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Psychic Readings with Medium Eve

Hello, I’m Eve, a professional Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Healer with three decades of experience in psychic readings.

Clients describe their reading sessions with me as receiving a soul-nurturing hug. They tell me my insights and accuracy have not only saved their lives but also had a profound impact. Throughout these years, I’ve had the honour of assisting multiple generations of families. I take pride in delivering messages with authenticity, accuracy, and heartfelt sincerity.

My psychic readings have also been highly sought after by celebrities around the world because of the accuracy of my spiritual connections. However, whether you’re a celebrity or a stay-at-home mum, my aim is to help anyone gain clarity using my mediumship, clairvoyant, and spiritual advice abilities.

Psychic Reading Journey

My journey in the psychic reading industry began at the age of 14 when I had a near-death experience while battling glandular fever. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would make it. But during this time, Spirit revealed to me that I possessed a rare gift to help people, and I should never shy away from it.

This spiritual awakening triggered a series of others, and since then, I’ve always felt guided by the spirit world in every aspect of my life. From a young age, I learned that if I listened to my intuition and guidance system, they would never lead me astray. As a result, I felt compelled as a natural teacher and light worker to assist others in doing the same with their lives.

These gifts and profound insights definitely feel heaven-sent, and I humbly offer my clairvoyant and other expertise to anyone in need. Over the years, I’ve developed my own unique style of reading. My passion lies in helping you achieve alignment of mind, body, and spirit, which facilitates spiritual growth.

Psychic Help through Spiritual Guidance

Think of a psychic reading with me as a spiritual chiropractic session that uncovers clarity and reveals your divine blueprint. Ultimately, you’ll be able to apply these tools practically in your everyday life. I can also connect with loved ones who have passed on, offering words of wisdom, comfort, and clarity to help you navigate through the toughest days. A mediumship reading can provide closure, understanding, acceptance, and solace. Being a medium is my true calling, and naturally, I’m drawn to this line of work.

I also enjoy tapping into your unique body intelligence, which intuitively guides me in assisting you to make transformative changes in any area of your life. This may include your love life, career, relationships, or your life purpose. Some of my psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Mediumship
  • Channelling
  • Twin Flame Readings
  • Light Worker
  • Angel Practices
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Wellbeing Intuitive*
  • Automatic Writing
  • Tarot Card Readings

Fine-Tuning Your Intuition with Help from Spirit & the Angels

I’ve observed repeat business with clients who reach out to me for a “spiritual top-up” when they feel a bit off. This also involves intuitive coaching, where they may need a quick spiritual adjustment to realign with their soul path and remember to utilise their tools.

Furthermore, I get immense joy from opening people’s hearts and helping them get out of their heads for a little while. This enables them to gain a deeper understanding of our purpose here. Activating the ‘higher heart’ (I have written an intense program on this topic) has a certain kind of mystical magic, all of its own.

If you feel guided to work and consult with me, expect holistic, compassionate insight and guidance in your telephone psychic reading session. I focus on what’s best for your higher heart and soul, aligning Spirit with your higher self. In return, you’ll gain direction on your healing journey, and the necessary tools to forge a safe, happy, clear, and fulfilling path in this lifetime.

I genuinely look forward to the opportunity to serve you with love and light to offer the best guidance for you.

If you feel drawn to have a reading with me, please use my ID No. 2282.

Or you may wish to order a psychic email reading from Eve by clicking here.

Eve’s Other Qualifications & Psychic Skills

Author of the Higher Heart Programme | Soul Mate reading specialist | Teacher in Psychic and Intuitive Development | Facilitated Spiritual Workshops and Circles | Coordinated Spiritual Retreats | Forensic Intuition | Missing Persons

*I am not a medical professional. I am a Wellbeing Intuitive and I will share with you spiritual information related to your physical body and wellbeing. I will do my best to help you however, this information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult an appropriate medical professional for all health-related matters.

psychic eve from absolute soul secrets has shoulder length brown hair with highlights. And a lovely big smile.

Country: AU
Starsign: Cancer
ID Code: 2282


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Reviews for Psychic Reader Eve

Eve is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 13 Rated Reviews.

