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Hi my name is Sophia and I work most nights. I have been psychic since birth. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and a medium and I specialise in the art of tarot and numerology. I find that the combination provides a unique perspective on potential solutions to the questions and challenges that we are faced with.

From love, relationships, family, money, careers, have your questions answered with accuracy, truth, compassion, in a non-judgmental manner. Loving and powerful angels and spirit guides surround you, who want only the best for you, to assist you in all areas of our life.

I’d like to share some of my history with you. I have been connecting to my spirit guides and angels for all of my life. Knowing, feeling, hearing, dreaming. I do believe that we are all psychic, but in my case after I died at the age of two and came back, I became even more sensitive than most. I guess it was a little “gift” for dying and having to come back. Although I was so young at the time, I still have such a clear sense of the beauty and peace that awaits us on the other side.

Born in America, my heritage is Italian. The land of sweet wine and lush Tuscan countrysides, delicious food, and Romeo and Juliet. My gift has been passed down through the generations. My maternal grandmother Carmella, always spoke of “the gypsy” way back in my family tree. How I wish I knew more about her. Boy, I bet she was a great reader!

When I’m not working with clients, my husband, three children, two dogs, family and friends fill my days. There is always something going on!

Throughout the years, I have given readings worldwide. All of my clients are so very important to me. Every reading that I give, be it a quick question, or at a crossroad of your life’s situation is handled with professionalism and the respect that it deserves. I understand how important it is to you. I want nothing more than to be of service and to guide you towards inner peace and emotional wellbeing.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 04883.

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Country: US
Starsign: Taurus
ID Code: 04883


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Reviews for Sophia

Sophia is rated 5.9/6 from a total of 53 Rated Reviews.

Thanks so much Sophia, it was a wonderful very informative reading. It’s the second time I have spoken to you and you have yet again helped me and guided me in almost every area. I highly recommend you to anyone… you have a beautiful warmth and caring persona. Hugs and thanks.


Amazingly accurate. Everything she has told me has either been or has happened. Sophia is a beautiful soul who delivers her readings without asking questions and with complete compassion. She has helped guide me through a truly emotional period in my life.

F. and M.

Amazing.... connecting with my loved ones was incredible.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michelle review:

Dearest Michelle. Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I remember that you called for a psychic reading, however it was your family… especially your mom, who did an awesome job letting you know that they are supporting you through this time of change. All the best. :)


I always enjoy talking to Sophia. Her insights and understanding are invaluable and full of validation. She is wonderful spiritually, and as a person. So much in common.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Janine review:

Dear Janine, thank you so much for your feedback on your past readings. If there is one thing that I have learned from my many years of readings, it is that we are all connected. There are many ways that we are different, but there are MANY MORE ways that we are all the same. Blessings to you.


Just had the most beautiful and accurate reading. Sophia was able to describe my work, family and what’s being happening around me. Sophia was receiving messages from dad and Sophia mentioned that dad wanted to say about an issue with a birthday cake and she was spot on. My birthday was a few months ago and my dog snuck in and ate my birthday cupcakes. I’m looking forward to 2019. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Claire review:

Dearest Claire, a great big thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Your cheeky dad kept on telling me to mention to you, “Ask my daughter what was the funny story around your birthday.” Let me tell you this is one I will not soon forget!! I’m glad that your pup left one birthday cupcake for you! It is the little things that I believe mean the most as validation that our loved ones are around us in spirit, watching over us. Wishing you the very best this coming year and always. oxox


I loved the reading with Sophia… she was amazing in all areas that we discussed. I appreciate her wonderful insight and intuition and I was very happy with her overall reading. She connected to my beautiful mum who has passed over, and it was very comforting and made my heart happy. I would highly recommend Sophia. Thanks so much. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tan review:

Dear Tan, there are fewer things that can make me happier than a client leaving a reading with peace and clarity. It was my pleasure to connect with you on a psychic level, but it was an honor to have channeled your mom. What a beautiful, loving spirit she is. Sending her love to you and your family. As well as pride as to how you have stepped into her shoes in certain ways. Blessings.


Sophia has read for me every few months for years now! I’m talking four to five years. She has picked up on stuff that has blown me away. To the point where I had a new lover and I was wanting to raise a few things but before I could even mention them, Sophia, out of nowhere, tells me she was overwhelmed by the smell of alcohol - the lover of mine was in fact an alcoholic. She is spot on a lot!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Dearest B, thank you for your words of validation. Yes, you and I go way back with many readings. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me, that in my own way, I can be of help on your journey. Through the years you have, and will continue to excel at this beautiful adventure of life! Never lose your light B, even when others would like to dull it! Shine like the star that I know you are. x


I have had many readings with Sophia, she nails it and is very accurate in her predictions. I trust her predictions and insight as she has produced names and descriptions that only someone very connected can when they are the real deal. Thanks Sophia.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R. review:

Dear R. There are times in our lives that the universe pushes us forward for our betterment, even though at the beginning it may not feel that way. I’m honored to be of assistance, to pass on information that your guides wanted you to have on your journey. I wish you much continued success in all your endeavors.


