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Hi my name is Catherine and I am honoured and humbled to be a gifted Psychic Medium, having the ability to connect spirit to their loved ones and their spiritual family. My psychic work spans more than 23 years specialising in the areas of mediumship, spiritual counselling, grief counselling and life readings. I find it so rewarding in that I can help others find their true self. I do this by offering them the direction and guidance they need in their own lives, and in their own time.

I have been psychic all of my life. At the age of 5 years I became aware of my mediumship abilities when I would see earthbound spirits and hear the whispers of my Angels. In my adult life, I opened myself up psychically and embraced my true self for my beautiful and gifted daughter. She too was showing psychic ability when she started having dreams that came true. So I decided I would be there for her to guide her through her psychic experiences and development.

We attended classes together to learn our gifts and to learn to open up to Spirit. I also read many books on healing, mediumship, clairvoyance and I have received knowledge from the best teachers in the universe. My spirit guides have been my teachers and my mentors. Their guidance and protection for us both has been so humbling.

During my readings, I draw on the many psychic skills I have developed such as:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Mediumship
  • Automatic Writing
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Wellbeing Intuitive*
  • Angel Cards
  • Psychometry
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Light Worker
  • Accredited Life Coach
  • Theology Studies
  • Reiki Master

Over the years I have conducted training and meditation workshops, house clearings, light work and stage work to large groups of people looking to connect with their loved ones, or seek answers and guidance.

I am surrounded by a beautiful family who too are blessed with psychic abilities, and help support me in my work to help bring light and hope to people. Connecting with past loved ones can bring hope and light to you too. As I can communicate with my own past family members, it makes it a lot less sad knowing that I am surrounded by their love and protection. A priest or pastor will talk about The Heavenly Father, Our Lady or Jesus in the third person. It is an amazing feeling to have them as your mentors and to see them when you look towards the Light.

If you would like a reading with me please use my ID No. 2090.

Rose Smith chats with Catherine in our Psychic Video Interview Series. Watch it here on our YouTube Channel… How Do Mediums Work?

Catherine’s Other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

Accredited Reiki Master Levels 1,2,3 | Accredited Life Coach – Certification in Life Skills | Former Owner/Operator Natural Therapies/Homeopathic Healing Clinic | Theology Study – 10 week course

*I am not a medical professional. I am a Wellbeing Intuitive and I will share with you spiritual information related to your physical body and wellbeing. I will do my best to help you however, this information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult an appropriate medical professional for all health-related matters.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Libra
ID Code: 2090


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Reviews for Psychic Reader Catherine

Catherine is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 114 Rated Reviews.

Thank you, Catherine. You are very gentle and compassionate. Hearing the things, I heard has been painful but also has allowed me to make a decision. The worst place to be is stuck. So, thank you for gently helping me move forward. Helping me go towards goodness not towards pain. I will call you again. Thanks for your love and support. Helping me through a difficult situation.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kim review:

Dear Kim, thank you for such lovely words. I wish you well and glad you found your way towards happiness. It’s your gentle Soul that knows the right path and it will light your way with every step towards your future. Always here for you Kim, sending love and healing. xx


Wowow!!!!!!! What a great reader. Really special. Catherine is really, highly accurate and a beautiful person who is always gentle and lovely to talk with. She gives accurate advice and information is always given in a gentle manner. What a special, wonderful reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Samantha review:

Samantha how lovely thanks so much. Your light makes it so nice to connect with you and see your life unfold around you. Spread your wings and follow your heart it will bring you to where you wish to be. Here always for an insightful chat about your great future. xx


Thank you for an insightful, informative, supportive, caring and loving reading. My beautiful Catherine. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to K review:

Thank you, K you are so amazing dear lady. Follow your happiness path I’m with you in Spirit all the way. xx


Thank you I feel really calm and relaxed after talking with you can't wait for things to fall into place. You’re the best light and love or my earth angel.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, always nice to chat. Spirit did have some wonderful advice and predictions for you. Harness your energy so Spirit can work these new beginnings and people into your life. Always here for guidance. :)


Thank you so much for the reading, Catherine. You're powerful, spot on and just amazing! Much love.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S review:

Thank you, S, you're just so amazing, follow your light. Through Spirit let’s create your life goals. Always here for you S, love and light. x


Hi Catherine, thank you so much for your guidance today. It has helped me a lot and I'm taking the necessary steps. Your readings are clear and your energy is warm and kind. Thank you and many blessings.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S review:

Dear S, thank you for your review, your energy is so warm I’m always glad that I can help and look forward to our next chat. Let’s see how you’re going and how Spirits advice is guiding your light. S our dreams are only a breath away. :)


Wow! What an amazing reading! Picked up on so many things without asking any questions! I am so excited to see how things will unfold. Thanks so much Catherine, I look forward to all the positive changes this year and can’t wait to call you again and keep you updated!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Aina review:

Hi Aina thank you so much was lovely reading with you. So great how open you were in sharing your lovely energy with me. It truly does make the wisdom of Spirit flow so freely & beautifully. Good luck have fun making it all happen for yourself. Always here for some help. :)


I loved my reading with you so much Catherine. I’m still thinking about it. It blew my mind. Like you were a ”fly on the wall”. I didn’t tell you anything yet, you knew intimate details about my life and people in it. I feel so excited for the next chapter. I will talk to you soon. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dee review:

Hi Dee, thanks for your kind words. You have such a lovely energy about you. I can’t wait to see you create the life that you want, trust in Spirit to guide you. Dee always here to help. :)


Thank you, so good to have you back. The reading was great as always. Will do what we talked about. Light and love, thank you so much again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, thanks for your lovely review. It is so nice to be back, 2023 is full of sunshine in your life its unstoppable Karen do well & make it Shine. :)


Lovely reading with Catherine. Such a beautiful way of delivering messages. Can’t wait to call you again and give you all the updates regarding the predictions.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Dear AB, thank you so much. What a fab year 2023 will be - couldn’t happen to a nicer young lady. Can’t wait to hear how it’s going. :)


Thank you Catherine for an amazing reading! You were spot on. I enjoyed our talk and highly recommend you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.M. review:

