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Hi my name is Carolyn and I have been psychic since birth. From the age of 12, I worked with my mother who is also psychic. At 17 years I was reading face-to-face with many clients on my own.

When you call, you will experience a coming together of clairvoyance and a spiritual realisation that all things are given to us by our Creator.

I have been a practising psychic all my life. My psychic abilities extend to the following tools such as:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Channelling
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Angel Readings
  • Lost and Found
  • Love-Mates and Money

Let me help you open the doors around you, in order that you may grant yourself the gift of a better quality of life. I earned a fellowship at the age of 17 and have dedicated my life to sharing my gift with you.

My focus is on new beginnings and to bring miracles in to your life; to help you unlock doors that will take you to places you have only dreamt about. My approach is straight forward, being non-judgmental with passion. My gift allows me to advise you on any topic with accuracy.

If you would like a reading with me please use my ID No. 2017.

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Country: US
Starsign: Sagittarius
ID Code: 2017


(Higher rate for calls from a pay phone and mobile phone, callucopia)

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Carolyn is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 100 Rated Reviews.

Thank you so much for the chat tonight Carolyn. I really needed it. Can’t wait for things to come to fruition. I always feel happy and uplifted after talking to you. Thankyou for being here and listening. Love <3

V :)
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V :) review:

Hi V. Please stay with your optimism as you expect the best possible outcome in all that you do. Seeing your destination and the steps that it takes to get there, with a cheerful frame of mind that enables you to reach your goals, even when it seems that things have gone awry. The essence of your optimism is that it enables you to hold your head high, and claim your future for yourself, and not abandon it to any person or thing. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn you are amazing and what you see... you pick up on things I have not even mentioned. You are the most beautifully spoken reader I have ever met, and I love your in-depth knowledge on what is going on around me and my Mr Handsome. You make me feel safe and reassure me that I am on the right path and there is nothing to worry about. Thankyou... AMAZING READER WHOEVER IS WONDERING! 100/100

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rosa review:

Rosa your strong enthusiasm is a cure as you give love and receive it. Love is not something that we must create, it is the both of you. It is your fundamental energy that nourishes you. It is your birthright - the way in which we are Healed. Your love is unconditional that shows respect and the uniqueness of you and Mr. Handsome. This empowers each of you to take responsibility for your own well-being together. Thank you for your review. :)


I just love you Carolyn - I love how you always leave me feeling hopeful and uplifted. I look forward to more of your predictions coming true.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Linda review:

Hi Linda. Thank you for your review. Because you are sincerely honest in your dealings with others, this is an aid towards enhancing your own attributes. Around you I see love, care, support and strength, and the assistance from the higher power. :)


Just had the most amazing reading with Carolyn. What a beautiful reader. She was able to put me in a state of calmness and reassure me with her accuracy in tuning in. I will definitely be speaking to her again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sophia review:

Hello Sophia. Your willingness to magnify and lift your voice without fear or apprehension and giving gratitude for what you have - what a beautiful serenade to the world that nourishes you. You raise a generation of sacred songs of love that we all need. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn I thank you for your reading. Everything you said resonated with my situation. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with you. Thank you again Carolyn.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Bec review:

Hello Bec. In your reading, words of healing were beautifully spoken for Body, Mind and Spirit, which we both could truly understand. The magic power of your words is what will transform your life. Let this power heal you, instruct you and entertain you. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn you absolutely soothe my soul and it’s definitely had a battering of late. Thankyou for your uplifting words and with your guidance and insights I keep the faith that all will be better than I expected. I appreciate you immensely. Much Love.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Natalie review:

Natalie you have a remarkable capacity for self-healing, and you are tapping in on it. And this is recognized in every thought, word and behavior that affects not only you emotionally but also you physically and spiritually. Paint this picture and bring it to life, Thank you for your review.


Sorry we got cut off Carolyn. Thank you very much for your insightful reading and I enjoyed speaking with you. Thank you. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mandy review:

Hello Mandy. You already know that you are useful, and that your significance is not just rooted in the things that you do. The life that you have created is meaningful that is bringing such dignity to your spirit, as you establish and trust that you are on the right path. Thank you for your review. :)


Thankyou Carolyn. Your readings have given me faith in what the universe has in store for me. You have been able to see exactly what is going on around me and give clarity to the situation. Your readings are accurate & packed full of insight. It’s an absolute blessing to connect with you. Warmest wishes to you Carolyn. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nichole review:

Hi Nichole. There is a divine force watching out for you that invites you to stand tall and listen to the highest creations, as you locate and choose what needs to be healed. Thank you for putting these words in my heart to give the reading. So spread your arms wide, and your heart wider. Grow your options for speaking from love. And help the healing medicine rise to meet your voice. Thank you for your review. :)


I always enjoy talking to Carolyn. I feel clearer and calmer and much lighter after talking to her. She gives me support in a way that I haven't found before. She is welcoming and very thorough and accurate. I highly recommend her. She will brighten your day.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Melina review:

Dear Melina. As I think of you, I am seeing your beauty inside and all around you, because you choose to be happy. Remember any unkind word that you hear will pass, but your beauty will always remain. The body that you have is exactly what you need to be fully human, fully awake, and fully alive. Your faith and love will always shatter hate, as you emerge into the light. Thank you for your review. :)


