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Psychic Email Readings


(6.0)  from 34 reviews
Psychic Merry from Absolute Soul Secrets
Country: AU
Starsign: Leo
ID Code: 2077


Hello, I am Merry, and I am a professional Psychic Medium. I work with the light to provide accurate insight and spiritual counselling. It has been several years since I was last reading at Absolute Soul Secrets. But I am delighted to be here again – I feel like I have returned home.

I was born “knowing”, meaning, I can read energy and minds. I found differentiating between the light and the contrast of reality in the physical world impossible to separate. As a child, I spoke with and spent time with many souls on the other side.

But when I started school at age 5, the light seemed to fade, and the contrast physical world became very clear. Thankfully, when I was 15,  a visitor came to me from the light. As a result my psychic gifts expanded, and my ability to tune into spirit became robust again.

Today I have highly developed psychic abilities. I can tune into your vibrational frequency with the assistance of the light, your helpers, guides, and angels. With their help, I can also source information from the past, present, and future.

During your reading, I can access the mind, body, and soul and assist you in recognising what you have created. From here I can show you how to change your vibration to draw in the experiences, things, and people you wish to. I aim to provide you the answers you need using my skills such as:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Oracle-Style Readings
  • Tarot
  • No Tools

I have owned and operated my own psychic business and have read for other phone psychic networks here in Australia for over 20 years. And I have also worked in many arenas including Real Estate, Retail, Media and Marketing, and Healthcare. More recently, I managed Recruitment and Human Resources for an Australia-wide Virtual COVID Clinic.

I feel blessed to have worked in many other areas. My life experiences have enabled me to connect with so many people’s energy, helping them recognise their patterns, thoughts, and blocks. And from here, I can help remove them so they can experience the life they want.

If you would like a reading with me, please use my ID No. 2077.

Merry’s other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice | Human Resource Management | Working background in many areas including Healthcare, Marketing/Media | Former owner of Psychic Reading business


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Reviews for Psychic Reader Merry

Merry is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 34 Rated Reviews.

Thank you Merry for helping me yesterday. Well, it only took 9 hours to receive the message I was hoping for, that you predicted would come. You were amazing and it was so lovely to talk to someone like you, just when I needed it. Thank you also for your insight into my "issues". I would recommend Merry to anyone who wants an accurate reading straight from the source, 100% every time! XX

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Barb review:

Dear Barb. It was my pleasure. Thank you for the lovely review. Remember to keep the focus on you. Much Love. :)


Very humble reader. You predicted that the Mr would pop over in a few hours and he did, after doing a few truck loads today. Thanks for the lovely uplifting reading Merry. You nailed it 10/10. Will keep you updated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ronald review:

Dear Ronald. I should be thanking you. You always inspire and uplift me, challenging me to be a better human being. Glad you caught up, can't wait to hear more. Much love. xx


If you want a straight up, clear, no nonsense reading, then Merry is your lady. She is very honest with what she sees, and her delivery is upfront. Highly recommend as there aren't many like her around. Definitely has an authentic gift. Many thanks.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to PM review:

Dear PM. Thanks for the lovely review. Always lovely to talk to you. x


Another great reading with Merry. No fluff, just straight honest and accurate insights.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S review:

Thanks so much for your kind words S. It was a wonderful reading for you in 2023 and hearing of all your amazing achievements and adventures. I know 2024 is going to be even better! Always a pleasure to connect.


Another great read with Merry just now. She is able to tune in and provide some guidance and also some life advice and doesn’t sugar cost anything which I like. Thanks, Merry, looking forward to these two new energies to cross my path. Thanks for listening. Highly recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Dear AB, thank you. Your review means a lot to me. I am grateful, exciting times are ahead for you. :)


Just had a reading with Merry and was quick to pick up on my situation. Very calming person to talk too and hopeful her predictions come to pass. Looking forward to this new man and hopefully you are right about me not being into the old one anymore. Thanks, Merry. Will call again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Dear AB, Thank you so much. I'm excited for you about what's to come. Just stay focussed on you and your needs. :)


I have spoken to Merry a few times now and I find her to be quite accurate and very quick to pick up on things. I have tried other readers, but she has been the most easiest to talk to and has been effective in clearing my negative feelings about something that has been concerning me. 2 big thumbs up.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Melina review:

Hi Melina. Thank you for your kind words. It's always such a pleasure to connect as you are such a bright soul. :)


Excellent picked up on my situation immediately! Thank you Merry for your insight you’re the real deal!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Grace review:

Thanks for your review, Grace. It was lovely to connect with you. Enjoy all the exciting things coming your way. :)


Thanks very much Merry, it was good to talk to you and hear your insights which were really accurate.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amanda review:

Dear Amanda, thank you for you lovely review. It was great to talk to you. :)


Spoke to Merry for the 1st time yesterday, thank you Merry for easing my mind on the loan which I look forward to getting soon to save our home. Thank you for clarification on those creepy notes, will call you back to let you know if it was the girl in question. You are amazing, thanks again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tanya review:

Dear Tanya, thanks for the great review. I look forward to everything working out for you. Enjoy!


I found Merry to be very accurate, very insightful, very friendly and easy to talk to. Loved the valuable information she gave me, loved the useful guidance I received, loved the supportive communication style, loved everything, loved it! :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tina review:

Thanks Tina. It was a pleasure reading for you. I'm excited about everything you have worked for, coming to fruition. :)


Just had a reading with Merry. What a delightful time! Merry was insightful, accurate, wise and very kind. I totally recommend a reading with Merry. Go for it!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Thank you so much Michele. It was a pleasure reading for you. Stay focused on yourself. :)


I had a lovely reading with Merry - very non-judgmental and down to earth - I appreciate that. Picked up on my POI accurately and gave honest helpful advice. Certainly won't be the last reading with Merry. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sonya review:

Thanks Sonya, I really enjoyed your reading and also look forward to hearing how life unfolds. :)


I have spoken to Merry 3 times since she started at ABSS and she has always been very lovely and accurate. She has already been a beautiful support for me, and I am looking forward to things unfolding the way she has seen them. Thank you for your insights and energy so far, you are very connected to spirit and see things with great clarity. Until next time xo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Vassia review:

Dear Vassia. It has been inspiring and wonderful to read for you and get to know you. I'm looking forward to hearing how this year develops for you. :)


So when I read Merry doesn’t use tools or cards I thought, well how good can she be? Her clairvoyance skills are amazing!! Merry you are so good. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S review:

Thankyou S! I really appreciate your feedback. It was lovely reading for you. What you recognize in others, you have within yourself. Blessings. :)


Have had a few readings with Merry. She is spot on always and some of her predictions have already taken place. Thank you so much Merry for such an amazing positive reading, it has reassured me and restored hope and faith.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. I am grateful that I could help Spirit find you peace and hope. xx :)


Dear Merry, thank you so much for talking to me today. You gave me so much inspiration letting me know I was on the right path. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. You are so the ‘real deal’ and your psychic abilities are amazing! I am so blessed to have found you. Blessings to you. Love. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cheryl review:

Thank you for the great review Cheryl. It has been lovely talking to you and I feel like this next year is significant and super positive for you. :)


I have spoken to Merry in the past week, and wow!, such an awesome psychic. Merry told me things about my current situation that I didn't know, but which now make perfect sense. Her insights also validated the actions I've taken in the last couple of weeks. Merry tells it like it is, and instills real confidence in her psychic abilities. Give this lovely lady a try, you won't be disappointed!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Janine review:

Thanks Janine. Such lovely feedback. It was great talking to you. :)


WOW amazing!! Merry your level of detail, insight and guidance was truly amazing, thank you we’ll definitely talk again. I highly recommend Merry. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Grace review:

Thank you so much Grace. It was so nice to spend time talking and looking ahead for you. I really enjoyed our time together. :)


Had a reading with this wonderful lady yesterday. Wow what an angel you are, fast, accurate and so in tune with the people around me. Can’t thank you enough Merry for your kindness and amazing ability. I will definitely speak to you again. I wish I could give you 10 stars. I would highly recommend you to all, you are truly gifted. Speak to you soon. Sending you lots of love and light xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Leanne review:

Thanks Leanne. It was great to connect with you and I really enjoyed our reading. :)




Merry is absolutely incredible and kind, yet stern!! Which I needed. Just wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx


Merry you always bring me into balance .You see clearly and for that I am grateful .As you know I can let others have way too much control over my life and you remind me that this is my life. With your guidance I am confident all will work out in the future. Thanks for your honesty and messages you relay for me from source. Blessings to you. x


Hi Merry. Thank you for clarifying the situation for me. You are gentle but straight to the point, and very accurate. Yes the 'forking off' process works. Many blessings to you.