Wow an amazing reading. So accurate and bringing in my childhood cat Midnight as well as my fur baby Aggie. Sophia was wonderful, she also brought through my Nan and my brother. I would recommend her in a heartbeat with her accuracy. I will definitely be contacting her again. She also told me about the move I am taking and about things in my life no one else would know. Thank you Sophia. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jackie review:

Dear Jackie, I have to say I love your review of my reading. People ask me all the time if there are animals in heaven... and my answer is a resounding YES!!!! I channel them all the time! How would I know the color of their favorite toy, or their fondest memories? Yes, animals are no longer color blind in heaven. Like your fur babies, they want to send messages of love to us. And why not? They are pure love!!! Blessings upon blessings to you for the work that you do with our four legged friends. x


Dear Sophia, I’m truly grateful to have been able to talk with you again. I’m happy to be able to share with others that your accuracy is amazing! Thank you for giving me the reassurance to stay the course when I thought all hope was lost, (I thought it impossible at the time), I’m happy to say that you were spot on! Thank you for your wonderful honesty and ability to share comforting validations.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jo review:

Dearest Jo. Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to write this testimonial. Secondly, validating that my predictions came true! Jo you are such a strong lady. Although there were obstacles in your way, you plotted right through them and came out the other side. Victorious on many levels. I’m honored to have given you a little support along the way. You truly deserve all the blessings that have been given to you. x


Thank you so much Sophia for validations from my father who has passed on recently. Nobody knew about my father’s cologne and why I was collecting the samples in memory of him. I was so blown away that you saw that in my reading, I was just doing that last week... thank you, you’re truly amazing. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anouska review:

Dearest Anouska, your parents never cease to amaze me! They always find a way to send through new validations! During our last reading I kept smelling MY grandpa aftershave. I was like, “where is this coming from?” Finally, when I told you, you made the connection. You knew what your dad was trying to say. It was you Father’s way of letting you know that he sees the little things that you do to feel close to him… that both of your parents watch over you. You’re a strong, loving, intelligent woman. You have accomplished so much... and will more. Much love.


I found Sophia to be a very insightful, encouraging and insightful reader. Naturally gifted, she read for me with astonishing accuracy.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Hope review:

Dear Hope. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feelings after our talk, it is greatly appreciated. To have left you in a positive, clearer, powerful place is my greatest wish. All the very best... in all your future endeavours.


Thank you Sophia, you were accurate with my first reading and also channelled loved ones. Again tonight you validated their presence and gave me faith they are around me. I thank you for the guidance you gave me tonight. Bless you for your gift.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ali review:

Dearest Ali. It doesn’t surprise me at all that with each of your readings, your family surrounded you. Our loved ones are always connected with us, but especially so when we are going through a time of challenge. This will pass - stay strong! Please hold on to your faith and the comfort that it gives. Blessings to you.


Sophia is accurate and amazing! Thank you so much for your wisdom, I just gained so much clarity from our call. And thank you for channelling such an important message through from a passed over loved one for me - totally unexpected! Just happened Wow! I feel so much lighter and more at peace. Such a kind soul, thank you so very much. xox

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kaz review:

Dear Kaz. It makes my heart so happy that I was able to pass on the information. Our guides and loved ones only want the best for us. The message that came through for you was such a powerful validation that he‘s aware of certain situations… spiritual justice! It was a pleasure, and I wish you only positivity in your life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Sophia is a rare reader - she says only what comes through her guides and regularly validates the connection during the reading. That she was able to pick up on unique & personal details reassured me she was tuning in well. She is direct yet gentle, positive yet not fanciful, focussed and careful in her choice of words. Thanks to her insights, my confidence and faith in my future is renewed.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Yvonne review:

Dear Yvonne. Thank you for writing this review. When loved ones want to step forward during a reading, I always ask them for specific information as validation. Your family did an amazing job. They know exactly what we need to hear! So much love is surrounding you, never forget that. Remember that you are in a powerful time, make the most of it. I wish you every blessing.