Just had a reading with Carolyn from USA, it was wonderful. She always uplifts me when I feel down and helps me imagine and feel and expect a beautiful outcome. I feel like I am listening to an Angel talk, her words and voice soothe and inspire. Thank you and God bless!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Grace review:

Hello Grace. In the depth of your winter, I see in you an invincible summer as truth is the conviction that everything will turn out well, and the certainty that something makes sense. There is no medicine like hope and no tonic so powerful as expectations of the beautiful day as well as your tomorrows. Thank you for your review. :)


Thank you for your insightful words and for bringing me hope Carolyn. I feel joyful and prepared for what lies ahead. You shone a light so bright for me to see the truth and I feel blessed as I never expected to receive such happiness. I will remain strong and believe in myself. You have been inspirational and I feel more at peace... Stay safe and sending you love. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tanya review:

Thank you Tanya for your review, I always pray that my readings will be the source of a smile, as you work, love, rest, see, learn and report. These are your givens as you allow yourself to trust joy and embrace them. With this joy, you prolong your life and see it with deeper and more effective clarity. :)


Thank you so much for being there Carolyn. Love talking to you. You always voice my thoughts, feelings and make things clearer. I have stopped speaking to other readers and always look at your availability, sometimes coming online and seeing you online gives me insight on what action to take. Thank you so much for everything. :-)* <3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hello V. As blessings extend in all directions around you, healing words offer a wealth of anecdotes, reflections, and grace that give fresh insight into your journey. No holy hunger - just fulfillment that touches you. Thank you for your review.


Always lovely to talk to you Carolyn. Thankyou for the reading tonight. Much appreciated.

Linda AUS
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Linda AUS review:

Linda, you always show me a delightful quality associated with harmony of form or color - a quality of feature that is most effective and gratifying. Remember that your angels are never asleep. Your focus is on positive, never negative, so there will not be any pangs of desire. Your angels are always working for and with you. Thank you for your review.


A very true reader that has an amazing understanding and is able to analyse any situations beyond what is obvious. I found her predictions to come through. I had a few readings with Carolyn over the past 12 months. I found that she is the top reader that I go to when I am really confused and I need help. She’s proven to be one of the best in the field for me. Thank you Carolyn. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dorota review:

Dorota your spirit is perfect, divine, and healing, not ever broken. Therefore your spirit illuminates everything - your great love of life. Thank you for always leaving the door open and thank you for your review.


This lady is a clear line to source... I appreciate you so much and your gift of insight... you are incredible... you can see, feel and hear and so many accurate readings throughout my difficult situation that has helped me more than anything or anyone else... You're Amazing. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Liz review:

Liz, hello and thank you for your review. I see that you have become your own version of an optimist. If you cannot make it through one door, you'll go through another door. Sometimes terrific will come, no matter how dark the present. I can hear you saying “I'll make another door”, and when you are where you need to be, I see a smile and you telling yourself well done. :)


Sorry I got cut off and didn't get to thank you Carolyn. It was a lovely reading - I was really enjoying listening to you speak. Thank you for always being so helpful, kind and to the point. Lots of love :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hello V and thank you for your review. There is not a trace of helplessness in you, therefore giving up or quitting does not follow you. I can see that you have the belief that whatever you do does matter. :)


Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for your beautiful reading. Always so uplifting & empowering! Sorry the phone cut us off short.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Hi B. Step by step you build your life, and the earth is happy that you are here and will always honor you. As our star seeds came together for our reading, you’re all set as your soul takes off, observing the words of your guides making it possible to succeed in everything thing that you do. Thank you for your review. :)


Oh I could cry… I was so touched by my reading with Carolyn, I wish I could have her as a dear friend! Incredible reading, she literally reads your mind, answers your questions you are thinking, without even asking them. It was the best reading of my life and that’s saying a lot. Beautiful Carolyn, thankyou so, so much. Your reading and your gift is very touching. I am very touched.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Krystal review:

Hi Krystal. It is beautiful to meet you, and to know that you know your value, and that it's not for others to reflect your merits back at you. This is not forgotten because you remember the miracle that brought you here. You have also earned your place… let's hang a medal of honor on your own jacket. Know too that you give above and beyond, and that's more than enough. Many thanks for your review. :)


Thanks again Carolyn for putting my mind at ease. You were right, a much better outcome than expected and relief all round. So much information and you know exactly when I'm thinking about another question and stop and say Yes, I'm listening. You know me so well. God blesses us in many ways and you truly are a blessing. xx

Miss Natalie
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Miss Natalie review:

Hello Miss Natalie. It is wonderful to know that there is no fear in your expressions of love, because in these moments you realize that love moves in one direction - out of you… and that is all that matters. You understand that what you give out comes back in its way, and not always in the form we expect. Trust that there is enough love in the spaces where we thought love had left. Your faith is open to all forms of love which is always moving around you. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn is an amazing reader, consistent and accurate and very comprehensive in all details. I have had many readings with Carolyn and can't thank her enough for her compassion and ongoing support. I highly recommend Carolyn.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mel review:

Hi Mel. As you prepare for challenges in advance - knowing that your efforts will bring success - you have created a place that is safe, secure and a beautiful sense of belonging. You honor yourself and others by taking the time to get clear, what works, where it went wrong, what can make it right. You communicate this cleanly, without projection and blame. With this you develop trust and honesty, removing obstacles, and forming a broad, stable base at the root. Thanks Mel for your review. :)


Thankyou Ma for talking to me last night. I feel so much like my mum is talking to me whenever we speak. You have given me so much clarity and reassurance of what I feel. Whenever I speak to you it feels like my soul is voicing my feelings and thoughts via you. You have never wasted my time and are always conscious that we don't waste our money. I am grateful to you. Thankyou Carolyn. Love and light. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hello V. I am thankful for this day of freedom to see you walk in an expected spirited path. Eager to see where the path leads… tempting fate with frolic and intrigue. And happy to shake yourself up if things become too settled. As your body moves in the way it most wants to, come close and whisper that there is room for so much more. Thank you for your personal touch. :)


Sending to you all my love dear one!! I feel so blessed and so joined with you at this amazing time in our lives. What a beautiful and knowing reader you are of life and everything that is. God Bless you Carolyn.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie-Anne review:

Julie-Anne, thank you for your review. You showed me the capacity of your vastly expanding heart. As you lean toward the comfort of infinite love, you have the ability to inspire this love everywhere you go. :)


Thank you so much Carolyn! You have helped me in so many ways!!! I'm truly grateful!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Hi B. As any challenge does strengthen the mind, as the work that you do strengthens the body, more blessings are given when difficulties are overcome. Thank you for your review.


Thank you Carolyn! I always come away from your readings feeling empowered!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

When I read your review B, I felt a warm and pleasant feeling all over. Feelings of love, compassion, joy, and happy to know that the fullness of life is still unlocked. Knowing that you are enough and more, no denial, bringing peace for today which creates a vision for tomorrow. :)


I didn’t have to say anything. Carolyn picked up my issues and situation immediately. Thanks you for a beautiful and encouraging reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Therese review:

Your eyes are not foggy as they reveal the new awareness. You are energized with a forward direction. You have wiped away accumulated things… now you speak your truth. Let the gems that sparkle the brightest help you concisely make your point. Thank you for your review Therese. :)


Dear Carolyn. Thank you so very much to share your gift of channelling, reading and guidance thru my dark times... it's absolutely amazing how you can see deeply into me, my soul and the situation.
and show me the path... you're an angel. <3 <3

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Liz review:

I see you dressed in the sacred robe of love Liz. I see how you shower others with generosity. You are an open vessel despite the ways that you have been hurt. It is not love that have hurt you, it is how it is being returned. Stay committed to love, for love begets love, joy attracts the joyful, well being draws good health. As you take this to heart it will echo back from others. Continue being a spendthrift with your love. :)


Thank you Carolyn for your excellent reading. It was accurate and you answered my questions, giving me peace and comfort. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sandii review:

The day of spiritual grounding is here Sandii. Your feet are on solid ground and you serve yourself well. Lift your eyes to recognize and take in what supports and sustains you. You are shown your purpose, and yes… celebrate you as you remind your ‘self’ of what it took to get to where you are. Thank you for your review.


Carolyn is the best!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

As you restore and soothe your senses, as you calm your voice, the hands that make gestures when you speak, the spine that holds your body… hush the room that you stay in, and pacify yourself. Neutrality melts you down and seals your ‘self’ in a womb of peace, as peace will stay with you. Thank you for your review B. :)


Thanks again Carolyn for your compassionate, clear & insightful reading regarding my relationship - I'm happy to see how things evolve with gratitude & love. I appreciate your caring attitude, deep insight & accuracy.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jane review:

Jane, as you put words into gifts and represent them fairly and fully, call up the deepest and most electric seed in you the truth of your accomplishments and your abilities. As you see yourself shine - no puffing or posturing, no faking… take small bites, digest the pieces one at a time in a way that makes sense to you as you give thanks for a day of completely believing in yourself. I thank you for your review. :)


Wonderful readings. Insightful and from a pure and accurate psychic stream connection with love. One of the most true souls on this planet. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anna review:

Hi Anna. As you navigate away from the things that have happened, it is unnerving, and we cannot unmake them… only carry them for a little while so that you may feel the weight lighten. Give them up to the heavens, not to hurry up and get over them, but to ask for small spaces of respite between the waves. My prayers will always go out to you. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn, thank you for your wise words to help me through this situation. Very much appreciated. Kind regards.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jan review:

Hi Jan and thank you for your review. You are never alone with what you are facing, this can be reversed… there is no power that can hold you back. Remember in the reading… results may be slow in coming but you will hold your own, and that nothing physical or emotional will ever hold you down. I hear your voice each day and I reflect on those words. Take care and the feeling of power, accomplishment and control will always greet you. :)


Thank you Carolyn! Love chatting with you and hearing your insights.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

I am so happy to see that you are not looking outside of yourself for strength and confidence but know that it comes from within, and that it is there all the time. Thank you for your review. :)