Thank you for great reading. Tuned in really quick and was accurate in describing my feelings. Hopefully new man is in hot location and a move is on the cards nearer to my parents. Will keep you updated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hello there Lynda, it is an absolute pleasure to read for such a beautiful soul. I enjoy our time immensely. Looking forward to hearing about your new beau and the warm weather:) In the meantime keep manifesting. Lots of light always. xx


Wow Eve you are so amazing. I can’t wait for my man coming back over. And us having a wonderful future. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Melissa review:

Hello Melissa, how special it is to read for such an incredible soul… you deserve this beautiful love connection to move forward with ease and grace. Never forget how incredible you are … your beloved is one lucky human. :)


Really beautiful reader and healer. Super warm and lovely, and very insightful. You can feel the healing vibes through her voice. Very comforting and generous of her spirit and gifts. Thanks lovely xx you helped me immensely and I am super grateful for you! xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anon review:

To dear Anon, it was more than a pleasure to assist you as you heal and grow. Knowing that your life is set to be exceptional, thanks to the deep diving you are prepared to do … it is more than wonderful to work with souls such as yourself. Keep flying free beautiful one! Lots of light always. :)


Thank you, Eve, for a lovely insightful reading. You’re a gorgeous soul. You confirmed what I already suspected your guidance is very much appreciated. We’ll be speaking again.x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to G review:

Hello G, you are an incredible lady and I feel so happy to have connected with you. Such a pleasure to read for and I look forward to assisting you along your path. Keep shining! Lots of light always.:)


Thank you truly Eve for a most beautiful reading. You are so genuine reader that has made me so excited for the future. Look forward to speaking with you again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M review:

Hello M, thank you so much for your beautiful review. It’s so lovely to receive feedback from such precious souls such as yourself. I love being able to assist and raise your vibration to match what is coming forth in your life. What an exciting time for you darling! Yay! Keep me posted. Lots of light always. :)


Thank you for great first reading, look forward to things changing for the better.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hello Lynda, thank you for your review … just to know your first time with me was impressionable and you enjoyed it makes my heart smile. Looking forward to many more. Lots of light Always. :)


Eve is such a terrific reader, and I just had the most amazing reading with her. Very quickly gets to the heart of issue and some wonderful guidance provided. Highly recommend. Sorry Eve my phone line cut out and will call again one day. So grateful to have found you and will follow the ideas given. All the best. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sheryl review:

Thank you ever so much for your response to your session with me. I love working with such high calibre, incredible souls. I am so glad you can see the benefit in my tips/ tools and insights and that you are happy to implement them in your life. Onwards and upwards lovely lady! I look forward to our next encounter. Until then, lots of light to you always. :)


Had a wonderful first time reading with Eve, she was accurate, friendly, insightful, and very easy to follow. Received some great insights and advice, and encouragement for the future. It was a very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend her.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tina review:

Dear Tina, Wow! What an amazing account of your experience with me. Thank you so very much! You are an incredible woman and I feel the connection to your pursuits and that’s very exciting for me! I have a feeling great things are coming your way but migrating in for keeps. I feel very blessed to be a small part of that journey. Thank you for that honour. Shine brightly lovely lady. Lots of light always. :)


I had such a lovely reading with Eve! She is so sweet to talk to and very insightful and caring in her approach. Unfortunately, we got cut off but I'm definitely looking forward to our next catch up. I hope that everything unfolds as we discussed. Thank you. xo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Vassia review:

Hello there Vassia, what a pleasure to read for such a special soul …. I feel blessed to be of assistance to all my clients. I am personally invested in your journey and love hearing how well you are progressing. Being cut short means spirit obviously had plenty to say with more to come. How exciting! Looking forward to our next catch up. Until then, lots of light always. :)


Hi, Eve helped me so much and made my situation more understandable. She made so much sense thank you so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kathleen review:

Hello there Kathleen, it warms my heart to know that I have assisted you to make sense of aspects of your journey. Looking forward to being of assistance next time you feel the little nudge from spirit. In the meantime, may your days be filled with joy. Lots of light always. :)


Wow! Hit the nail on the head! Thank you, Eve! I love your warm and kind energy. You're an asset here. Hugs. xo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S review:

Hello there S, your energy is so easy to work with, I love our engagement and what we are able to uncover together. Thank you for being such an incredible light in this world! Lots of light always. :)


Eve was absolutely amazing. She gave me so much clarity on my situation. I finished my reading with her with a smile on my face you are a gem, Eve.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Janelle review:

Dear Janelle, I always say ‘big smiles go miles’, and it was truly my pleasure to be of service to you. To know that you were so happy gives me goosebumps!!! Keep shining amazing lady. Lots of light always. :)


Wow Eve so quick so amazing!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynette review:

Dear Lynette, I truly appreciate your review … you were a pleasure to connect with and I look forward to assisting you in the future. Lots of light to you always. :)