I absolutely love Merry! One of the kindest, funniest and most accurate psychics. She picked up on my situation involving someone specific and gave me very accurate predictions that have come true. I call her now to speak to as a friend and someone to gain genuine advice from. Thank you Merry.


I just had another reading with Merry. She is so amazing. She just lifts you up and is always so accurate with everything she sees. I send you love and light and wish you all the best . You are GREAT. xx


Merry was the very 1st person that I spoke to on this site, and my god, right from the 1st words she spoke, she was on the track with my life and situation. I had many reading with her over a 6 months period and she always leaves me feeling happier and calmer .... and very accurate.


I have had a number of readings with Merry and she is very insightful and easy to talk to. She is able to focus on the issues and help me with the best way to handle them. I thank her for her advice and generosity. Merry is the real deal!


Merry, you were so honest, so warm. You’re a beautiful lady who listened and helped me through some very dark and confusing times. I don't know why my phone dropped out during our last reading, but I wanted you to know that I really appreciate you being there and listening. I would recommend you in a heartbeat.


Thank you so much for a lovely reading, I felt so good after talking with you. You were up front and you pick me to a T - it was like you had known me for years. Again thank you so so much. My words can't tell you how much that reading meant to me. xx


Merry is wonderful, clear and straight to the point. I feel like I'm talking to a friend. Always respectful and caring. I highly recommend Merry for a reading.


Hi there I just had a reading with Merry. Over the years I have had readings from different people and have had readings with Merry prior. She is one of the most honest, direct, and truly gifted spiritual beings that I have encountered in my life. The information she has given confirms what I have been told very recently and I feel I can use the information to empower myself and claim my life. Thank you Merry very much. May you continue shining your beacon of life and hope.

Angela NZ

Merry what can I say. You were spot on. Extremely accurate about specific details of my past & present. Thank you so much!


Merry is truly wonderful. Intuitive, astute & very much "knowing" as her profile says. Gave me great insight into a troubling situation....and also gave me hope. If you are looking for a down-to-earth, friendly and accurate reader, I highly recommend Merry. Thank you lovely lady.


Amazing Merry! Truly amazing insight that left me just gobsmacked. I highly recommend you give her a call.

Merry is really good. She gave me a very indepth reading regarding my ex who I struggled to walk away from but finally did. Merry really is able to tune into the person’s energy and psyche. She was spot on about my ex’s personality. She is giving good news and hopes about the new man who is going to enter my life, and I hope it is true with happy times to come. Blessings to you. xx
Dear Merry. Thank you for your beautifully touching reading that was full of great practical advice which floored me! Thank you so much from my daughter and me.
Christine and Me
I don't usually provide feedback but Merry was accurate. She picked up things about me that were quite specific. Merry is a genuine, non-judgemental reader.
Totally blown away by her accuracy! She knew stuff no one else could know.
I have just had a reading and found you to be spot on with it all. You have given me hope that things are going to get better. Thank you.
Wow! Merry you are truly OUTSTANDING! Absolutely AMAZING! Without a doubt, in a league of your own! I have had a couple of readings with you now and I have to say, not only are you consistent, which is something I always look for, you have blown me away each time with your spot on accuracy of the situation in question. You are so unbelievably in tune with spirit, you give me goosebumps!! There are no words that could possibly best express just how highly I would recommend you. Thank you so, so much Merry. xx
Merry you are fantastic. You are so accurate with your reading and you are quite gifted. I really appreciated your help. Great reader! Thanks.
I just want to say a big thank you to Merry for my reading. Merry was able to give me spot on clarity to what I was feeling and sensing about a situation, thus allowing me to feel empowered about what was happening. I really enjoyed talking to Merry and would not hesitate to call her again.
Merry went straight to the point after introducing herself. Accurate. Gentle. Gave future insight of the issue. I was very pleased with her unique style. If you haven't had a reading by Merry as yet, please do!
Rose Smith
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