Sophia you are unbelievable!! It was a pleasure having had a reading from you. You are so gentle and a beautiful soul. You were so accurate with your reading for me and made me laugh when my grandmother and other loved ones came thru. Thank you so much. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tizi review:

Dear Tizi. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your experience. I have to say that your loved ones who have crossed over, certainly did come through with funny validations. Their energy is full of love. It was a pleasure channelling for you. Tizi, you have a beautiful compassionate soul, and that is a blessing. I wish you every joy and success moving forward. With love.


Oh my God... Sophia! You are amazing and a beautiful non-judgemental kind hearted woman. It was a pleasure speaking with you, you literally blew me away without me giving you nothing. I feel so grateful that I have found you and spoke to you. Yes, I was a bit upset about some certain things but at least I got a closure! Beautiful woman. xox

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Herra review:

Dearest Herra, it was such a pleasure to read for you. As soon as I opened to your energy your guides jumped forward with information that they wanted you to have… validating that your decision was correct! The universe has a better place for you!! I wish you all the very best going forward… you deserve nothing less.


Dear Sophia. Thank you for your reading tonight. We got cut off again before I could thank you. As always I enjoyed the reading. The reconnection with my lady was wonderful, the insight in regards of moving a relief and everything else very interesting. Again thank you so much, always a pleasure to talk to you. Warm regards.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nicole review:

Beautiful Nicole! I am humbled to have given you readings in the past. I always tell you what a kind, compassionate energy you are. Your reading last night was the absolute validation of that. The fact that your friend, who had passed 2 weeks ago, connected with a huge “thank you” was amazing. Never underestimate how important you were to her, or what a special lady you are! I wish you an abundance of blessings.


Dearest Sophia, you exude such warmth & a deep degree of integrity and love. Your reading is so accurate, full of insight & wisdom. Thank you so much. I highly recommend anyone to have a reading with you. Love the piano playing that you heard at the start of my reading, very amusing. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R. review:

Dearest sweet R. Although I’ve had the pleasure of reading for you many times your guides never cease to amaze me. The fact that I heard a piano before you barely spoke a word was unbelievable!! It was the power with which your guide was coming through with information regarding your query . I’ll not soon forget that! You are truly a beautiful, loving, amazing woman. I wish you all the very best that this world has to offer on your journey. With much love to you.


My reading with Sophia was unreal! I did not prompt at all and the information Sophia was able to give me blew my mind. Everything totally related to my current situation and my best friend came through strong and clear. It was very heart warming and I cannot thank her enough.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amelia review:

Dearest Amelia. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am humbly grateful. Yes, even though you called concerning a present situation your friend was very insistent LOL!!. He wanted to send his love to you and wants you to live an abundantly happy life. You are a special lady. Thank you for the privilege of connecting you to him and being of assistance. Blessings :)


Absolutely amazing reading. Picked up on many things I needed to hear and connected with my grandfather and great grandfather. Accurate in connecting with the situations around me. Thank you so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Pumpkin review:

Dearest Pumpkin. I just loved the validations that your Grandpa passed on to me to give to you. He so clearly wanted you to know that, even though he had passed a while ago, his spirit still watches over you. His love for you remains... All the best moving forward.


Sophia was amazing! She just knew and connected with me on a level that I wasn’t aware of before. It was my only experience, and I will not be asking for anything more as she covered all the bases. She was spot on in everything and just blew my mind. Awesome service and chat as well.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Praneel review:

Dear Praneel. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience of your session with me. To know that you received answers to all that was concerning you means everything to me, it is why I do what I do, to be of service to others. Trust that the universe has placed you exactly where you are meant to be. You will see. Shine!


Thanks for my reading yesterday. You are very kind. Will call back soon to finish the reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Chantal review:

Dearest Chantal. You are very welcome, it is my pleasure. I look forward to talking to you again.


Dear Sophia thank you so much for my reading this evening... you truly have a gift and were so accurate. The moment you started talking to me I liked you. I will definitely be speaking to you again. Kind regards.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Crystal review:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience about your reading Crystal. I just pass on the information that your guides and loved ones want you to have. A little help from above never hurts!


Huge love n thank you! I never thought of calling but when I saw your picture I felt connected instantly! You are honest n accurate! Thank you for telling me exactly what I need to know. All the while I thought he never valued our friendship but you managed to confirm our connection via The Beatles which I thought I'd made a mistake by writing him a letter before he leave. Love and blessings! xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Emily review:

I felt the connection as well! You have a lovely spiritual aura which made it so easy for me to read you Emily. Sometimes messages are right in front of us, but for many reasons we don’t see them. So glad to bring the clarity that your guides wanted you to have.


