Relationship Readings

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There is nothing in this Universe that compares with the power of human relationships to either heal us or do us damage beyond recognition. Sometimes, we don’t think about the potential damage, we concentrate on the delicious feeling we get when we first meet Mr or Miss Right. We think about that person constantly, can’t eat and can’t sleep – have you ever been there?

We all desire to experience the delicious beauty of a relationship with that special person. Despite often many tumultuous relationships that end in anything but beauty, we still continue to search for that illusive and all encompassing connection with ‘The One’.

Our search can take us far and wide and consume an inordinate amount of our time and energy and when we do find someone who looks like ‘The One’, we sometimes already have a fantasy story in our heads about what he/she will be like. When we realise that ‘The One’ we have found falls short of our ideals and expectations, for a time we are beset with doubts and confusion. Am I mistaken? Is it my fault? Is it their fault? Whose fault is it?

We can help you sort fantasy from fact so you are clear about having a relationship with a ‘particular and special someone’ or we can help you with issues in your present relationship. Contact us now for a completely confidential assessment of your chances of a good relationship or how to improve your present relationship.

Sometimes relationships turn ugly!  They may start with the best of intentions but people haven’t communicated their standpoints on the basics such as finances, sex, whether they want children and their basic beliefs. Some good examples of different basic beliefs are:

  • A spiritual person involved with someone who doesn’t believe in the same spiritual things.
  • Different sexual appetites e.g. kinky and conservative, the amount of sexual activity or one partner manipulating the other for sexual gratification.
  • A spendthrift living with someone who is financially frugal.
  • Having a relationship with someone involved in substance abuse when you believe in ‘clean living’.
  • Different ideas about culture and the importance of family groups e.g. you want lots of kids and he wants none or his mother drives you crazy and interferes in your relationship.
  • Workaholics, sex addicts, food addicts in a relationship with someone who maintains control of themselves in these areas.

If you’re unsure about going into a relationship or staying in your present relationship, we can help fill in the missing pieces of the relationship puzzle for you. Our psychics are experienced in relationship readings. You can contact one of our relationship specialists here. You can also purchase phone psychic readings online here or email psychic readings here.

Sometimes the stress and confusion can lead to violence and abuse in relationships. You become trapped and ensconced in Spiritual Chains! Abuse can be mental, verbal, physical, sexual, spiritual or even financial (e.g. he doesn’t give you enough money to feed your family). If you are experiencing violence or abuse, get help now!  You deserve to be treated with love and respect!

In Australia see: Department of Human Services | Bursting the Bubble | 1800 Respect | White Ribbon Help Lines

In New Zealand see: Nzine | Community Law NZ

In the USA see: NCADV | NNEDV | Safe Horizon | Wristband Resources

In the UK see:  NCDV | National Domestic Violence Helpline UK

In Singapore see: Pave.Org

In Hong Kong see: Social Welfare Development | Harmony House

In India see: Domestic Violence Helpline  | Citizen Matters

If you are in danger or experiencing abuse, seek help now!  You need to take practical steps now to ensure your safety.