Dear J.M. You are so kind - thanks for your nice review. I always try to be as accurate as I can. I’m so glad your dreams are manifesting lovely lady, for you & your fabulous family. Always here for a chat with Spirit. Love. <3


I don't usually do reviews, but Catherine you were amazing, hit the nail on the head more than once. Very clear and understanding, thanks heaps. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jacqui review:

Dearest Jacqui. Thank you for your lovely review. I wish you lots of luck, love and happiness on your life journey. You have the answers from Spirit - now it’s time to follow forward with your goals. Always here for a chat. You are a lovely soul who shines from within. Much love. x


Dear Catherine, you were really spot on about my situation. Thank you so much for my reading. You gave me courage, and hope everything you saw comes to fruition.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Seema review:

Hi Seema. Thanks for your review, it was lovely to read with you. Give it time… Spirit always knows what is right for us. Timing is everything. <3 x


Catherine, you truly are the most beautiful soul I have ever spoken to. Everything you have told me is spot on. I love your readings as they are honest and on point. You are an amazing psychic with tremendous ability. Thank you for everything…

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rosa review:

Dear Rosa. Thank you so much, you are such a beautiful lady. Follow your Dreams, keep your heart open and spread your wings to embrace your amazing future. Always here for our chats lovely. <3


Thank you again for another great reading Catherine. You always put me at ease :) I always feel so much better. Light and love.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, it’s so lovely to read with you. Follow your heart, I know all that you want will come to fruition - it’s your lovely energy you share with others that will guide you. Love to chat at any time. <3


Thank you for the wonderful reading. <3 Take care. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cherie review:

Hi Cherie. It’s so lovely to talk to you lovely lady - I’m always here for a chat. Love your lovely energy that surrounds you. <3


Hi Catherine, thank you so much for your guidance this evening regarding my business and POI. And thank you for bringing grandma through! Everything you said resonated and was very accurate! Looking forward to the future! x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Thank you for this very nice review B - it was so lovely to channel your Spirit family, you are so loved. You're such a gifted lady - I see goodness happening for you with every step you take. Good Luck & Dream Big with your business. Life is a happy place with work & love. <3


My reading with Catherine was absolutely amazing, she brought through messages from my loved ones who have passed over which were so beautiful, moving and incredibly accurate. I am so grateful for her beautiful energy, compassionate, loving presence, and guidance - I simply couldn't recommend her more!! Thank you so much Catherine! xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jess review:

Hi Jess and thank you for this lovely review. Wow so many spirit family members came through - it was so delightful to connect all of you. Always here for that top up with your intuition you will be connecting soon yourself. Go forward with your plans - you’re surrounded with wonderful possibilities in your life. Spread your wings. <3


Hi Catherine. Thank you for the great reading, always makes me feel good when we chat. Spot on as usual... thank you again. May the blessings be.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kiri review:

Dear Kiri. It’s always lovely to chat with you. Spirit is always with you. They say you have a lovely Soul Kiri. Am here for our sweet chats whenever you need. <3


Catherine really was spot on. Thank you Catherine!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R.H. review:

Thanks R.H. It was lovely to read with you… your beautiful energy made it flow so well. Looking forward to our next chat whenever you need. With love... <3


Amazing and detailed reading. Thankyou Catherine… you have given me hope. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jo review:

Hi Jo. Thanks for your lovely review, it was a pleasure to read for you. Stay happy and focused as Spirit always has a great plan… it just takes time. So let’s keep working with them to tune those dreams lovely Jo. With love. <3


Lovely Catherine! Just a wee note to send you loads of love and light and thanks for your helpful and loving advice as always!! So great!! Many blessings from us all. xoxoxo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie review:

Dearest Julie. Thank you… it was so great reading with you. Love your gifted energy… you and your magical spirit guides are amazing. Always here for a chat. <3


Thank you for your lovely reading Catherine. Always so nice to talk to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hi Lynda and yes same here… it was so lovely to chat with you too. Spirit always has fab things to say to you - they love your loving sensitive Soul you share. Here always lovely Lynda. <3


Thank you for my reading Catherine. Sorry... tried to add but got cut off. You put my mind at ease. Great reading once again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Hi Karen. Thanks for your lovely review and sorry we got cut off too... our reading was doing so well with your fabulous energy. Always glad to help - trust in yourself and Spirit to always guide you as they will be here to help you always. <3 x


Another amazing reading from Catherine - such a gifted psychic - with insight and compassion as well as absolute accuracy. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Victoria review:

Dear Victoria, it’s always a pleasure to read with such a beautiful gifted lady. I can’t wait to see the gift of your work unfold - you so deserve it. Always here. <3


Thank you so much for a wonderful and honest reading Catherine. I was feeling very down and your reading has lifted me back up. You are a wonderful person and an excellent reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Renee review:

Dear Renee, thank you for your lovely review… I was so touched. Lovely lady you have such amazing intuition & are naturally loving and kind - no wonder your family adore you. Keep your faith, look to Spirit for answers and much more, you know what I mean. Always here for a chat. Love always. <3


Thank you for your wonderful reading Catherine. Your happiness for my happiness was so nice & something I’m not used to. I don’t see myself with angel wings but so touched you do. I just see my family reaction & going - yeah so not true! So much to look forward to & can’t wait for man to walk in & get journey started. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Dear Lynda. Thank you, I’m so grateful to have read with you. Yes, definitely Angel Wings lovely lady. That’s the joy of working with Spirit - they see a pure Soul. It’s a shame family can be unkind – it’s their loss. Just save all of you for that man walking into your life. Much love always. <3 x


You have just uplifted me in ways you can't imagine! Thankyou for reconfirming everything I am working towards with Hawaii! I truly love speaking with you and everything you spoke about today was on point. Thankyou for your honesty, I really do appreciate it. I do like your insight with regards to the deliciously handsome one! You have him worked out! Thanks again so much. Love always. <3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alyssa review:

Hi Alyssa and thank you. It’s such a pleasure to read with you lovely lady. Follow your beautiful heart with your own fab intuition. In your time spread your wings and fly to your amazing man. Alyssa, your well-deserved destiny awaits you. Much love always. <3


Catherine is simply sensational! She explained exactly the reasons behind my relationship woes at the moment, & she gave me hope that the problems will resolve themselves & that the future looks far brighter. Thank you for your insightful & caring reading Catherine, you’re a gem! Highly recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Janine review:

Hi Janine, thanks for your beautiful review… I’m so touched. You are a special lady with a lot of love to give. Spirit’s guidance does help understanding doesn’t it. Give it time Janine - now that you are armed with the knowledge it will help greatly. Take care and much love. <3


Thank you for another great reading Catherine. This man is bound to turn up soon!! I’m ready.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hi Lynda, was so nice chatting with you. Love that you’re ready for this man to walk into your life. Your lovely energy is as attractive as you are. <3


I so want to tell you how much it means to me that two of my favourite souls came through you today. I’m over the moon.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynette review:

Dear Lynette, thanks for your kind review. How nice your charming friends came through for a beautiful chat with you… they love you dearly gorgeous Lynette. <3


Thank you for a great reading Catherine. I’m hoping man shows up soon & everything turns out. I will be keeping my distance from that person, they are too negative & I need positivity. I will let you know how things go.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Hi and thanks for your really nice review. It will all be fine… keep focused on the reality that you want, and Spirit will bring that right person to you when you’re out & about in your world. Keep that lovely personality of yours humming and you will be simply irresistible. <3


Hi Catherine, thank you so much for my reading! Sorry got cut off. You were spot on with things around me regarding my love life :) I’ll call back soon. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Dear B. Thank you for your lovely review... I’m so touched. I feel B stands for Beautiful Soul. You are such an inspiring lady on an exciting life journey. Good luck with your quest for the right happiness… it’s just a matter of time. Take care… I’m always here for a chat. xo<3


I had a reading with Catherine initially about a year ago. At the time I thought what Catherine said couldn't possibly happen, but it has!! I have now had a couple of readings with Catherine in the last few weeks. A lovely, warm, wise, very intuitive lady, and they were great readings. I highly recommend Catherine.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Dear Michele, thank you for your kind review and for trusting me with my messages through Spirit’s eyes. Sometimes predictions do take a while to manifest. I'm so glad you were happy with your reading. You are a lovely lady… a pure channel for Spirit to work through. So trust and they will always guide you on your life journey. I'm always here and open for a special chat with you Michele. x <3


Catherine - an amazing reading as always - completely accurate and you truly work with spirit. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Victoria review:

Dear Victoria. It’s always lovely to read for you, I’m touched by your review… thanks. You embrace your readings with such an open heart & mind full of trust in Spirit & me. You are an amazing woman. <3


An absolute beautiful calming reading. I was so lucky to speak with you… thanks heaps and big hugs to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Thelma review:

Dearest Thelma, I'm so touched by this review, thank you. I also felt your warmth & love you have for your family. You are a sweet lady that channels love & care wherever you go. I'm always here to help when you need a little twinkle of Spirits’ guidance. Love & hugs. xox


What a beautiful soul! Thank you for listening to me again Catherine. Your accuracy amazes me & I can’t wait for what happens next with this wonderful man. Thank you for calming my mind. You are truly blessed. Happy New Year!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to E. review:

Dear E, thank you for your beautiful words. Spirit listens to all you say & will guide you to your true destiny. They say it's time to release the inner Goddess and enjoy the gifts of life. Fly gorgeous lady on angel wings… you deserve it. It was lovely to chat with you and I am always here for any Spirit guidance of help. Love always. xox


Absolutely 10/10 and amazing! Thanks so much Catherine, my beautiful mum pooches were there. You gave me such joy, insight into work, and such incredible knowledge about so many things. It was a great long call and I really appreciate it immensely. Thanks heaps and big hugs. I will talk again in 2020, highly recommend you to all. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tan review:

Dear Tan, I feel so humbled by your lovely review. You were a sweet lady to talk to. You deserve all the wonderful moments that are coming in 2020. Your mum is also adorable… was fab bringing you girls together. Good luck sweetie… follow your dreams. Spirit will take you each step of the way. Hugs & Love. <3


Thankyou beautiful Catherine! Always fabulous and precisely accurate!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Dearest S thanks for your kind words & your trust in me as we walk with Spirit. I'm always here for you. Please keep listening to your intuition as well, you are an amazing strong young lady. Life will be okay, just be still & trust. Love always. x


Thank you so much for my reading Catherine. Looking forward to your prediction coming true. Sorry I only had a couple of minutes of credit. Thanks again. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Dear Nerissa, thanks for letting me help. I’m always happy to channel Spirit for as long as you have. Maybe next time we can see what else they have coming your way. ‘Till then good luck lovely. <3


WOW Catherine... what a good job you did. Before I could say anything you already spelt out what was going on in my life and nailed it, and gave me assurance where I am standing at present and not to worry about anything. I will be in contact and report back the progress. Many, many thanks.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ajay review:

Dear Ajay and thank you for your lovely review. I’m always here to help. Can’t wait to see how navigating your dreams go. Sending hugs & light for a fabulous ride. Love. x


Again thank you Catherine for your reading… you have been spot on again. I will always come to you as you are always right and lead me in the right direction. Light and love.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, thanks for your kind review. Glad you & family are doing well. I’m in awe of Spirit’s gifts of intuition. I’m here for you all lovely Karen any time you need a reading again in future. Take care & love & light to you as well. <3


Catherine is the loveliest medium and she has a clear connection with spirit who always communicates the truth to her. She is a kind and warm lady that tells you exactly what she sees. She has helped me beyond words with the passing of my father. She is simply fantastic and the real deal. Thank you so much Catherine and will talk to you again soon.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nat review:

Dear Nat, thanks for your lovely words. I’m always humbled to bring messages from loved ones in Heaven… such a blessing all round. Your sweet soul is an open channel so follow your intuition to hear you father’s words. Always here for you Nat. Love & light. <3