Always superbly tuned in, sensitive, insightful, incredibly helpful and uplifting. Beautiful Sophia. Thank you. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to G. review:

Dearest G. Bless you for sharing your experiences from our past readings. You have found your passion, your gift. Stay steadfast in your resolve to work with children. They are the future and you have so much to offer them. This I know to be true! With love to you.


This reading was honest and positive and I'm uplifted by Sophia's beautiful warm energy. My beloved Dad came forward and my Daughter was also there and validated her presence with a cheeky reminder about the Willie Wagtail (a small black and white Aussie bird) she sends to our garden often, no matter where we live. And my husband, and I knew very well where it came from:) Thank you Sophia. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Leanne review:

Dear Leanne. As soon as I connected with your energy I could feel your dad stepping forward to pass along messages. I recall a constant picture being shown to me of white feathers. I interpret this to mean angelic wings, but you knew what your beloved daughter was saying! She was confirming that it WAS her sending you a “sign“ via the Willie Wagtails all these years. A validation that she is still with you, her love is still with you, it’s just different. I humbly thank you for the opportunity to channel your lovely daughter.


I have been blessed to have come across you Sophia. Everything I have been worrying about over and over in my mind and not sure of. You confirmed without me even saying one thing. I feel so relieved, happy and excited. You are out of this world. I feel like I finally have someone I can open up to and have all my questions answered. Already booked again for tonight. I'm hooked. xxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jade review:

Hi Jade. Thank you for your kind words. To know that I was able to bring you peace of mind, to ease your concerns, is the reason that I love what I do. You are a beautiful soul! May only the good energy come your way.


Wow! Where do I start... absolutely incredible experience. You have given me hope and determination to turn things around and not give up. Exactly what I needed. I am stunned and amazed at your beautiful gift that has left me speechless. Thank you Sophia.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Josh review:

Dearest Josh. To know how our session resonated with you brings me such happiness. I channel for many clients, but your grandma came through with such amazing support and love that it was so powerful! I pray that you always are conscious of your guides and loved ones that want the very best for you. Keep your focus on the blessings in the future. It is in your power. I wish you all the best moving forward. Blessings now and always.


Sophia is my friend, guider and confidant. I’ve been having readings with Sophia for over 2 years and she always gives me truthful insight and guidance. I’d be a little lost without her... can’t recommend her honesty, warmth and even humour enough! Very grateful to know this incredible woman and reader. Thank you Sophia. :) x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to L.C. review:

Dearest L. C. I can’t tell you how much your review means to me. To know that for the past couple of years I’ve been of assistance in your concerns makes my heart so full. Sweetie, you are a brilliant shining star! You have a kind, loving, talented and fun-filled energy. My prayer for you is to see that every time you look in the mirror. I wish you success and abundance in every aspect of your life!


I have had several readings with Sophia and she always passes on messages from my mother and my husband's mother who have both passed over. My husband has been in tears sometimes from the messages that come through. Sophia you are wonderful! Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M&G review:

Dear M & G, you both are one of my favorite couple to read for! The love that you have for each other is so stunningly beautiful. I have to say I remember back to our first session how shocked “G” was when his mom and other passed loved ones stepped forward. To be the messenger, so that you both know your transitioned loved one are always there, in support is my passion. I thank you for the opportunity to channel for you. I wish you both all the blessings that heaven can give.


So dissatisfied with my reading with you Sophia. All you did was say uumm most of the time. Even when I was asking for an answer it took you most of my 15 mins to get there. What a waste. Will never call you again. Left feeling more confused than ever.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anna review:

Dear Anna. As an empath I could truly ‘feel’ how you were feeling when I connected with your energy. During your 15 minute session with me, I gently shared information that your guides wanted you to know. I have a moral compass of honesty and as much as I would like to, I cannot and will not say "yes" to appease. As kindly as I could, I was very clear about this. I wish you peace and all the best.


Good vibes and good reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Milz review:

That is music to my ears, and my wish for all of my clients. To walk away from a session with a feeling of peace and harmony. Never lose your sense of self, and know that your guides are ALWAYS by your side, in loving support. It was a pleasure. xx


Thank you such much Sophia! I have had a few late night readings with Sophia over the years and she had guided me with clarity and honesty and wisdom. She also picks up names and initials and funny little things that help validate who she is connecting with. Am very grateful for Sophia’s insights! xoxo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M. review:

Dear M! You are so very welcome! I receive information many ways during a session. Your passed family does an amazing job of stepping forward with validations (I just love the funny stories) and messages. They want the best for you. It is the bond of love that keeps us connected and that can never be broken. Your loved ones have proven that over and over. I consider it a privilege to be the messenger. xoxo


A truly gifted and honest reader. Sophia has shone a light on aspects of my life which I had previously overlooked and predicted things for me that have come to fruition with amazing accuracy. You can only go by someone’s track record and Sophia really is one of the best (I can't state this enough). Highly recommended.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to I.D. review:

Dearest I.D. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this testimony. Throughout the years it has been an honour to read for you, and it brings me great joy to know that I have been of assistance. May continued success be yours in all of your endeavours. xxoo


Amazing reading! The details that Sophia provided from my passed loved ones was so accurate... it was spooky! Thank you for your guidance. A caring person and gifted reader and medium.


