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image of woman holding a goblet with a fish representing the Page of Cups tarot

Date: 19.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 19th June 2018

The Page of Cups is the deliverer of news and there will be lots of it for you in the coming months. You will need to be prepared to make some changes. Don’t expect to do it all at once. It is for your greater good.

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Winter Solstice Predictions

Date: 17.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

Winter Solstice Messages

The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st of June every year. You might notice your moods change. Be better prepared to feel more fabulous in the colder months. Watch this video from Rose Smith.

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image of a woman in the cold winter feeling moody

Date: 17.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

How Does Winter Affect Our Moods?

We can never underestimate the link between people’s overall well-being and the weather. When temperatures plummet, so too can our moods. Read these great tips from Rose Smith to help you cope with your feelings during the colder months.

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a king holding a sword tarot card

Date: 12.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 12th June 2018

The Ace of Swords tarot card has been drawn this week which means great news if you are thinking about a new venture. A time to think “out with the old and in with the new”. Thinking about a new relationship? Find someone with the same outlook as you.

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image of a woman on a chariot surrounded by the two sphinx

Date: 05.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 5th June 2018

You have the reigns in your hands this week. You are in charge of your destiny! You will be moving forward thanks to your determination and tenacity. If you are struggling to make an important decision this week, think teamwork!

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image of naked woman with the wheel of fortune drawn on her back

Date: 29.05.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 29th May 2018

Things are changing and finally going your way this week as the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card has been drawn by Rose Smith. Now is the time for taking on significant change such as travelling, starting a new career or an important relationship.

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images of 12 animals to discover your personality

Date: 24.05.18 Author: Rose Smith

Animal Messengers

The animals you feel most drawn to can often share more insight about your personality and character traits. What does your animal messenger reveal about you? Watch this short video from Rose Smith.

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image of pentacles symbol hovering above the hand of a beautiful woman

Date: 22.05.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 22nd May 2018

If you have been thinking about the future then it’s time now to start laying the foundations. Include some type of learning in your plans if you feel drawn to this card. Relationships will be steady and secure. Connecting with nature will bring you joy too.

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Date: 15.05.18 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 15th May 2018

The Hierophant Tarot Card has been drawn this week and from Rose Smith’s interpretation… please ignore the expectations of others and do what your heart tells you to do. Follow your heart in both your relationships and career.

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video interview with psychic mitchell

Date: 11.05.18 Author: Psychic Mitchell

Video Interview with Psychic Mitchell

Mitchell is a passionate soul who is dedicated to helping others lead a more happy and fulfilling life. Mitchell explains how he is a channel between you and Spirit… he can see, hear and feel the energy around you. Watch this lovely short video interview.

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