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Numerology Calculator – Soul Contract Calculator

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Numerology & Soul Contract Calculators

Welcome to our Numerology and Soul Contract Calculator which is below!

Soul Contracts are our ‘cosmic blue print’ – agreements we make pre-birth concerning our current incarnations here on Earth. Basically, we lay out a rough guideline of our life mission and the things we need to accomplish in our spiritual evolution. Numerology explains the vibrations around us as we chose to incarnate at a specific time in a specific place. Therefore, Soul Contracts and Spiritual Numerology are very much intertwined.

Numerology Origins

The science of Numerology goes back to 6th Century BCE (about 2,600 years ago). It was developed by Pythagoras and others in ancient Greece, Babylon and Egypt. In addition, Pythagorean numerology is considered to be one of more well known streams of numerology and numerologist Pythagoras was hugely influential in the development of numerology as a divinatory and spiritual practice.

Other types of numerology include Babylonian, Kabbalistic, Chinese and Chaldean Numerology, to name just a few. Although many original manuscripts and writings have been lost, the basis of numerology revolves around the fact that all numbers and letters of the alphabet have a distinct frequency. The combination of our names and birth date give rise to certain vibrations in our lives. Read on for valuable insights on your Ruling, Life Path, Destiny, Day and Personal Year numbers.

Additionally, there are many other factors which also need to be considered (e.g. the number of the house/unit in which you live) for a full picture of exactly what is happening in your life. All numbers have both “positive” and “negative” influences. Numerology is based on the single digits 0-9 and special double digit numbers known as Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33. Get your free numerology reading below by using our numerology calculators.

Lucky Numbers for your Life!

There are several important core numbers in numerology – Destiny (or Expression), Life Path, Ruling, Day and Year. We have various free numerology calculators below. Use them all or calculate them manually as suggested if you wish to understand who you are and make predictions about where you’re going! They are lucky for you because they will help you

Destiny Number (aka Expression Number)

This indicates the path that you will take through your life’s journey. It is associated with certain traits, strengths, challenges, and life lessons. Also it is connected to your life mission that is, the real reason why you incarnated to planet Earth. This will help you gain insight into your purpose in life and to make better decisions.

Enter Your Details Below

1. Your Name Calculation – Destiny Number

This numerology number is the total of all consonant and vowel letters used to calculate your name. It reveals who you will become in life and what you are moving towards. It is related to the energies in your life mission which is not necessarily what you want but what you need. You know like the Rolling Stones song of similar name!

Use the calculator below. Or to manually calculate your Expression Number, add up the totals underneath the letters of your name as per the following chart:

numerology table a to z and 1 to 9

eg: The Expression Number based upon name of Tony John Smith is:

then add 6+4=10,
then add 1+0=1. Tony’s is a 1.

Let us work out your Expression Number

Enter your name below:


2. Life Path Number Calculator

The Life Path number is considered to be an important core number of numerology.

Select your date of birth:

Your life path number is:

3. Calculate Your Ruling Number – Indicates Your Inner Personality

The Ruling Number represents the inner you, it is your real nature. Every Ruling Number represents certain personality traits, strengths, challenges and life lessons. It is associated with the frequency of your full name and can provide great insights into your inner nature.  Numerologists use the Ruling Number to help you gain insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses and to make better decisions in life.

Tony was born on the 1st January 1970, so based on his date of birth:

then add 1+9=10,
then add 1+0=1.

Zeros come into a special category because in numerology they are regarded as numbers. They often represent a place of limbo, the void, waiting – the person must learn patience. This corresponds to the Hang Man card in Tarot. Tony’s ruling number is 1. Always bring the number back to a single digital as numerology is based on the vibrations 1 to 9.

Enter your D.O.B. below:
Format: day/month/year

4. Numerology Calculator – Your Day Number

The Day Number is associated with the frequencies present on the day of your birth. It can provide insights into your natural and unconscious tendencies. This along with the other important numerological numbers mentioned, form a type of personality template for the rest of your life. It’s not about what you think you want but more about a person’s true heart’s desires from deep down in the unconscious.

Day Number

To find Tony’s day number (which gives further depth advising of secondary characteristics, which are sometimes unconscious), add the numbers of the day and month of his birthday, 1+1=2. Tony’s is 2.

Let us work out your Day Number

Enter your D.O.B. below:
Format: day/month/year


5. Personal Year Number

The Personal Year Number gives us insights into the overall themes, challenges, and opportunities of a given year in your life. It is derived from the Year Number (the sum of all the numbers in a given year) and your Day Number. It has its own unique vibrational meaning, which can influence events, circumstances, and personal growth. Also, it is specific to you and reflects your individual journey, while the year number is a more general representation of the collective energies of the year for the whole world.

So you can find the numerological influences for a particular year, add the day and the year numbers, e.g. for 2005 Tony is going into a 9 year, a year of letting go of the past, 2+2+0+0+5=9.

Let us Generate your Personal Number

Enter a year below:

In 2023 as a 9, Tony will let go of old situations so he will need to wait until 2024 for new frequency of a 1 year to arrive. He can then successfully begin new relationships, work or projects. See the purple number buttons below to find out what your number means.

To briefly summarise, the numbers in your numerology chart are a useful and insightful tool for self-awareness and personal growth. They help you to understand yourself and your numerology compatibility with other people.  Furthermore, making informed decisions using numerology calculations gives you accurate forecasts into the future by date. Life challenges can be predicted and remedied with the help of a numerology report.

So go ahead and click your relevant numbers to see what they mean for you in your life:

Number Meanings

Please click on your number below.

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