Carolyn you are amazing! Thank you so much for the uplifting reading tonight. Romance has always been a struggle in my past, but you have given me great confidence in moving forward. Much love. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Hi B and much love to you. As your days become a wonderful excursion interspersed with episodes of hurrying up and waiting, enjoy the thrill of the ride. To see your journey clearly is to be liberated from all that is not to your liking. You are freeing yourself and doing all that is possible with the means that you have. Proceed in Spirit as the way opens up to you. Thank you for your review. :)


I enjoy my late night insights and encouragement from Carolyn. She is not only my spiritual guide but a teacher and mentor. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to John review:

Hello John. An open-eyed assessment and appreciation of yourself, using who you are to stretch as far as you can go. Relish what is satisfying rather than what is sad. You work, you love, you rest, you see and learn and report. These are your givens, with a firm belief that joy prolongs your life. As you trust and embrace this, you will find that you dance with everything. Thank you for review. :)


Nice lady. Positive, wise, helpful insights. Took me as an Aussie a minute or two to get used to her distinct accent.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Glenn review:

Hello Glenn, I thank you for your review and happy that speech got better along the way xox. As you look forward to the beautiful days of change, you will see things with newborn eyes. If there were blockages, they are cleared. The flow of goodness from you and the flow of goodness to you, is manifestation, for you are in a space where life is growing. I am so looking forward to going with you on your wonderful journey. :)


Thank you Carolyn. I always feel better after talking to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Monita review:

Hi Monita. More and more you acknowledge and accept what you feel, without criticism or blame. Inside yourself or outside, you never can change what you see, but you can change the way that you see it. As you take it the way that it happens, remember that you have the power to make it happen the way that you want to take it. Thank you for your review. :)


Dear Carolyn, thank you for reading for me the other day. Hope me and this man come together in the future. I felt a lot better after taking to you. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Seema review:

Seema, I was very happy to read for you. Position yourself for balance and make bold declarations about who you are, what you need and see yourself there. Know that you are enough and need no reminders. The divine source of connection will always point you to the beauty and the strength that's inside of you. Thank you.


Carolyn you are simply an angel!!! You understood me from the get-go the other night, and you picked up on my situation with this other man immediately. I miss him so much and you helped me to see more clearly. You gave me hope. Thank you again lovely lady. When I start to feel down again, I'll always remember your words. I look forward to keeping you updated. Lots of hugs. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Press pause on your thoughts and concerns. Tune out all but your radiant resonance of your being, connect to your breath. Situate yourself comfortably, turn off the chatter in your mind. Go to a quiet place and lie down and indulge in sacred. Thank you so much for your lovely review.


Thank you so much Carolyn, your prediction came to pass in 3 months. I’m so happy with what you said tonight. It’s good to get a reminder that I’m on the right track :) I look forward to the next 3 that’s going to show up, maybe a proposal.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rachael review:

Rachael, dismiss your desire to work things out all by yourself, to jump up and write things down, to tend the many loose ends. Position a blank backdrop all around you and release all tension. Let everything drain out of you and into the Earth and carry on. Thank you for your refreshing review.


Thankyou so much for confirming everything I felt Carolyn. Always amazed by your accuracy and to the point readings. Love your readings so much. Highly recommended. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Love and light. :) xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hi there V. As we see the beautiful days of change, as you feel the cleansing rain, wow… please bathe in the distilled waters of evolution. More divine grace is still ahead of you. With thankful heart for your beautiful review.


Carolyn is a very centred and focussed reader with very laser sharp accuracy in clarifying my issues. Being intuitive myself she was confirming what I already picked up on. It helped though to have a fellow reader to eliminate doubt. Absolutely wonderful reading. Highly recommended.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie review:

Hi Julie, it is clear to me that you have come to a spiritual understanding of who you are… not necessarily religious, but deep down your own spirit within. This always gives you total control. Many thanks for your review. :)


10/10 Amazing - I felt a bit uneasy using this service because I had never done it before. But within the first minute of talking to Carolyn I felt at ease and knew I could trust her gifts. Carolyn didn’t mess around answering my questions! Straight to the point but still gave plenty of detail. Carolyn gave a much clearer view of my foggy intuition. I cannot thank you enough. Take care. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nickie review:

Hi Nickie, thank you for your review. Please let your intuition lead you wherever it wants. As you listen to what it is telling you, look inside of your self, knowing that the strength and the confidence will always be there. xx


Carolyn thank you for your beautiful reading tonight 23/9/19. I love talking to you, you are a beautiful soul. Much blessings. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Catherine review:

Hi Catherine. As your journey into what lies beneath the surface becomes more rewarding, you appreciate the weight of your enduring spirit. Engulfed in the trust of your ability to hold the space inside rich with memories, offerings, passions, knowing that people are a work in progress, as you see the best in them and in yourself. Thank you for your review. :)


Thank you Carolyn for your words of guidance and for saying exactly how you see it. I wish I had more time with you to ask questions, but you covered most of it anyway in a short space of time. Thank you for the kind words and inspiration and telling me what I need to do because I know you are right.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R. review:

Hi R. It is a blessing to know that your belief does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. It is your strength that brings more of your world into the light, not suffering until the storm passes but coming out blazing with serene hope, therefore understanding the mysterious meaning of life as you confront and overcome obstacles. Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you for talking to me today Carolyn. Loved the analogy "I am like a new computer, always switched on" :) Really grateful to be able to speak to you, thank you so much. Lots of love :) x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hi V. Thank you for letting me speak to you, for you gave birth to more positive feelings - love, compassion, joy and hope in front of you. Making anxiety melt away without effort, making more sense of the past and peace for today, which creates a vision for tomorrow. I’m thankful for your review.