Much needed guidance from Catherine and her soft kind voice helped a lot. She was most encouraging, loving and supportive, and provided me with some tools to help me along the way. Many things she said also hit the nail and was accurate with regards to what was happening and also about myself personally. I thank you & look forward to giving you an update in the near future. God bless.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, thank you for your beautiful review. Your words reflect the beautiful lady that you are. You are a strong amazing woman… step back & find yourself & then life will find you. So manifest through Spirit the fabulous life I saw from them through you. I am always here lovely Karen, so looking forward to our next chat. Remain strong in your beliefs. God bless and love always. <3


Hello lovely Catherine. I made the call today… I got an appointment next week. Thanks for your input… I was pleased. Yes, I have to walk more, despite the weather. I thank you once again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Hi Cheryl, thanks for your lovely review… so glad you’re on a roll. Keep up the good vision you have to a fab life. I giggled as Spirit said ‘rug up Cheryl, embrace the elements of nature. We are only human.’ Spirit can’t wait for your fab results in life… you’re so amazing. Love always. <3


Thank you Catherine. I’m very grateful for our call the other day. Very helpful, settling, transformative and helped me be decisive. Love how no matter what you think or what I think you always ask spirit and their guidance prevails and is spot on. Much gratitude.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Marg review:

Marg thank you for your touching review. I love how accepting you are, and your interpretations of Spirit’s messages you do so well… Wow. You have such an inquiring mind… you are an inspirational young lady. Trust in yourself & your intuition, as good things are on their way. I’m always here for you to bounce ideas & relay Spirit’s messages your way. Just look up & fly. Love always. <3


Lovely reading. Hope guy from past makes contact, will let you know. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hi Lynda and thank you for your review… I am so touched. I can’t wait as well for this fab guy. Spirit will know when you’re ready for this new beginning. I’m always here for a catch up. Good luck Lynda… sending you healing too. <3


Like so many others have said Catherine really is a delight to speak to. She is very in touch with the situation and imparts information clearly and in such a kind, delicate manner. I appreciate her warmth and reassurance during what has been a tumultuous and stressful time for me. Much love and thanks.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Thank you lovely B. for your kind words & for seeing I use the beautiful energy of Spirit to help manifest the best life for yourself. Use your own fab intuition by asking Sprit to swirl their energy around you all, to keep your intentions on track with your future. I’m always here for a chat & a spiritual burst to your life goals. Trust & be happy B. Love always. <3


Thanks for your reading Catherine. You were spot on in so many areas. Waiting for your predictions to come to fruition <3. I’ll keep you up to date.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Hi Mariella and thanks for your review. It’s always so nice to chat with you. Thanks for letting me know I’m receiving Spirits’ messages accurately for you. Keep your trust in Spirit as they always know the right path for us. Looking forward to hearing how Spirit has guided you in future. I’m always here for your next messages. Love and light to you lovely lady.


Dear Catherine, thank you so much for two impressive readings. You were very precise about the three issues I wanted help on. I had one of your predictions confirmed as correct three days later! The information you gave me on that one was not what I wanted to hear - but you were totally honest with me and you turned out to be spot on. An excellent reader who gets right to the point.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Victoria review:

Hi Victoria, thank you for your fab review. I’m humbled to be of help. I bless my work daily to be accurate, so thank you for telling me that I was. Enjoy your journey Victoria. Love & light from me to you lovely lady. Looking forward to our next visions.


Hi Catherine yes u were correct… the lady didn't get the job as u said, she wasn't even really in the equation. She did get her other job and is happy with it. I got a response for the second one I applied for and have to do an online quiz. Thank u… u were spot on again. A great read as usual. May the blessings be!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kiri review:

Hi Kiri, you’re so sweet… thank you for trusting me with your journey. I’m always very aware that this is your life & livelihood I’m helping you with. Trust is earned Spirit says, thanks for listening to them through me. Just like your friend it’s your time now. Good luck with your online quiz. Many blessings back gorgeous lady. Here for you when needed Kiri. Love always. x


Wish I could give more stars each time I call this lovely lady. She is so right with everything she predicts for me and my family. Thank you so, so much… you’re a lovely and warm caring lady and thank you for bringing grandma in.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Hi Karen, thanks for your kind words. I’m so grateful I’m able to share this amazing work. Wasn’t it fab connecting with grandma? All those little sayings she made me tell you… glad you knew it was grandma channelling through me. You are truly an Earth Angel with a heart of gold Karen. I’m here for a chat when you feel the need, it’s always lovely to hear from you. Love always. x


Wonderful Catherine! We spoke on 7 April 2019. What an impressive gift you have. I consider it an absolute privilege to have connected with you. Thank you for your insights on relationships and career, and for the messages from dad. Everything you said resonated with me. Thank you so very much indeed. Blessings to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Annette review:

Hi Annette, thank you for your kind words… I’m just so touched. The future looks wonderful for you! You deserve it all. Hold on to your own intuitive knowing, believe in yourself & the love that surrounds you from loved ones here on Earth & your loving Spirit family in Heaven. Annette you’re so loved because you choose to carry love with you wherever you go. Take care on your journey. I’m always here for a chat beautiful lady. x


Thank you Catherine. Always a pleasure to talk with. Genuine and kind.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to L.H. review:

Dear L.H. Thanks for your kind words… I’m so touched. Follow your feelings… I know you will be great at creating your perfect world & find true happiness. Always here for a chat and words of love and guidance from Spirit. Love always.