Sophia is awesome. I have been getting readings with Sophia for almost 2 years and I must say her readings are so detailed and accurate. Her predictions are almost 90% accurate.


Sophia is an extraordinarily brilliant and sensitive reader. She tuned in to my issues immediately and provided information that is only known to me about people and current situations. Awesome stuff. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an incredibly accurate grasp and understanding of whatever it is you might need some light shed on. Thank you so much Sophia.


This is the first time I’ve written a review and used this company for a long time now. Sophia was absolutely amazing , spot on and gave initials of family members that have passed as validation. Was a wonderful reading and gave me invaluable messages and information. Thankyou Sophia. I will definitely call again, all the best to you.


Sophia was amazing in her accuracy and insight about my situation and my family. She told me things about my ancestors which she couldn't have known because I didn't even know myself. She gave me a real sense of peace about some decisions I need to make and a sense of closure I haven't been able to achieve since a marriage breakdown. I will definitely be calling her again.


To Sophia, you a true light to this world. I had an amazing reading with you as you were able to contact my mother, who I dearly miss in my life and brought hope in knowing she is around me all the time. What was truly amazing was the accuracy on what was coming through, my mother was a seamstress from Italy and made her living through her passion and the ironic thing was, as you informed me, your grandmother had the same background as my mother, wow!!! It all came together on how great your gift is, thank you for allowing me to have the experience of knowing my mother’s love is still always there even though she has passed. I felt so blessed to have spoken to you and I highly recommend Sophia to anyone, you will not be disappointed!!!! Love and light to you Sophia, what an amazing woman you are!! xxxx


Loved the reading by Sophia. A genuine psychic and medium. Without prompting brought forward mum and my dog who have passed. Gave validations that only I would know. Thoroughly recommend.


Sophia is wonderful. So tuned in and understanding, listens to you and I came away feeling so much better. She's like a 2nd mom! Money well spent.


Sophia what a beautiful soul you are. Just a God send of an Angel. I have so much love for you. Thank you for always being there for me and taking the time and listening to me. 7+ years and still as amazing as ever. The connection just starts as soon as I say hello. You soothe and help me heal immediately, you understand me, you give me the best advice with my readings. I feel at home. Love and light to you my angel. Thank you for always being there for me. I appreciate you giving constant guidance in the right direction. You are a one in a million. My only wish is to meet you face to face one day. God bless you beautiful lady. xx


I had a reading with Sophia weeks ago and she was absolutely amazing. All she asked for was my name, nothing else. She got straight to the heart of my concerns and supported everything she said with actual events and situations. She was also spot on with my age, my husband's name and age, and how long we have been married. She even knew the names of passed family members and so much more. She works with no prompting, or leading questions, and delivers everything in such a compassionate and gentle manner. She really is the real deal. Thank you Sophia xx


Sophia, you are a delight to talk to, so accurate, calming, reassuring and loving. You are very kind too. Thank you for your genuine reading, it is so nice to know that through you, we can contact our loved ones and pets who have passed over. It gives me hope to know they are still around and that the only thing between us is the veil that you are able to look beyond but seems to restrict us from seeing, or feeling. Thank you for being a beautiful channel. You are well blessed as we are to have you.


Wow! She is so accurate and great that you find yourself with your mouth open. As to say how did she know that? Sophia has this warmth and compassion about her which is why she is so pleasant to talk to. I highly recommend her and want to thank her for a great reading!


Sophia is an amazing reader to talk to. She has a warm and calming voice and is funny too. I couldn't believe it when she came out with family member names and details about them. She is definitely the best phone reader I have ever spoken to. I highly recommend her and would call her again.


An amazing reader, she hit the nail on the head for many, many points of interests in my life, right down to names, words, phrases, feelings etc. I loved the way she picked up on the past and on the present time in my current situation. It validates everything I knew was happening and made me feel like I'm not crazy, everything makes sense. Our conversation was easy and flowing and funny as well. Truly the best reading I have had before with so much accuracy. Thank you Sophia. You have a special wonderful gift.