Dearest Carolyn. Thankyou for keeping me sane. Fur babies were found a little worse for wear. Such relief to have them back safe and sound. God bless. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nat review:

Hi Nat, I am very happy that your loved ones have returned home. The behavior change is not that they do not care, but are being more independent, social and curious. Your love will always be with them. Thank you for your review.


Hi Carolyn. You are amazing. I always call you when I feel like talking to someone, and your energy uplifts me every single time. You have never wasted time and you provide so much detail. I like that you are very upfront and also the fact you continue your healing process even after we hang up. Thank you so much. Lots of love. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hello V. You will soon experience a period of great creativity or productivity that will help you see clearer. Help is close at hand as you see the nurturing and talented person that you are. Harness your willpower, self-control and self-confidence and win. Thank you for your review. x


Thank you for always being so honest and true, you are a beautiful soul. You uplift me without sugarcoating anything, and you are always there through the really tough times. Carolyn you are just a breath of fresh air and my Angel of faith and healing. I will keep being true to myself. I love sharing this journey with you as you always make me feel so empowered after every reading. Love and light. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tatijana review:

Thank you Tatijana for your review. You will soon accomplish with love what force could not. You will calm fears with courage and perseverance. You may encounter and become an example of true strength and bravery. This chaos will work in your favor. x


I have had the blessing and delight of speaking to Carolyn over the past few years. Her ability to connect to the spirit realm is truly powerful. Carolyn’s unique and illuminating way of articulating messages and wisdom is like no other reader and her messages and visions are always clear, detailed, accurate and inspiring. Carolyn is one of a kind and a very special soul.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Steven review:

Steven, no traveller e'er reached that blest abode who found not thorns and briers in his road. As you catch your dreams that you don't see every day, go to places quite out of the way, going to places no other can get to. You have to get cold, and you have to get wet as you come through on the other side. Thank you for your heartfelt review.


I always find Carolyn to be honest, friendly and accurate. And very charismatic.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to John review:

Hi John. It is always with excitement I feel that you wake up each day wondering what your intuition will toss you, like gifts from the sea. Work with it… it is your partner. The only real valuable thing is intuition. So more and more listen and trust the healing words your intuition offers. Thank you for your beautiful review.


Thankyou for your kindness, honesty and happiness and simplicity in explaining things. You helped me a lot.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Allyson review:

Allyson, pursue the obstacle and you will be set free. If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere… so leap and the net will appear. Thank you for your lovely review. x


Love talking to Carolyn. Thank you so much for your reading :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to V. review:

Hi V. Thank you for your review. I am thankful for moments of grace that help heal. As you already know, grace is a happening rather than an achievement, a gift rather than a reward, as we praise the bridge that carried us over.


What a comforting reader. Carolyn, you are always guiding towards a positive outcome from the genuineness of your heart. Thankyou very much for your advice and inspiration. With gratitude.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Dear S. as you convey the messages you wish to unearth, at the seat of your soul there is a light. As you further investigate the range of your vision, let the light open doors to your imagination and create shapes… lines that rendezvous with the truth. With faithful heart please be content with what you have created. Thank you for your review.


Wow that was an amazing reading Carolyn. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. I feel so much better after speaking with you. Thank you so much. xox

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cherie review:

Cherie, there is a great deal of unmapped love within you. I have an existential map that says you are here written all over it. You do know where you are going, expect to get there. I welcome your review and thank you.


Thankyou Carolyn, a beautiful loving soul, always reading with compassion, understanding and non-judgement. Your ability to sum up how one feels is expressed perfectly accurate and quite inspiring. Your faith, belief and positivity guides me on my journey. I send my blessings to you Carolyn. What a wonderful soul you are!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Hi S. and thank you for your blessing as you are honoring your transformation. You are seeing the beautiful days of change. Your body is shifting, your skin is shedding, and you are not uncomfortable with what is leaving. The new branches bring more understanding as you welcome them, very sure of how to go forward, prepared for the new stage, trusting and loving yourself. Encourage yourself as you let go of what is passed.


I’ve had several readings with Carolyn in the last 12 months. Everything she has predicted has come true. I turned to her today because I am broken and needed to hear her soothing voice. I’ve felt her presence since day 1 and she has never left me. But dealing with everyday issues has been difficult but I have been trying. Carolyn has been an absolute angel to me and gave me the most powerful words.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Karen, nurture your higher mind… override any model of thinking which may lead to inner and outer war. As you reach for what clarifies, you are open to the shifts good medicine brings. As you expand you contract, the wings around your soul carry you up to higher reason and back. Dust off your feathers as you feel weightless with remembrance of why you are here, why you both are here. Thank you for your review.


Loved my chat with Carolyn. I received the answers I was looking for, and so look forward to someone getting his life in order so that we may start our new path.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lyn review:

Lyn, as you resolve that you will bring the whole man to it, as commitment turns into promises and hopes then plans… for everything that is faced cannot be changed, but cannot change until it is faced. Thank you for your warm review.