Catherine was amazing. My dad passed recently & Catherine was able to connect with him & provide some peace for us all.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Hi Mariella, thanks so much. What a communicator loving his red roses you chose… this is what healing is all about… keeping in touch. So humbled to be that Medium to do this for you, I loved your family connection too. Always here for a catch-up lovely lady. Dad sends his love and says ‘be happy’. Love always. xox


Sorry Catherine it's taken me a few days to put this review through BUT thank you so much for my reading on Sunday, it was absolutely wonderful and refreshing! Especially when we were talking about my trip to Hawaii and my future with my beautiful soul mate! I can't wait for my future now and I most certainly will reconnect with you on my return to tell you all about it. I appreciate you so much!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alyssa review:

Hi Alyssa and thank you so much, it was so nice reading for you. Can’t wait for your new life in Hawaii as a new beginning… you deserve it beautiful. Grab it and run with all your heart. Paradise gorgeous couple all equals LOVE. Take care. xox


Catherine is a charm… we had a family reading done, so many right answers it was unbelievable. She was also spot on about my son's car that he has had nothing but problems… so very accurate. Can't wait for another reading from Catherine. Thankyou for the lovely reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to NSW review:

Hi beautiful Family, thank you for your fab review… I’m touched. No wonder… both your dads’ were great communicators, the love and bond you all have as a family is priceless. Thanks to car Dad I know a lot about car engines now haha. He wants you to honour their lives by giving yourselves the very best of this life that you can. Car dad says yes you can do this, good luck on your journey. So amazing Family it will be so fab to talk to you all again. Much love. xox


Without hesitation I would recommend Catherine to anyone needing deep insight into their situation. I'm lucky to have found her and would definitely call her again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B.L. review:

Dear B.L. thank you so much for your kindness in your review. Always use your beautiful insight for your life plans… it’s amazing. I am also looking forward to our next reading, there is so much more out there for you to enjoy. Take a breath and enjoy your journey lovely. Much love. xox


Amazing reading with Catherine, she answered all my questions without me saying a word. She knew everything about my situation and gave me confirmation that I am on track with my life. Thanks again Catherine, will definitely call back when I need direction again. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen, thank you for the kindness of your words. Wow… take your life & run with your Dreams… it's going to be great. I'm always here for a chat Karen, however it looks like you've got this lovely lady. Reach for the stars, they are all yours. Much love. xox


Catherine is an ANGEL! Just the most beautiful reader, healer, lovely person. So, so, so accurate. So very in tune. Mesmerizing reader! Thank you Catherine - your words will always be with me. So very highly recommended!! xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Breanne review:

Dear Breanne and thank you. I’m humbled by your beautiful words. They brought tears darling girl. Thanks for trusting me & for knowing the love I have for this work with Spirit. Breanne, you came to your reading with an open heart & your own amazing intuition. You are a beautiful Earth Angel yourself. Keep listening to your own inner voice, it will guide you to the life you deserve. I’m always here for a heart warming chat. Much love. xox


What a beautiful reading I had with this lovely lady. She gave me great news and was right on target with what she told me. A positive reading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cathy review:

Hi Cathy thank you for your kind words. It was so nice reading with you. I’m so happy things are manifesting… Spirit’s guidance is so fab. Follow your heart, remain open to your Spirit guides. If I can help lovely Cathy I’m only a phone call away. Take care. xox


Catherine is amazing... I don't have words to describe how I feel. I was lost and looking for some clarity, you connected me with my grandfather who always guides me, and I feel so much better after talking to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Pooja review:

Dear Pooja, thank you for your kind words. I’m so humbled to have helped in channelling grandfather for you, he is such a loving man. Pooja your graceful nature & intuition will guide you with this loving journey. I’m always here to be of help. Take care and love always. x


Catherine, thank you for passing our questions to the spirits/guides. You have such a lovely manner and really are a calming presence. Our development is at a crossroads and we are praying for a successful outcome with guidance and support from the spirits. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Martin review:

Hi Martin, thank you for your very thoughtful words and for trusting me through Spirit for you. I do wish you Blessings of Success with your business… you have done everything so generously. Martin with such generosity I know you will be rewarded with lots of luck. Just focus & believe in Spirit's guidance. Always here if you think I can help. x


Catherine is a heavenly, warm hearted soul. She is able to pass messages from the other side with understanding and consideration for the recipient. Highly recommended.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Linaire review:

Hi Linaire and many thanks for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to pass on message from Spirit to & for you. I know you’re busy so just keep listening to your heart as great things are on the horizon. Take care dear Linaire. xox


I have rung Catherine twice, reaffirms my thoughts so hopefully on the right track. And yes, will be going to SA!!!!!!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Annette review:

Hi Annette, always lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. So happy about SA, it will be a great new beginning all round. Always here for a catch up chat. Good luck lovely Annette. xox


Catherine! Thank you so much for connecting me with my grandmother. She has never come through as strongly as she did with you! You were spot on about everything. The specific descriptions about her jewellery and about my children are unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough. If you want to connect to a loved one I highly recommend you speak to Catherine.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J. review:

Dear J, I'm so touched by your lovely words. How beautiful is Grandma? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree… you are both so alike… two beautiful girls with such big hearts. Keep up the good work with strengthening your intuition, you so have the gift. I look forward to helping any way I can. What a great future you are manifesting sweet girl. xox


Catherine I feel that I really connected with you. Amazing reading. Thankyou.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Carol review:

Carol thank you, this is so nice of you and I felt our connection. Carol you are just full of light. Follow your heart & those strong instincts, they will get even better over time. Always here for a catch up & a reading lovely lady. x


Oh my heavens! I cannot believe the detail that you just gave me Catherine! You are truly amazing! I have more than goosebumps! You clarified lots of issues but when you asked if I wanted a boat for my dam, I knew you were the best reader ever! Thank you and you will get to Paris my darling! I promise!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jenny review:

Jenny thank you so much for your touching review… you're such a spiritual lady yourself. Magic happens when you completely open the heart chakra to let Spirit show me your present & future. Have fun & relax, you so deserve it. I look forward to hearing that you have your boat for the dam. Thanks for my prediction about Paris, that was unexpected & very sweet of you. The sky's the limit… keep filling up that bucket list lovely Jenny. xox


Thankyou Catherine for all your help and guidance with my hair, health and men issues. You make things clearer for me. Highly recommend!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Dear S. How nice to get your lovely review, I was so touched. I’m always here for some guidance for you from Spirit’s lips to my ears. You’re so intuitive & strong which makes for a beautiful reading. Love the spiritual energy you bring. Much love. x


Catherine, I am very grateful for your insight and helping me to connect with my father and mother. You were accurate about both of them. THANK YOU.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Linaire review:

Hi Linaire, thank you so much for your kind review, I’m so touched. You are such a fab, switched on lady with beautiful parents. Mum & Dad were such great communicators. So nice to have met you. I’m always here for a catch up family reunion whenever you wish. Thanks for such an open heart & mind Linaire. Love & Light always. x


Just had the most amazing mind-blowing conversation with Catherine on so many aspects - of which every aspect she picked up with such AGILITY, SPEED and ACCURACY that it is truly astounding. Our call lasted a long time due to the eye-opening truth of information which came in one after the other. There isn’t a word in the English language that would give enough thanks to Catherine. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Thank you so much for your kind words and your trust in me S. Yes it was a great connection… you came to your reading with such an open heart. Being open and a clear channel to Spirit really helped gets results didn't it? No parlour tricks, just honest work with spirit, towards your personal truth. You are a beautiful intuitive lady… listen to your inner self, it will not lead you astray. I'm always here for a guidance reading for you lovely lady. Good luck on your journey. Love & Light always. xox


Thank you for that reading, put my mind at rest. God bless, light and love. Hope to get another reading soon. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Thanks so much Karen, it was so lovely chatting to you. I’m happy that it was helpful. I love my work being able to connect you & Spirit, it’s such a Blessing. Look forward to our next chat with you lovely lady. Light & Love. xox


Thank you Catherine for the reading, and connecting with my grandmother (it was her wearing her glasses on the chain - I remembered afterwards) and mother. Your reading gave me hope for the future knowing that things that we spoke about will work out positively.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Giovanna review:

Hi Giovanna, thank you for your lovely review, it was so nice to talk with you. Thanks for remembering your Grandmother… she is a lovely lady… she said you are so much like her. Follow your heart and all your dreams will come true beautiful lady. I’m here anytime you need some guidance or a family chat from Heaven. xox


Catherine you really are incredible - I loved talking to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amber review:

Hi Amber and thank you for your lovely words. I also loved our chat as you’re such a considerate, loving lady. It's so nice to pass on Spirit's messages to you. Wishing you Light and Happiness in your life. xox


I rang Catherine and was amazed with the information given. I really like a person for a year and can't get myself to tell him that, but I know that he feels the same way. Catherine told me that he will contact me in three weeks and to check my inbox as it will be there!!! She was absolutely correct. She told me things that keeps coming true.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Trish review:

Hi Trish. Thanks for your review, you are such a lovely thoughtful lady. I’m so humbled that you asked me for spirit help & their precious guidance. Thanks for your trust that my Spirit messages would come to fruition. I wish many more of them for you Trish. New beginnings are so much fun. I’m always here for a chat with Spirit. Love & Light & Fun. xox


Thank you Catherine for an unexpected reading! My initial question was quickly dealt with and the messages from Spirit, messages from my mother, grandmother and ex mother in law were lovely and very healing. It was encouraging also to hear that I need to return to using reiki, tai chi and opening up to my mediumship psychic skills, with support and direction from Spirit.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mary review:

Dear Mary, thanks for your lovely words. How kind & loving you are. I’m so humbled to share messages from your family, such lovely ladies they are. This is the next chapter of your journey. Spirit always knows when it’s the right time for your gifts to be embraced. I’m always here for a spiritual chat. Mary be kind to yourself. Breath & Believe. x


I have had a few readings with Catherine over time. She is lovely to speak to and always makes you feel better. I find her readings to be pretty accurate and look forward to having another reading with her in the future.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Marianne review:

Thank you Marianne for such lovely words. I’m humbled as you are a gifted psychic yourself, you are so loving & giving to everyone around you so please use your gifts for yourself on your journey. I look forward to our next chat. Take these moments to rest up, as life is going to shine your way. Love & Light always. x


Catherine is wonderful, I feel very blessed to be able to connect with her, many thanks Catherine and Absolute Soul Secrets! I have been consulting Catherine about so many things that happened in my family lately and she has always been very accurate, and also kind and reassuring. Many thanks!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Thank you so much Ioana for your beautiful words. I also know you are a special, caring devoted lady with your own amazing spiritual gifts. It is always a blessing to be there as your telephone line to Spirit. Regardless of what life throws at you, faith and resilience always helps you through. When I look at you Ioana, Spirit is saying like the Poem Foot Prints In the Sand… they want you to know they will always be there to carry you. Thank you beautiful lady… I'm always humbled to help in any way I can. xox


I have spoken to Catherine a couple of times, very understanding, caring and on the spot of what she can see. A lady who is very gifted… love talking to her.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Craig review:

Dear Craig, thank you for your lovely review. I'm so touched especially coming from you who is very blessed with your own gifts. This journey of your own self-discovery will be amazing for you. I love our chats as well Craig, so I'm always here for you when you need some added spiritual guidance. x


Thank you for your reading today Catherine, very kind, accurate and insightful. I decided to text him and received an immediate reply! Thank you for the messages from Margaret as well, you described her exactly as she was in life. A bit bossy, loved upmarket fashion but lovely, loved to laugh and have fun. It's nice to know she's still hanging around me! Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mary review:

Thank you Mary for such a lovely heartfelt feeling you left me with. It's without a doubt you're a beautiful lady inside & out. Woo hoo… you got an instant message return. Spirit knows all don't they? Trust in Spirit & in your own intuition to guide you. I am always here to offer Spiritual guidance when you need it lovely.