Sophia was eerily accurate pertaining to my struggles surrounding my Dad, and his passing and messages I thought were wishful thinking or desperation in wanting to believe were connected to current dynamics....I need to learn to listen to myself and trust those feelings and acknowledge those little signs as being on the right track - I would not hesitate in recommending Sophia for an honest and accurate reading because there's no other way you could explain someone's ability to tap into your true self from the other side of the globe....


I would like to thank Sophia for an amazing reading I had with her. Wonderful lady, so lovely to talk to, compassionate, so in tune, accurate. The things Sophia picked up on were right, everything made sense and her future predictions I believe will happen. I will definitely call her again. I recommend her to anyone Such a lovely lady.. Thanks again Sophia. xx


Have had 2 readings with Sophia; she is very real and honest. My husband WAS a die-hard sceptic but after the reading is still gob smacked! It was like having a chat with a friend. She was so accurate we are still talking about it with disbelief. Thank you Sophia for your honesty and guidance. We are very grateful. God bless you. xx


Sophia is an amazing reader. She is very in tune and also very understanding. I could relate to everything she was saying and she was so accurate and spot on with events , names and more. I was very surprised. I would highly recommend Sophia, and I will be definitely calling her again. Thanks Sophia!


I had a reading with Sophia for the first time last night and I have to say that I was blown away! I am no 'novice' when it comes to readings and I can assure you that Sophia has a genuine gift. Sophia didn't ask me any questions or what did I want to know about. She TOLD ME what I wanted to know about, and honed in on the immediate circumstances. From picking up the initials / names of the people involved; no. of children, children’s gender; describing physical features to a T through to picking up my dogs name (Bambi) and identifying the specific/sport hobby of the person in question. She detailed the ailments of my both of my grandmothers who passed and picked the name of one. Aside from Sophia's astounding accuracy, she is highly ethical, doesn't tell you what you want to hear and delivers the messages with compassion and humour. Lovely lady. Thank you.


Absolutely amazing, many questions answered that needed to be answered for me. Will call back often!


Dear Sophia. Thank you so much. As the reading went on, you astounded me with accurate detail, such as the exact initials of my ex, and then his first name, and then the precise length of time we were together. Your insights about my ex, his manipulations and fundamental drive to power and control - etcetera - (that I now see clear as day) were spot on. You also shared some subtler perspectives around him, his pain, loss and fear in being the person he is, which I also see and feel very sad about for him. I was so pleased that you tuned into my Grandma, and articulated what I've felt these last months, which is that she is on my side and working to right things. I felt much warmth and humanity from you. No miracles, and ongoing challenges for me, but thank you. xx


Thank you Sophia, thank you for bringing my father through to me. You told me things my father wanted me to know, messages I needed to hear that I had asked for. You're very calming and gifted, the birds you told me about a colourful bird...humming bird although not native to Australia, I asked for my Father to send me a humming bird. You knew this. So many other things such as birthdays and the fact that my father would call my sister and I "my girls”. You knew this. God bless. xo


Had an absolutely brilliant turn with Sophia last night, when I really needed to speak to someone with insight. Not only is she a completely stunning human being but she also very clearly connected, unexpectedly on my part, with one of the most important people in my life who I’d lost to cancer 9 years previously. This was an absolute gift. What a beautiful experience it was talking to someone who really 'gets' it. Thank you Sophia, I love you to pieces for your wisdom, gorgeous humour and generosity of spirit. xxx


Thank you Sophia for guiding me and confirming for me what I know I need to do. Sophia was very calm for me at a moment when I finally saw the light and she was able to give me great insight and strength. Her take on the situation was spot on. Thank you Sophia.


Sophia thank you for a real reading, one that spells the truth about what I need to do to move forward and give to the universe. You are really wonderful to talk to. You have made me more relaxed and thank you for my mum coming through too. xx


I still can't believe how accurate Sophia was with my reading! She named not only my partner-to-be, but even the mutual friend we would have. She is also very empathetic. Sophia is the real thing!


To Sophia love and light to you. I would like to thank you for all your readings you have given me. They have been very healing for me especially your last one when my mother came through (she has just recently passed). On the hour that she passed the church bells rang from the church across the street and when you validated this, I knew without a doubt it was my mum. No one else knew this, not even my family. Another validation was when I was washing the dishes after my mother’s burial I felt someone poke me, but everyone was asleep. The M message you also picked up was my mother’s first name. Wow. I’m always blown away by your accuracy. What an amazing gift you have. We are lucky to have someone like you who will share it with people in need so thank you. xx


Sophia is compassionate and very accurate and insightful. Her honesty is refreshing and appreciated. Thanks Sophia. Talk to you soon.


