Which Reading is Better – A Phone Psychic Reading or Face to Face Reading?

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Which Reading is Better – A Phone Psychic Reading or Face to Face Reading?

Deciding between a phone reading and a face-to-face reading can initially seem like a difficult choice. Both offer benefits, and understanding the differences between the two can help you make an informed decision. Below are a variety of questions that people often consider when thinking about the differences between in person readings and telephone readings.

What are Phone Psychic Readings?

These readings involve receiving insights and guidance from a psychic reader over the phone. This form of reading has now gained popularity due to benefits such as accessibility. Our readers are available 24/7 for your convenience regardless of your geographical location – whether in Australia, NZ, the US, UK or wherever.

How Do Psychic Phone Readings Work?

During a phone reading, the reader connects with the client energetically and tunes into their vibration without being in the same physical space. This allows the reader to focus solely on the client’s energy and provide spiritual guidance without any additional physical distractions.

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What are Face-to-Face Readings?

Face-to-face readings involve meeting a reader in person for a reading. This traditional form of consultation has been practiced for centuries and holds attraction for those people who prefer to travel to actually see the reader during the consultation.

Are In Person Psychic Readings More Personal?

These readings do not necessarily offer a more personal touch, as clients have the opportunity to engage in direct conversation and receive immediate reader feedback either on the phone or in person.

Is Face-to-Face More Accurate?

While in person readings can provide a sense of personal connection, the accuracy of these readings is not higher than via phone. The psychic’s ability to tune into the spiritual connection with the client’s energy is the key point regardless of the physical location. A good reader does not need to be present as they connect with the voice vibration and there is no so called ‘cold reading’, body language or prior knowledge if you’re a new client. No other clues are present other than what is said and the voice tone. Having no distractions allows for a deeper connection with Spirit with little interference due to the client’s appearance or how they present.

Getting a Psychic Reading with an Accurate Psychic

Phone sessions offer several advantages that make them a popular contemporary choice for many seeking spiritual guidance. Here’s a few ways to check if your reader does quality readings:

  1. It is relatively easy to check reviews these days. Do be aware however, that fake reviews do exist and can be placed by competitors or disgruntled people who may not necessarily have valid reasons for leaving reviews…often under multiple fake names. Look at the overall emotional tone of many reviews to help form your opinion, if they seem unreasonable, disregard them. AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com has its own internal review system and all reviews are verified to ensure that a psychic reading did in fact actually take place.
  2. Check to see if there is an address listed online, enabling you to contact that psychic by regular mail. Sometimes scammers will put a fake address, so do check this address actually exists.
  3. Other questions – Does this psychic have a strong online presence? Do they appear in a number of places and not just on social media? Do they have a comprehensive and up to date website? Are they a registered business?
  4. Finally, are they doing readings for the right reasons? Do they donate to charity? Are they doing anything to actually help people for free? Their behaviour tells you about their motives.

Convenience of Phone Sessions

Telephone consults offer unparalleled convenience, allowing clients to receive guidance from a psychic without the need to travel or adhere to a specific schedule. This flexibility appeals to those with busy lifestyles or mobility constraints.

One of the key advantages of phone consultations is the convenience!. With phone sessions, clients can connect with a psychic from the comfort of their own home, at any time of the day or night, without the need to travel to a specific location.

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Are there any Advantages with Face-to-Face Psychic Readings?

These readings can offer certain advantages that cater to individuals who prefer ‘in person’ interactions for their spiritual consultations.

Personal Connection with In-Person Psychic Readings

The direct personal connection established during in person readings can foster a sense of trust and understanding between the client and the psychic, enhancing the overall experience. However this is also the case for over the phone readings as well.

How to Choose Between a Phone Session and Face to Face Psychic Reading?

Choosing between phone and face to face consultations ultimately comes down to individual preferences and specific considerations.

Considerations for Choosing A Phone Consult Psychic

If convenience, flexibility, and the ability to receive guidance from your own space are important to you, then phone readings may be the ideal choice. Especially for those with busy schedules, mobility challenges, or those seeking discretion, online readings and phone consults offer a practical and accessible option.

In order to choose a phone psychic, it’s best to have a good look at their reviews, check out our psychic profiles on our website. You can be assured our all our psychics have genuine psychic abilities which will provide clarity to your individual situation.

Email Readings are Another Option

You may decide that neither face to face or phone consults are for you. In this case, you might find written readings to be a suitable alternative option. Some people prefer to get an accurate reading by email, and this is a relatively simple process although it is not instantaneous. On the plus side, you get a written record listing predictions and advice. You can get a good email reading here on our website.

What about Free Readings?

Genuine psychics may offer free spiritual readings from time to time. This is one way of checking out if a psychic is accurate and spiritually gifted. You can see Rose Smith the owner of AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com on Facebook here at 8.30am (QLD time) every Monday morning for free Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Readings. Rose is also available for free readings on Nights with Denis Walter on radio station 3AW, Wednesdays at 8.05pm (Melbourne time). The phone number to call is 133 693. Give it a go, you might be lucky! The switchboard is normally full, so best time to call is 8.05pm exactly before all the time slots are gone.

Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Horoscopes & Mediumship are Available by Telephone Psychics

Our genuine and accurate psychics do all the usual modalities that in-person readers do. As they can’t actually see you during the consultation, there are no preconceived ideas about you or your circumstances. The readers do not see your new shoes or handbag, so they only have your voice and their connection to Spirit to go off resulting in a more accurate reading.

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Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Los Angeles, London or Wherever….

Getting a psychic reading is obviously more difficult for face to face vs phone, especially if you’re not in the general geographic area of that psychic. Getting an in person reading takes time and effort whereas readings on the phone are obviously convenient and less time consuming with little effort on your part. High-quality psychics serve you in the best way they possibly can whether this be in a face-to-face meeting, through online sessions, by email or phone. You can ask our many psychics specific questions 24/7 on AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com from the comfort of your own home.

This is particularly helpful for those clients who may have anxiety or issues around personal safety.

Which Reading is Better? Online psychic readings vs Face to Face Readings?

The short answer is, it depends on your personal preferences. Readings via the phone are much easier, quicker and convenient than having an in-person readings. You can still develop a personal connection getting a reading online whether on a website or by phone. It could be argued that these psychic readings may in fact be even more accurate as there is no cold reading ie the psychic can’t visually see what you’re wearing, although in Spirit, good clairvoyants can see all sorts of things!

It’s your personal choice as to which method you prefer. Whatever you decide, it would be wise to check around first online or perhaps ask your friends if they’ve had a reading and who would they recommend. A good quality reading will leave you feeling empowered, perhaps even confirming any intuitive ‘flashes’ you may have already received. You’ll know a good reading because it will confirm what you already know. Listen to your body… it always tells the truth.