Catherine thank you, you pulled so much into my reading, which I have faith you were connected to me. You have my faith on my current path and my own connection to spirit. Bless you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alison review:

Hi Alison, it was lovely to read for you thank you for your kind words. You are a pure channel to Spirit and such an amazing lady. Good luck with your spiritual self. As you know what we cannot change makes us stronger and this is you Alison. Until next time love & healing being sent your way. xox


Hi Catherine, once again you always help me and guide me with all your wonderful help in accepting my gift. If it wasn't for you I would be still doubting my abilities. What more can I say than you are an extremely gifted lady and have been sent especially here to make people's lives so much easier after talking to you. Thank you so much and love to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Dear Michele, thank you for your lovely words. I’m so glad you are embracing your gifts. You’re such a warm lovely lady. It’s so nice you speak to mum and your family in heaven. It’s very healing and I hope you felt that. I’m always here for you my lovely to help. Many blessings. x


Thank you Catherine for your reading. It was extremely spot on and I was very surprised with what you picked up and look forward to the events to unfold. I recommend anyone giving you a call when they really need guidance. You are a very lovely lady to talk to with lots of warmth and compassion.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R. review:

Hi R. and thank you for your humbling words, you are such a beautiful lady. Spirit is with you on this journey to grant your wishes. How could they not with such a warm heart of gold as yours! Thank you and love always. x


She’s the light on a dark day.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to San review:

Hi San. Thank you for your lovely words. I’m always here so let’s work on making life even more super for a super women. I can’t wait for the next chapter in your journey… it’s going to be amazing every step of the way. Love always. x


I had a wonderful mediumship reading with Catherine. She was very detailed and exact about certain situations in my life. Lovely and very warm and approachable lady to speak to.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Meri review:

Hi Meri and thank you for your lovely review. Mediumship readings flow on your beautiful energy. Meri, you made this effortless to channel your beautiful dad so thank you. I wish you luck & happiness for your dreams to all come true. Just take a breath & Believe in your Miracles. Love & Light always. x


Hi Catherine, once again you always come through with all the right information and help and comfort and support & accuracy. You are truly gifted and I am so lucky to be able to communicate with you, you being so talented, caring, and warm person that you are. I appreciate it. You are one of the most caring humans I haven't seen since my beautiful mum parted this world. Thank you. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Lovely Michele thank you so much for your warm and sweet review. You are so loving and gifted with such a big heart, definitely your mother’s beautiful daughter. What a fabulous spiritual journey you’re on and thanks for asking me to be there in any way that I can. Let your beautiful gift’s shine so spirit can light your way. xo


Many thanks for the lovely chat. I am now reassured everything will go ahead, slowly, but still forward. Appreciate the kind words… Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hi Lynda, thanks for your lovely words. I loved our chat. How great you are ready to embrace your new life. Woo Hoo! If I helped then that is fab, however I know Spirit would so keep whispering in your ear & heart. Enjoy your new beginnings lovely… you are already nearly there. Until next time and take good care.


Catherine is always spot on and delivers a lot of information in a very caring way. You will know she is the real deal instantly. Thank you Catherine for sharing your gift and for supporting me through a drawn out situation.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M.K. review:

You’re very welcome M.K. and thanks for your lovely words. Life is a journey and spirit knows you are finding your way through… you have all the tools you need within. Thanks for letting me help and for coming to your reading with such a lovely open heart & soul. I’m always here to help. Take care. x


A lovely person to talk to - gentle manner- keen to help and willing to look at all options. Many thanks and much appreciated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Meryl review:

Hi Meryl. Thank you for your lovely words and I’m so glad to have met you. Your spiritual energy works both ways and you were ready for spirits guidance. I am always humbled to help. Listen to your own beautiful intuition lovely lady and good luck on your journey. xx


Thank you for an incredible reading yesterday. Your words are so timely.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S.B. review:

Aww thanks gorgeous S.B. I’m always here to help whenever a little bit of a spiritual helping hand is needed. You came to your reading with an open heart and soul which flows so beautifully through you to us. So thank you so much. I look forward to the next time we have our chat. Remember to listen to your heart.


I would just once again like to say thank you dear Catherine. Always makes me feel confident with everything and a wise gifted beautiful person. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart with all your correct information you tell me about me and my family, so talented. Love talking to you and look forward to our next chat. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Michele thank you for your gift of words, very heart felt. The energy you bring when we chat is amazing… lots of orbs of spiritual light. It's always nice spending time connecting you with your mum and family. Your spiritual journey is on fire Michele… trust in the spiritualist you. Once you find your feet, look out all as gorgeous Michele has her wings. Looking forward to our next chats.


Catherine is a lovely person and a truly talented reader. I always enjoy talking with her.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sann review:

Hi Sann and thanks for your lovely words. I love our chats! We do have a few giggles before we get to Spirit & I love you get my humour. Sann you are gorgeous, witty, intellectual & strong. I love that you know what you want. Thanks for allowing Spirit and myself to help. Looking forward to our next chats.


Loved speaking with Catherine today. She was able to connect with my passed over family. Catherine was able to pinpoint issues, which helped with my situation. Catherine's gentle nature helps you make your decisions from a clearer perspective. I got so many goosebumps with the information that was coming through. Catherine is very gifted. I'm looking forward to my next reading!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie review:

Hi Julie. Thanks for your kind words and your lovely open energy you brought to your reading. It was so lovely to have met you. I feel humbled to be the link to your fab family. They are so proud that you handle life with such grace. Follow your heart & intuition gorgeous girl. I can't wait for our next chat. Hope both your beautiful Grandma's brings their yummy recipes along to share. Sending healing & energy to you when needed. xx


Hi I have spoken to Catherine a few times now and am really grateful and thankful for such a kind lady and very patient and helpful towards me. I have been worrying about an issue at the moment and after speaking to her, I have come away so much more light hearted. Certainly one very gifted and accurate psychic and wonderful human being. Thank you Catherine from the bottom of my heart.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Hi Michele. I am so humbled that I can send my thanks for your beautiful words. I look at you and see beautiful light that you selflessly use for your family. I always love helping you on your journey. Lovely gifted Michelle, always trust in yourself and carry your words with you on Angel wings.