Sophia was so warm and tuned into my inner fears and also my issues. Sophia connected strongly with my maternal grandmother, identifying what my family did, on both sides of the family, right down to my grandmother wearing her apron and baking! She also identified some blue china I had that was a family heirloom. Sophia was clear in her direction, helping me to assess my life and also give me some rays of hope and light that I am on the right track. After the call, the lights flickered a few times giving me an indication that indeed my guides and grandmother was with me. Thanks Sophia. You are a guiding light for many. Grazie Sophia.


Dear Sophia. Thank you so much. You brought through my beloved father, who helped me so much regarding something which has been bugging me! You are so kind and so thoughtful - and I thank you.


I've had a few readings over the past four years with Sophia and she remains my absolute favourite. Sophia is so positive, warm and lovely. If she needs to tell you something she will, she is wonderful. Having gone through a painful breakup I never thought I would love anyone again as strongly as I had me ex. Sophia was right, she told me his first initial and about his eyes and energy that is so spot on. I've met this amazing new man, just as she described. Early days but it’s amazing to feel that energy of joy and hope that you connect with someone and that you will love again. Sophia you are the best reader around and I always rave about you. Blessings.


I wanted to acknowledge how accurate Sophia was on my last reading. I called Sophia to discuss a work matter and not only did Sophia begin the reading with my bosses name but she described his personality and the work issues. I had asked if my actions in reporting a matter would have effect and she said it will be more personally satisfying. She was correct. Sophia connected well and was very clear in helping me arm myself with this matter.

Dimi NSW

I just wanted to leave a little note here to write about Sofia & how fantastic she is, as not only a Reader but a Healer as well. I have just had a reading with Sofia tonight & I was really touched by the things she said. I want to share this story about myself briefly. Last night I hadn't had much but a wink of sleep, I had felt so weary all day, I had a lack of energy not only emotionally, but spiritually speaking all day. It was an awful feeling. Anyway so I decided to get a reading with Sofia. I have to be honest..I have had a few readings with Sofia before but I must say not quite like this one. Emotionally I had felt drained and worn out...BUT after having the reading with Sofia, she left me feeling uplifted & I now have a brighter energy feel about me. What this lady has done for me I can't explain. She talks straight from the heart with you, and is open and honest. Sofia, it was a pleasure to talk with you. You have really honestly changed my outlook on things and have brought me towards more of a positive vibration. I thank you for the readings I have had with you so far. I really want to commend Sofia personally & the team at Absolute Soul Secrets for the great work they do, share and create. Thank you guys! Your heartfelt guidance does not go unnoticed. Thank you for reading this and listening.

Claire WA

Sophia you were really amazing with your timing and facts. You knew straight away what line of work I did, down to specifics. I said nothing at all.


Hi Sophia, I wanted to thank you for all your help. You hit the nail on the head straight away and I now feel so much calmer about dealing with my ex, now that I know what lies ahead. I slept the whole night for the first time in months. Thank you so much. I'll call again!


Thank you Sophia, you are fantastic, so right in all the things you told me. Without me asking you, there you where telling me exactly what I need it to know. Thank you for you love and care, I will be coming back to you. Love and blessings.

Maria NSW

There are times in life where another soul truly touches your heart. Tonight I experienced that with the incredible connection with Sophia. Her intuitive gifts are astounding. As soon as I connected with her, my mum came through and Sophia went right into delivering messages with absolute accuracy. As I sat listening to her I knew I was speaking with the real deal, a true psychic with an amazing gift not just of insight but also in her loving energy in how she relayed the messages and overall reading. I believe when someone as gifted as Sophia reads for you, one will always walk away from that call feeling enlightened and blessed. Thank you Sophia for connecting me to my mum. It was such a touching moment and one I will always treasure and be forever grateful to you. I would recommend Sophia 100% to connect with for a reading. You surely will not be disappointed with her. Thanks.

Chrissi QLD

I have spoken several times to Sophia and find her truly genuine and honest. She cuts straight thru to the heart of the matter and seems to work tirelessly and earnestly to read the truth not fudging it. I am spiritual in some ways and I know she is the real deal. I will always come back to Sophia as I truly believe she has the gift. She has a calming and empathic energy and I believe has only our best interests at heart. I highly recommend Sophia. She won't disappoint. Thanks.

Lisa WA

After speaking to Sophia I walked away feeling very calm and with a plan for my future. Sophia is a lovely lady. She knew the names of people and what I was told in the past from other psychics. She made me feel very happy and content with my life. Thank you Sophia, I will call you again for my next reading when I need you. Peace and love.

