How Email Psychic Readings Work

image of woman looking up to the sky questioning how email psychic readings work

They can’t see me or hear me? So how do email psychic readings work?

Email Psychic Readings work! Why? Because Spirit exists outside time and space. We do not have to be physically present with you when we read for youWe connect with you in Spirit, feeling, seeing and hearing from your Spirit Guides and our own. We can read the energy around you and in your aura, picking up the likely course of events coming into your life.

Some people may say “I can’t see auras so they don’t exist” well I say, “I can’t see electricity but I can see its effects and I would rather have a life with electricity than not.” So too I would rather have a life plugged into Spirit, than not.

You too can plug into Spirit with one of our Email Psychic Readings.