual but happens occasionally. I’m glad our Admin team looked after you and hope you find a psychic who can give you what you need. Love and light. :)


Awesome! And spot on. Thanks Abigail for my reading regarding my long distance relationship the other day. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Dear B, it was great to read for you. Long distance can really tax a relationship. It’s so easy to misunderstand something written or said in a phone call, and not being able to clear it up in person can make the situation worse. Luckily, you are so centred and real in your understanding of how these things can get blown out of proportion, that I feel confident that Spirit will guide you through the challenges to a happy outcome. Love and Light. xx


Dear Abigail. So uplifting to speak today with a like-hearted soul!! Dragons by Diana Cooper is an interesting book full of her exercises and 'different' as far as dragon info goes I guess. I’m not sure as my only real knowledge is from where the "Riders" stem from, and my vision as given by my dragon was certainly one of a warrior scene (marching warriors and all kinds of sounds). XOXOXOXO

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie-Anne review:

Dear Julie-Anne. Dragonkin always recognise each other :) It so interesting to talk to you, I feel like a character out of Ursula Le Guin’s ‘Earthsea’ series when we chat. I have looked up Diana Cooper and will be reading more of her. Working with dragon energy is so powerful. Much needed in these times. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Love and light. xx


Dear Abigail - so lovely talking to you tonight. I wish you all the best of the love of our Creator and continuing joy as you keep on helping us!!! Beautiful soul. xxxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie-Anne review:

Dear Julie-Anne, there was an instant affinity between us. You can always tell when people have a strong relationship with the Creator because the readings have such flow. It was a pleasure to read for you and thank you so much for your blessing. Clients like you are the reason we do this work. Love and light. xx


Hi lovely I love your input and your honesty. With P. and me plus Minnie. I will put both forms in on Monday. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dear Cheryl. Thanks again for your positive feedback, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. It is so nice to get thanks in the form of a good review. I am glad things are moving for you and really look forward to hearing about you settling into your new home. It will be a new chapter for you, P and Minnie and one you deserve for your steadfastness and pure heart. Love and Light. :)


Wow you’re so honest and trusting with your words… and input too. You are a great reader. I will call you back. Your readings are not sugar coated and I like that in a reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dear Cheryl, I am always happy to do a reading for you. You just want good, solid information so you have a clear direction going forward and Spirit always provides. The olive tree synchronicities were interesting as olive trees mean success, wisdom, peace and prosperity. This is reflected in the positive improvements you are seeing. Really looking forward to reading for you again and hearing how things have panned out. Love and Light. :)


Thank you Abigail for sharing the info of new arriving Sept/Oct and with a good description. It intrigued me as to the business partnership and potential to see that separate also Sept/Oct. Certainly interesting times ahead. Many thanks - I look forward to seeing your predictions come to fruition.

Libran WA
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Libran WA review:

Dear Libran. It was great to read for you, so many positive directions from September on, just in time for your birthday. It makes a lot of sense with the two Timelords, Jupiter and Saturn, going direct in tandem with your ruling planet, Venus. Have fun riding the wave and I hope to hear from you again. Love and Light. :)


Just got off the phone and had to leave a review. What a lovely lady and a great reader, well worth the money. Will call again when I meet Mr Right in summer. Love and light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, it was an absolute pleasure to read for you. We really connected which makes it so much easier to pick up the information you need. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Times of transition can be tricky but with the clarity you have I feel that you will take everything in your stride. Love and Light. :)


So friendly and made me feel calm. Will definitely speak to you again Abigail this month. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Belinda review:

Dear Belinda. It was lovely to connect with you and be of service on this part of your journey. You have an inner light and strength that you have only just begun to manifest. I was also amazed by all the family around; they will be a source of guidance and light for you. Thanks for this review and I hope to speak to you again. Love and Light. :)


What a fabulous lady and so lovely to talk to. Thank you Abigail for your insights.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to D.S. review:

Dear D.S. It was terrific to read for you. :) So effortless to work with clarity and direction on the issues you wanted to explore. I also appreciated your understanding and experience about the way psychic linking in works, and how to bring the best out of a reading. Thanks for the review! Love and Light. :)


No words dear Abigail but thank you. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Margaret review:

Dear Margaret. What a reading! Wow… talk about depth. I love reading for you because you hold the space at such an ethereal vibration and the range we travel is absolutely amazing. These are the kind of readings I love most to do… all my training and experience utilised at the highest level. Thank you! Love and Light. xx


Very friendly, fast, accurate and understanding. Thankyou.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Dear Allyson, we had an excellent connection. It was so easy to read for you and get to the heart of the matter in double time! It’s a lot to do with you… it’s got to do with your openness and willingness to partner energetically that made the reading as good as it was. Thanks for your sterling review and hope to speak again. Love and Light. :)


Hello lovely Abigail. Once again thank you for your honest input with the unit and Paul. Once I get a place and work, I will contact you. Have a lovely Easter to you and yours.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dearest Cheryl. Thanks so much for another positive review! I really enjoy our readings together because of your good-natured mischievousness. You always try to see the bright side of things and I know it is this energy that has made things get on track for you. Blessings for Easter to you and your family. Love and Light. xx


I have just had my second reading with Abigail today. Not only does she pick up very accurately and quickly on your situation, her words are uplifting. Her caring and giving energy is beautiful. I can’t thank you enough Abigail for your insight. You are a blessing and your gift is an exceptional light in people’s lives. I will definitely speak to you again very soon. Thank you again sweetheart.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Leanne review:

Dear Leanne. Our readings are great, we had that immediate connection that makes a reading flow. For me, the reason for that is that you add to the reading the strength of your own intuition, and intelligent awareness, which helps to create clarity and the depth perception needed, to quickly get to the heart of the matter. Thanks so much for choosing me to read for you and your glowing review! It made my day. Love and Light. xx


Abigail helped me a lot today with a personal issue. She gave me clarity and direction and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Abigail. I will follow your advice and will call back to let you know how things turn out.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

During the reading Ioana I felt like we were sitting in front of a tapestry where the threads had unravelled. Patiently, together, we were able to begin to bring them back in. I can see that the resolutions you made during the reading are helping to heal the situation. You have a beautiful, gentle soul Ioana, and I really appreciated being able to read for you. Love and Light. :)


Hi lovely lady. Thanks for your input once again. Yes, I am not happy but I just got a text. You are just so honest with no sugar coating. I will call you again. Abigail is a great reader everyone… I mean it. ‘Till our next reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Dear Cheryl, thanks again for another positive review. I really appreciate how generous you are... you are the kind of seeker all readers appreciate. You deal with all news in such a centred and grounded way. I am so glad contact was made… this augurs well for future contact. Just continue to be your delightful self and don’t let anything get in the way of your intention. Love and Light. xx


Wow your reading was no sugar coating and straight up as I like that in a reader. You told me not what I wanted to hear, but to the point. I listen very carefully now… I just have to wait… I think you know that any way. I will call again Abigail. Great reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Cheryl, thank you for your lovely review, it was great to read for you. You are so clear and easy to read for and I really look forward to our next reading. And yes, listening carefully is key to staying ahead of the curve for the next few months. Good luck with everything. Love and Light. :)


Wow! Thanks Abigail… excellent reading. You saw through the situation and people energy really fast. The message is warm, clear and comes with great advice. I will surely call again. Thank you!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nathan review:

Thanks Nathan! Reading for you was a pleasure. Such strong messages coming through so quickly and easily. I am still seeing images from your reading and I’m really excited for the year ahead for you. Would be delighted to read for you again. Love and Light. :)


Thank you for your beautiful energy, truth and connectedness Abigail. Amazed at what you picked up. Most grateful!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Margaret review:

Margaret, that was such a special reading, you were so generous in your connection and helped me create exceptional psychic flow. The communications that came through were from the higher dimensions and I was so pleased to be able to utilise my talent at this level for you. Take care of yourself. Thank you! Love and Light. :)


WOW, Abigail’s energy is light and clear and so are her readings. She comes through with so much clarity and is a joy to help with any situation that needs clarity and guidance. In the time I spoke with Abigail, I was able to put so much to rest and heal in order to move forward with grace. Thank you so much Abigail. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

It was a wonderful reading V. Felt like we were walking through a forest together, quietly conversing. The reading had such a melodious, tranquil flow and I felt that I was able to use my abilities to their fullest extent. Thank you for choosing me to read for you. And your great review! Love and Light. :)