Kirsty SA

Sophia is right, we all have the 'gift' but so few are attuned as you to the spirit world. My experiences with Sophia are nothing short of remarkable. There is no need to 'prompt' during the short silences as you yourself can feel the presence of the spirit guides Sophia has around her. I could give many examples of Sophia's gift but just this one would be convincing of most skeptics. Towards the end of my reading and we were not even discussing pets/animals, Sophia says "You have a beautiful big, black dog, a rottweiler." Before I could say 'yes I did have', Sophia continued on to say "but sadly he passed recently of cancer." So heart-breakingly true. Please make notes during your talk as her words are of continuing comfort to read again and again during the dark hours. Your perception and understanding of Sophia's words will continue to improve long after her reading. For those of you who wish to experience something that is difficult to put into words in this short space, please chat to Sophia. You will be truly talking with one who has walked with the angels. Thanks.


We had the most wonderful, fun chat. I was amazed at Sophia's accuracy to what I wanted to know and how to deal with my fear. Sophia is truly a gifted person but as she says, we all have the gift, it's just that some of us don't yet realise it. Bless you and your family.

Rod SA

I had a reading with Sophia two weeks ago and she asked me how my back was and I said fine. Three days later would you believe I hurt my back exercising. I nearly freaked out. I just wanted you to know you were spot on. Thanks for everything.

Grace WA

I had a wonderful reading with Sophia last night. Sophia (surprisingly for me) spoke accurately and very positively of someone who has crossed over. This wonderful person was coming through Sophia and giving me loving advice. Sophia was so lovely and kind but also told me exactly how things stand and I appreciated her honesty and wisdom so much. I will definitely have another reading with Sophia.

Megan NSW

Dear, sweet, AMAZING Sophia, WOW. Do you know how amazing you are? Let me tell you folks, this woman is so connected. My nana came through and Sophia was giving me information that just blew me away. l was laughing, crying, crying, laughing. We are talking specific details about my nana that only family knew. l finally felt at peace with the passing of my nana and for that l will be forever grateful. Poor Sophia lol, once Nan came through so did about 4 others, all with specific information. Sophia also picked up on my past, present and future. l sat there with my mouth opened most of the time because l could not believe how accurate and connected this gifted woman is. l have had many readings. Sophia is one of the best medium intuitives I have ever come across in my life. You are truly a gift to mankind. You are the link between this world and the next. You are the messenger who gives hope to many and l feel so honoured to have had you read for me. AMAZING xxx. Many thanks.

Rachael VIC

I just wanted to say that Sophia has been incredibly insightful, perceptive and accurate in her readings with me. Most notably when I called many months ago when I was looking for a new car. I had seen many on the internet. I called to discuss this and other matters. Sophia told me to take a female friend as she 'knows about cars' (as she does, she's a car afficianado). Sophia said, "There is a woman selling her car and it would be a very good deal and that my friend could help negotiate an even better deal". A couple of months after the reading I took my friend 'car shopping' with me. I test drove two cars (a red hatchback and deep blue hatchback). Test drove the blue one, then the red. I went back to the blue as I felt better in it. The lady who was selling it embodied everything Sophia had told me so I bought the car (I had basically fallen in love with it the minute I first sat in it, it's quite gorgeous). Tonight (my birthday), I called the general number and was connected to Sophia (fated?). We spoke for an hour. My initial reason for calling was to check in/check out a couple of issues I've been dealing with recently. My nana (a persistent, strong woman) who passed in December 2010, wanted to speak to me!!! From what I gathered, kept knocking at Sophia to let her speak - so, my nana and I had a bit of an information sharing session, which lasted almost forty minutes. How did I know it was my nana and not make-believe? Maybe my nana should go halves with me in the phone bill! Thanks.

Melody SA

Thank you so much Sophia for a truly inspiring reading. Your amazing insightfulness has given me clarity, perspective and complete peace of mind. Thank you!

Kristine NSW

Sophia is by far the best psychic and clairvoyant I have ever had a reading by. She is accurate, empathetic, professional and spiritual. With much gratitude.

Marilena SA

Dearest Sophia. Love and light to you and your family and friends. Thank you so much for being you and your amazing gifts!!! It is an honour to have you do my reading so thank you very much!! I am going through a shift, like many others and with all of the cosmos pulling me in a lot of directions all at once, forcing me to sit still for once and listen to my calling and my soul path. I really look forward to ringing you again to tell you what’s been happening xxoo. Kindest Regards and many many blessings.