An amazing gifted woman with such a beautiful soul. Carolyn listens and guides you every step of the way. After speaking to her my fear stopped and my hope came back!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Suzy review:

Hello Suzy. Keep shining, keep smiling... forevermore you will remain in my thoughts. That's what your love has produced, for you have found your way into the secret places of the soul. Many thanks for your review.


Thank you for your uplifting reading last night Carolyn. Everything you said was accurate about my current situation and I now speak to my guardian angels everyday like you said to do. I will let you know how everything pans out. Thank you, lots of love and light. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dani review:

Hi Dani. I do believe that you trust yourself and you know how to live. Trust what moves you most deeply. Trust what life shows you… all that you need to know. Thank you for your review.


Carolyn you are awesome. Didn't have to say much, you picked up straight away and was spot on. I look forward to the coming days/weeks to see what unfolds. Love your positive energy, motivation and words of advice & encouragement. Will definitely contact you for another reading, thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tere review:

Hi Tere. Your birthright of love that you give and receive is the fundamental energy that nourishes you, it is unconditional love that is of respect that shows the uniqueness of you. The great love that you give empowers you to take responsibility for your own well-being, it makes more things in your life agreeable. Thank you for your review.


Amazing reading. Spot on! Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sarah review:

Hi Sarah and thank you for your review. You know who you are, and you are aware as before of where you are, and now each moment ahead of you will be a repeatable miracle. :)


Dearest Carolyn, what an incredible gift you have... thank you for my reading last night. I look forward to everything you said unfolding. You are the real deal, no information from me was needed and I appreciate your honesty and gentle way of communicating with me.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Crystal review:

Hi Crystal. I love the fact that you expect the best. Your optimism and your cheerful frame of mind enables you to sing even if the going gets ‘ruff’. Please keep your head high as you claim your future. Many thanks for your review.


Carolyn you are amazing... your energy is so uplifting. I had several readings from you and feel very blessed after. I thank you for your gift, it has been very beneficial to me.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alison review:

Hi Alison, you are like a beautiful stained-glass window. You sparkle and shine when the sun is out. When the darkness sets in, more of your beauty is revealed because you have a light from within. Thank you very much for your review.


A beautiful accurate reading giving me the guidance I needed in all areas of my life. Carolyn provided the help I needed and already I feel a sense of calm. She is an angel on earth and I thank you and feel blessed for the help you gave me, and direction I can take in my life in the future. Thank you, I feel blessed.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jenny review:

As you turn midnight into days, pain into power, the best way is through. Listen to the stiff wind and the vicious storm coming… the best way is through and you will never stop. You explain the storm away as you keep on kicking, not paralysed but strong and the blessings continue to come. Thank you Jenny for this review.


Carolyn & I spoke about 6 months ago. Much needed guidance & her words were very powerful & reassuring. This time, her predictions were accurate from our last reading, however there is some unfinished business with regard to the topic of conversation. I do feel THIS time I will be strong enough to do what’s best for me. “I am” is what I will tell myself every day. Blessings to you dear.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Karen, I am sure that you find wisdom to be a refreshing tonic and a graceful companion, for words create images that heal and the effects are powerful. Healing hidden in the words that you use every day. Thank you for your warm review.


Very nice talking to you Carolyn. Awesome reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kamini review:

Thank you for your review Kamini. There is nothing more precious than the relationship that you have with yourself. Space and devotion will always empower you as you engage with all that is.


I get so much in 15 mins. Truthful, clear, precise and so light. Thank you for helping me with B.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to A. review:

Hello A. You have been communicating all of your life, I see that you do not bite your tongue or compromise your faith. You know that the truth is never locked behind closed doors but is out in the open. Thank you so much for this review.


I have had a number of readings from Carolyn now. She is kind and thoughtful in her approach. I always feel much better after speaking to her as she brings an air of positivity and explanation in her approach.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Carol review:

Carol I pray that the floodgates of love and the sacredness of life remains open, and your journey continues to be rewarding. Your beautiful review is appreciated.


Thank you Carolyn for a beautiful reading, you are such a calm and gentle person. I am so looking forward to your predictions coming true. Also knowing that my beautiful parents are there to guide me and protect me makes everything worthwhile.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to G. review:

Thank you G. Let nothing keep you small and hidden, stand up and see the bright light of courage all around you. So arm yourself with this sword of light and you will understand more as you take steps to get there. Fill your lungs with assurance and hope.


Carolyn is a gifted reader who sends warm, loving energy with her accurate words. Will return for more of her insights.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kate review:

Kate, calm the butterflies if they are there. Recognize and encourage and trust that you are on top of it all. Put a balm of higher wisdom on your delicate heart. If there is a restlessness there trying to steer you away from your goal, take charge for you are captain of your journey. Thank you for your review.


Thank you for a lovely reading where you laid out the path forward, clear and concise and answered my questions in a lovely manner. Very thankful indeed. Spring it is!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynda review:

Hi Lynda, thank you for your review. I see the medicine of love and the transformation that leads to change. The light is in your heart as you stand on a foundation of faith while you take the next steps. Your motivations are clean, which gives you the tools to see near and far. Adjust your lenses often.



Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Joanne review:

Thank you Joanne, you remind me of humankind's greatest gift… "LOVE". From this moment on may you remain in the service of love. Adjust where needed, and stand your ground.


Love talking to Carolyn. She is very calming and very accurate.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Vandana review:

Vandana I felt an unusual sensation when I spoke with you, I know now that it is gratitude to have met you. Sit closely to things that do not feel good, remind yourself to rest when things seem confused, hold out your hands and help will be there. Thank you for this review.


She's honestly the best. I am psychic too and I am always happy to talk to her because I know she's actually amazing. Good vibes and warm hearted.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mila review:

Thank you Mila. The secret of union is to look beyond the door, in this act you will be unconsciously united in the spirit that holds the body and soul. x


Thankyou Carolyn for your kindness, comfort & accuracy - I feel inspired after my reading with you to go forward without fear knowing I am protected & loved... a heartfelt & connected psychic, I absolutely recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jane review:

Hi Jane. Strength, rest, guidance, help, and love. Just a partial list of blessings that are in store for you. Thank you.


A truly gifted and amazing reader. Actual events have unfolded the way I was told. And confirmed by the words of the individuals involved within the time frame given. Simply brilliant. Thankyou!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to I. review:

Your kindness is like a piece of heaven, for you are teaching your loved ones to look at the bigger picture. May each day get brighter and brighter for you. Thank you I. for your review.


You are a beautiful caring person and have made me feel special every time I have rung. Good advice and reading. Much aroha to you. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Fiona review:

Fiona it is wonderful people such as you, that make me realise just how much goodness there is in the world. Thank you, may you continue to be blessed.


Carolyn is so intuitive and her guidance is so pure and calming. I'm left feeling at peace and positive that all the love will return to me in future. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to N.B. review:

Hem your blessings with love N.B. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind to leave this review.


I just wanted to update you on my most recent reading. You said I will hear from M within 3 days (I did). He came over to talk things through… a lot of what you said came up. Your readings have always been consistent with this situation. You are definitely one of my most trusted readers. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rachael review:

Rachael may you be rewarded for your kindness and under love may you take refuge. I pray for delight and gladness in your life from now on. x


Thank you Carolyn for calming me when I was so emotional and fearful when I called. I hope what you see happens exactly how you see it & I’ll be back to confirm it with you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to R.L. review:

My heart-felt thank you R.L. for opening your heart to me during our reading. I hope the good deed is done and brings you peace. x


I love Carolyn, she has been consistent with her readings & picked up so many things accurately about the people concerned. I still have a little time to wait & be patient... but I can’t wait to be able to come back & validate the outcome when it does happen (possibly 3 months if that’s what the 3 represents in this case) which fits in with other readings.


Spoke to Carolyn twice. Clear, calm, concise. Spot on. Gave me hope. A great reading.


I want to say thank you Carolyn. Your readings never reach for information, never ask questions to gather information, only say what you see as it is revealed to you, your readings flow and are helpful and insightful. I have no hesitation writing this to recommend you as one of the truly gifted people on this line.


Thank you Carolyn for helping to put my mind at ease and to remember truth & love are always the way - you are a shining star. I am eternally grateful for your guidance at this very difficult time. xx


I have had many readings from the lovely Carolyn over the years. She is brilliant as far as I am concerned. To me she is the oracle, the seer, the wise and truthful guide. Speaking with Carolyn always resets me if I get a bit negative, she helps me face difficulties in a positive light and she has always been honest and accurate in readings. I love her to bits. We are so lucky to have a soul such as Carolyn here. She is the bees knees!


Thank you so much for your reading tonight. It was accurate, and helpful, you didn't even need me to confirm anything you said, though it was all correct. I feel a lot better after speaking with you and you put my mind at ease. I hope we talk again soon.


Once again Carolyn you bring out of the shadows and into the light. I so love your readings my dearest Earth Angel. May God always reign his glory upon you.


This was my second reading with Caroline & I had forgotten a lot of what was said in the first one but I remembered it being very positive & flowing with information. I wish I had written it all down. This time I called about a particular person & she tuned right in with no information given. It wasn't until after the reading when I've gone to write this feedback that I noticed my last review mentioned I'd look out for the dark featured man... well I can validate that the person I called about this time was in fact a dark featured man I recently met. She picked up on the situation accurately & I look forward to things unfolding by Summer.


Again, I want to say a big thank you to this beautiful soul. No waffle and so direct and so, so helpful. Thank you thank you dear Carolyn as always right on the mark.


Carolyn you were lovely & I didn't have to say a thing, you just kept rolling with the information and not wasting any time. I'm looking forward to what you see happening in my future & I'll definitely be taking your advice as well as keeping my eyes open for that dark featured man :)


Was feeling absolutely distraught about a very difficult situation. Luckily, I got Carolyn. This wonderful woman was a lifesaver. Honest, clear, connected, and supportive. Feeling blessed.


I love being with you. You speak to source which gives me the path to take. Thank you for sharing your vibration with me for me.


Carolyn, thank you for your readings over the years. Your calming voice, reassurance, honesty and wonderful insight has meant a lot to me over the years.


