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image of Psychic Laurence during a Skype video for Absolute Soul Secrets

Date: 02.04.16 Author: Laurence

Video Interview with Psychic Laurence

Many people are nervous about getting a psychic reading. How do psychic readings work? How does the psychic get the messages for me? Psychic Laurence answers these questions and so much more in this very interesting video interview.

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image of going towards the light

Date: 12.12.14 Author: Laurence

Near Death Experiences

Psychic Laurence has died and crossed over 3 times in his lifetime. In this article, Laurence digs deep into his soul, to share his own very personal near death experiences, and that we should not fear death.

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image of a man approaching the light on the other side

Date: 20.11.14 Author: Laurence

A Day in the Life of a Psychic

Wouldn’t you love to get an insight into what it is like to be psychic? Well lucky you! Our gifted reader Psychic Laurence, has opened up his doors to tell us his story about his experiences as a psychic. His story will move you.

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