I have been talking to Catherine over the last couple of years, and she has been spot on every time, and has confirmed connection with my loved ones that have passed. She was so good that she told me about my Grandmother's broach that I knew nothing about and where it would be. She has always given good accurate guidance and is someone I will always call for future guidance. A true gem.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jac review:

Hi Jac and thanks for such lovely words. It's been so great watching you achieve your goals. You had a vision and now making it a reality. Thanks for trusting me to help light your way. Nanna is adorable up there like the Queen sipping a cuppa while we all chat. I'm just so happy that you & you're family are on your way. With your own beautiful intuition you will all go from strength to strength. Always love hearing from you hand on heart and so great to see your success. xx


You want to know how accurate the reader is and how often. You want the real deal, not a pretender. Catherine has read for me regularly over the past 3 years & is VERY accurate. She has given messages & predicted events without the topic even being brought up. She predicted jobs, family matters, thoughts & feelings of others connected to us for the good. I trust her!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R. review:

Dear R. I’m so touched by your words. You openly challenge me when we read & I love this has given you trust in me. I know I’m reading for a very lovely & intuitive lady with an equally fab intuitive family at home. So thank you for keeping me on my toes. With the spirit of your dad he will take each step with you. My wish for you is nothing less than greatness on this path to what will be a successful journey. x


I have had a few readings with Catherine which have been very accurate about what is occurring in my life, my father in spirit has come through which is very heartfelt and special to me. She is a very compassionate, lovely warm lady which I feel a connection with. Give her a try, she is worth it.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Teresa review:

Thank you for this lovely review Teresa. I’m so humbled by your kind words. It’s so nice to read for you and pass on Dad’s wishes. He loves that your own beautiful gifts heal the ones you both love. I love that you have found a renewed sense of freedom. I know it’s baby steps. You are so deserving of the beautiful life that lies ahead. Much love. x


Catherine you are genuinely gifted. I cannot thank you enough for all the information you passed on, for your encouragement and connecting me with my beloved father in law. Your past predictions have always come true and I look forward to your predictions for my future manifesting. Thank you Catherine.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rosetta review:

Aww thank you Rosetta for your lovely words. I’m so touched. Just listen to your heart and you will make your dreams for you and family continue to come true. Don’t forget some R&R for yourself bella. xox


Catherine is one of the two most accurate readers on your site. She was pretty spot on with what she picked up about me and what’s currently going on around me.


She is a great psychic. Recommend her.


Very good to hear from my passed over friend. Thank you for that. ♥


Hi Catherine. I asked for help to find my keys. You were right they were in a dark place and you told me they weren’t in my car, but then said they were and asked if perhaps they had fallen down... I responded no I had checked. Anyway a day or 2 later I was thinking about them and my car and realised I did not check where the spare tyre was. I checked the spare tyre compartment and there they were, along with a few other items I "thought" I had lost. I remember now how they came to be there. I was getting a stroller out of the back of the car, I couldn’t grip it properly because my hands were full, so put the keys down and that’s when they must of slipped down... Thank you Catherine you were very accurate.


Thank you so much Catherine for your genuine caring essence. You were so helpful and understanding of my situation. Your guidance and support meant and still means so much to me. I felt so at ease with you. You are such a warm loving soul. Thank you.


Lovely, lovely Catherine!!! Precious to say the least... hit the nail on the head immediately. Very caring and genuine. I shall return. Blessings to you too. xo


I've had readings with Catherine fairly regularly this year, she was the only one who predicted things as they then actually really happened. It was a very difficult situation and her advice was brilliant. I can't thank her enough! Her connection to spirit is clear and her messages make a lot of sense. She is now my go-to psychic because I know she can really help me. Thanks and blessings.


Catherine is the real deal, but more than that you can feel her empathy come through. A gorgeous warm soul who just wants to help. She is now my No 1 go to adviser. She doesn't tell you, she guides and helps you through with much, much love. Blessed to have found her. A new friend. xxx


Connected. Honest. Caring. Forthright yet gentle. Genuine. A true messenger of spirit. Just a few words to describe the immediate impression I got from speaking with Catherine. This lady is the real deal. I called seeking some clarity on one issue. I got so much more than that. Catherine is clearly so tuned in that I thought I'd ask about another issue and another and another. Sweet divine Catherine (and of course spirit!) patiently walked me through each concern I had. So much clarity and good advice. Thank you!! And what a lovely joyful lady!! Bless, bless, bless.


I rang Catherine in a very anxious state regarding a relationship issue that has been stressing me for several months. I had a reading with Catherine this afternoon. Any information about my relationship that I could verify was amazingly accurate. The entire reading rang true to me. She did not give me the blissfully happy ending with this man that I would have liked to hear but I believe that everything she told me was 100% accurate. There was a lot of detail too which I appreciated and really needed. Her answers were clear and precise and always to the point. The entire reading was generous and kind- hearted and supportive. Thank you Catherine. I am very grateful to you.


Catherine has been a wonderful spiritual support to both myself and family over a long period. She has made accurate predictions before situations even arose that seemed from the outset unlikely or unrelated to topics, only to find at a later stage she was giving me forewarning and her predictions were trustworthy. She has given very detailed information about specific situations and how they would unfold. She has been spot on and I have been blown away many times, she has foreshadowed events unfolding before they occurred. Great honest reader time and time again.


It was a valuable experience speaking to Catherine. Very psychic and a medium also, so a great reading. I was very grateful to receive her accurate insights in answer to my questions and I will certainly call her again. Many thanks. 6 stars ******!


I absolutely enjoyed Catherine's reading. Also being a psychic reader myself, I genuinely want to share how accurate Catherine is. Her energy is divine. I highly recommend having a reading with this truly gifted soul. Blessings and much love.


Catherine is amazing. A very gifted soul. She has given me clear guidance and understanding of my situation, and was 100% accurate. Very impressed by the detail she gave, a genuine caring person.


Catherine you are an amazing lady!...Your kindness and love shines through and into your readings.... I am still humbled by my reading with you. You are truly gifted and you know just what a person needs to know. I will be back if I ever need your guidance again. Thank you. x


Catherine, you are a shining star! Thank you for giving me something to hold onto - Catherine's accuracy is very reassuring. She is pleasant, kind and considerate with a warm-hearted sense of humour. I am very grateful for her generous readings. Thanks very much Catherine.


Great reading with Catherine. Gave me confirmation that she was genuine. She also predicted things so looking forward to the outcome. She gave me direction when I truly needed it. Thank you!


What an amazing reading! Catherine surprised me with bringing in messages from my parents and friends who passed away, she knew details only I and the respective people knew. Very impressive!

I.P. Adelaide