I have been privileged too, many times in the last months to have Carolyn read for me. I have gained great insight and clarity into my life. I understand more of the spiritual world and the physical manifestations and insights happening in my world. I have gratitude for Carolyn's calm and grounded words, enlightening my understanding each reading. Carolyn is a wonderful reader. God bless you Carolyn. x


Dearest Carolyn. You are my rock. You are professional and the real deal and I always feel better after speaking with you. You are in a league of your own!!! I feel blessed to have found you!!!!


I had my first reading with Carolyn last night and was not disappointed. She tuned into the situation and the people involved with ease and accuracy. Her approach is very respectful and encouraging. A gifted and kind lady.


Beautiful thankyou. x


Carolyn earth angel. U R the real deal. Very insightful without judgement and looking forward to it. Thanks to you. I recommend you to anyone who wants to manifest their dreams. xxx


Amazingly accurate every time I've called Carolyn. I feel & know she is on the ball.


WOW!! Thank you Carolyn for your amazing reading.... You were so accurate with what has 'been', what is in progress; my thoughts on what I want in my life; and I am now anticipating my future!! Your light shines brightly!! I am most grateful to you!!


I love this lady! I always receive a positive reading from Carolyn. She always takes the time to listen and she's never judgemental. She turns every negative situation into a positive one and makes you feel as though you are important. I never feel rushed and I feel as though she's genuine in the advice she offers. Thanks Carolyn. You are one of my favourites. x


I have had several readings with you over the past year and Carolyn you are truly phenomenal! The warmth, compassion, wisdom and clarity of your insights and general advice has been profound and your predictions unfailingly accurate. The connection I have felt with you has lingered well after the readings have finished and I have been left feeling both blessed and heartened by the beauty of your spirit. Many thanks dear Carolyn, you are a true angel!


Wow! You made me cry all these crazy emotions. Carolyn you are an Angel sent to me from above. Thank you for bringing some light on such a dark situation. I am truly blessed to have spoken to you tonight, the weight has been lifted I am feeling better in myself. I understand the reason behind what is happening and why and I will deal with things in the appropriate manner and move forward with all the valuable tools you have given me. I am feeling blessed to have spoken to such a wonderful and powerful woman like you. God Bless. You are amazing. xx


Carolyn, thank you so much for your wonderful reading with me. I finally have a true understanding of where I am at. You are so caring and insightful and you really got exactly what was going on and also gave me the guidance I needed to stay true to myself. It all came together with your reading.


Yet again another amazingly spiritual reading with Carolyn. I want to thank you beautiful lady that you are, for your patience with me over these past months, your consistency, for the connection I feel with you and for the love that shines so bright from within you. I know without a doubt, that even when my life is finally on track, I will still be calling just to say hello and I love you! xx

Miss A.

WOW!! I have had many readings with different readers from this site over the past six years but never have I felt I was speaking with an earth Angel. What a truly beautiful, gentle and gifted soul Carolyn is. The way she delivers her readings is absolutely amazing, I was totally entranced, not wanting to hang up! Her voice alone gives such a wonderful feeling of peace and calm. And if that isn’t enough, let me tell you, this woman will blow your mind with her accuracy. There are no words other than WOW, WOW and WOW that can best describe Carolyn! If you are looking for the genuine, the real thing, then look no further, this is the woman you need!! Thank you Carolyn from the bottom of my heart. xx


Carolyn is such a beautiful soul. I am amazed! Full of positivity, clear vision and love. She takes you to the different world, very, very spiritual. Thank you Carolyn for connecting with me. You made me feel so much at ease by throwing light on what is actually going on and what the other person's feelings are for me. You made me realise power of loving and trusting self and universe. Things you said about myself are so empowering. Your insights are amazing and you put a great deal in what you do. Your messages are clear and you deliver it so well! I'm looking forward to what you predicted to come true just the way you said it would :) I feel grateful that I crossed path with you. Thank you and God bless.


Carolyn you are always so patient and insightful. I look too deep and question the how’s, and your readings are teaching me to step back and allow the guides to do the work. Whenever I call, I say hello and my name and you accurately describe my mood and thoughts that day. I believe you really understand me and your vision is accurate. Your vision strengthens and adds to my feelings; you reassure me I am on the right path to happiness in many ways. The readings you give, the kind words you speak and the gentleness in your explanations always make me feel positive and refocused on getting my life back on track. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and kind hearted reader. xx


Beautiful reading with Carolyn. Carolyn was spot on with my current situation and really helped ease my mind. Her insight was amazing. Definitely recommend. Thank you Carolyn!


I had a reading on the 4/9/13. Carolyn was so very accurate! This is my third reading with her and yet again she picked up on my current situation and gave me an insightful understanding of what us actually happening. I feel she gets a very clear picture and has an amazing ability to read without any judgement - making for an honest and helpful result. Very happy. xx

Bianca VIC

Many thanks to Carolyn for her great reading skills. Her reading just flows out from her in a wonderful way. I trust what she read for me is going to be realised and accurate. I recommend her above many other readers.


Dear Carolyn, you lifted my spirits with your positivity, and u had clear insights into who I really am, and who the other person is. I really want to believe that what you said will come true, but I know that what you said about me reminded me of who I really am and pulled me up from the darkness and doubt we sometimes fall into. Thank you.