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Job Tips for Your Star Sign

Date: 14.07.23 Author: Rose Smith

Job Tips for Your Star Sign

What is the best job type for your star sign? The 12 zodiac signs are related to the 4 elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Rose Smith explains the main traits of each star sign based on the 4 elements, and the best job for you. A good read!

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Winter Solstice Predictions

Date: 19.06.23 Author: Rose Smith

Winter Solstice Messages

The Winter Solstice occurs between the 21st and 23rd of June every year. You might notice your moods change. Be better prepared to feel more fabulous in the colder months. Watch this video from Rose Smith.

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a cute brown and white dog with pointy ears featured on a studio 10 image

Date: 19.06.23 Author: Rose Smith

Are You Compatible with Your Pet – Studio 10 Interview

Are You Compatible with Your Pet’s Star Sign? Watch this fun interview with Rose Smith on Studio 10. She explains your pet’s personality based on their astrology.

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images of 12 animals to discover your personality

Date: 12.05.23 Author: Rose Smith

Which Animal Are You?

Discover more about your personality! Simply choose the animal you feel most drawn to from our ‘Which Animal Are You?’ grid, and then read your personality interpretation by Rose Smith.

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image of woman flirting with another man behind her partner's back

Date: 10.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

Mixed Signals

You are in love with someone…but do they love you back? Sometimes we get what we think are love signals….all mixed up. You can determine if they ‘really are in to you’ after reading this article.

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Is Ophiuchus the 13th Starsign Interview with Studio 10

Date: 24.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

Is Ophiuchus a Real Starsign?

Has NASA discovered a 13th sign of the Zodiac? Not really. In fact the discovery of this 13th ‘zodiac sign’ – Ophiuchus – is not new. Watch this Studio 10 interview where Rose explains how the Western Astrology system can be stunningly accurate.

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an eye appearing in a circular portal on a magical lake

Date: 13.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

Apportation – Fact or Fiction

Is Apportation a real phenomenon? The terms Apportation, Teleportation and Materialization are used interchangeably. But there is reported evidence around the world about objects disappearing mysteriously. Rose looks into this fascinating subject.

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How to Get Your Mojo Back to Live Your Heart's Desires

Date: 09.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

How to Get your Mojo Back and Live Your Heart’s True Desires

Feel like you have lost your mojo? Your personal power? Your motivation? If you want your mojo back, you have to take action. It is possible to restore your mojo and regain your inner spark with an achievable action plan. Read these great tips.

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clairvoyant and spiritual woman with psychic tools to do a reading

Date: 08.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

Clairvoyant Readings – For Your Guidance

It is true that a problem shared is a problem halved. And a Clairvoyant reading really can be helpful during challenging times. Clairvoyants are special individuals who have the gift of seeing beyond the physical realm (second sight).

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Image of 4 of Wands Tarot Card in womans hand

Date: 28.01.23 Author: Rose Smith

4 of Wands – Hello Happiness & Joy

The Four of Wands Tarot Card is a Minor Arcana card in the tarot deck. A minor card represents normal everyday life and when reversed, can symbolize those normal human challenges that we all must face at some point.

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