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What does the Winter Solstice Symbolize?

What Does Winter Solstice Symbolize?

Pick a Winter scene numbered 1 to 12 where you feel most drawn to that picture. Don’t overthink your choice. Just go with your intuition! Picking a scene will show what the winter solstice symbolizes for you.

Read the interpretations below for your choice (scroll down). Choose what resonates with you! Or watch the video! Don’t forget to turn up the volume! The music is FAB and uplifting!

Winter Solstice Interpretations

No. 1 Earth

Possible Physical Challenges Ahead but Eventual Success! 

You can find solutions now and get things done. Delays are possible but persistence pays off. Enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the outcome. Eventually you will be glad of this path despite challenges encountered. You are stronger for this experience. Well done!

No. 2 Earth

You May Be Feeling Isolated.

But here’s an opportunity to find inner strength and wisdom to use in the physical world. Now is the time to be alone to find your deepest needs & desires. It’s all about you now, so don’t be unduly influenced by others who don’t really understand the situation. Time alone is an investment in you! Seek the truth within so that you may accomplish your goals.

No. 3 Earth

Your Path in Life is Straight and Clear.

Follow your own inner guidance to fulfill your life’s mission. Deep within you at the heart of your being, there is guidance. Listen to yourself & you will achieve everything you are meant to. Occasionally words of wisdom will come from another, mirroring your own inner guidance. The Universe supports you!

No. 4 Fire

Wild Fires of Inspiration Arise Within You.

To overcome physical barriers. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to effectively channel your creativity. Whatever inspires you, practice it daily! Be a light for the world and  show your true colours. The world needs you to stand up now and do things differently. We need your special sauce!

No. 5 Fire

Harness Your Creativity and Shine a Light for Others.

You have the power to step up when things get tough. Use your creativity to find ways to overcome blocks. Get out of the ruts in life’s road and show your true light. Going within will help you shine, so meditate daily. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

No. 6 Fire

Build Yourself Up Now!

And with confidence to accomplish real things. With careful planning and inspiration, your actions are likely to manifest into physical reality. Don’t be overly concerned with challenges because the Universe is supporting your goals. Your rewards will soon come. Divine Spirit flows through your veins and your life.

No. 7 Air

Thoughts Take Flight.

Be careful what you wish for. Your thoughts have real power now. You’re more powerful than you know. Do some mental housekeeping to keep your thoughts clean and useful. Sweep out all negativity and clean up your act so you can manifest all you really want. Take time out to plan your desires. Prepare yourself mentally to plant new seeds.

No. 8 Air

You Are Spiritually Guided Now.

Your thoughts ascend to the Heavens. You are spiritually guided now. Love and your heartfelt desires occupy your mind during the winter time. Listen to the quiet small whispers in the depths of your heart. Deep down within there is a yearning for something so pay attention within. You can reach your heart’s desires by staying open.

No. 9 Air

Busy Mental Activity Occupies Your Mind Now.

You can plan now for later success. But don’t overthink things. Remember to be balanced spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Your ideas are good and you are laying mental foundations to achieve your goals later. Be careful who you discuss your plans with. Avoid the negative nellies and you’ll be fine.

No. 10 Water

Contained Emotions Will Help You in the Face of Challenge.

You can control of yourself even if you face difficulty. You can control your emotions and find inner peace. A beautiful contentment cannot be shaken. So find this within during the colder months. Others will look at you in wonder as they try to figure out your secret to success.

No. 11 Water

You’re Both Free and Protected at the Same Time!

Your emotions take form. You are capable of having balanced emotions whilst finding the depths of your Soul. These qualities are rare in this OTT world. You can plan, feel and achieve with the guidance of Spirit in all things as you are not ruled by your emotions. Well done and keep on keeping on!.

No. 12 Water

Powerful Emotions Rise to the Surface.

Learn to surf your emotions to get where you want to go. Your powerful emotions can fuel you to achieve now. Use them to get what you really want, but don’t be ruled by them. Your subconscious will give you messages through others. Listen and evaluate if these messages are true for you. You have the means to find out the truth.

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