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A Day in the Life of a Psychic

image of a psychic approaching the garden of eden

I was given a challenge the other day – an interesting one – to write about a day in the life of a psychic…

Not being one to shy away from a good challenge I started to think about it and wondered what it is that really sets us apart from those with more ”normal” jobs.

I love what I do – it’s not like anything else I have done before. In the past I have done ”hard sell” sales and marketing, teaching and many other things too. Nowadays my life is quite different though – instead of pressuring and pushing and manipulating people to buy things they don’t really need – or teaching people things that in a lot of cases they don’t really want to know – what I do now is very different indeed…

The people who come to me come because they WANT (and need) what I have to offer them… The guidance, the insight, the help. No two days are ever the same in my line of work – and to be honest, I wish people would use our psychic services more often. We have psychic ability and we have studied our craft to the nth degree, but I know many psychics too who have also undertaken other training in counselling, psychology and relationship advice at university or tafe, to offer a better experience for our clients when they need help.

For those who want ”financial security” this is not exactly the “perfect job” – but then again, if you do what I do you recognise you are not just doing it for the money – you are doing it because something inside you makes you do it – because you feel the need to use the gifts you have to help others.

In this day and age that might sound a bit corny or a bit idealistic – but a professional psychic ”marches to the beat of a different drum”… Whether we are working face to face or over the telephone (as I mostly do) we are here to listen, to understand, to help, to guide, to counsel, to ”intuit” if you will – to help the person see more deeply and with greater clarity and focus – what is the way forward for them.

Even the idea of a ”day” is different for us. I woke up for work this morning and before the first call came in I was thinking about a regular client I have read for a few years now – many many hours of guidance and advice and help. At this point in time, she has what she wanted – she has achieved (with my help) the outcomes that she wanted to achieve. This is both a happy and sad moment for me because I realise I won’t be hearing from her until the next time she really needs me – because I have ”done my job”.

I know that reading for this lady has changed her life – and for the better – and whilst the challenges and issues and problems she faced 2 or 3 years go when I started reading for her have now been overcome and I know I won’t be hearing from her for a while. I also know that when and as she needs me she will come back – and she knows that I will be here for her.

Our work is an ”art” rather than a ”science” – and a result may happen in an hour, a day, a year or a decade – as professional psychics we really do live in a different world.

A typical day for me begins with my morning rituals and meditation and probably smoking my pipe on the balcony and listening to the birds and enjoying the morning sun before the first calls start to come. Once those first few calls start coming in I ensure my ”tools of the trade” are at the ready; runes, tarot, pendulum, the ball – all the tools that help me to read, to scry, to predict, to see what needs to be seen.

Much of what we see is ”written” or fated – but much is also about free will and choice – and alternative parallel journeys and outcomes – where one significant choice made will see the client – the person in need – ”jumping track” so to speak… Part of what we do is to ensure that the person makes an informed choice – recognising what the outcomes of each decision are likely to be.

Over the years you develop a relationship with each and every one of your clients – it becomes much more like a friendship than a ”business relationship” – and unlike most jobs, where it’s always about the ‘bottom line” – sales quotas, tasks ”completed” and so on it’s more about the JOURNEY than it is about the ”destination” in my line of work – and the interesting thing is that just like a good teacher realises that teaching is a two way process, the psychic also knows that he or she will make part of the journey with their client too…

The eternal quest for knowledge, for self awareness and for self development – I believe this is the journey – in the ancestral European religious tradition this is key and central to all – the All Father hanging 9 days and nights upon the world tree and gaining wisdom and insight having sacrificed himself to himself for greater knowledge and wisdom.

There really is no ”final destination” in this journey – it’s an ongoing process of learning, growing, being and of course of making a difference. In a very real sense what I do every day is both a challenge and a blessing – and I thank the heavens for it… I look back on my years so far as working as a professional psychic and seer and I realise that it’s not just my regular clients who have made quite a journey – it’s me as well.

Just as they are no longer exactly the same people they were at the beginning of this journey neither am I…

In my time I have literally saved lives, changed lives, helped people to change outcomes for better ones and truly made a difference – and that is something I hope I can continue to do for many, many years to come. To be able to do something that you truly believe in – that truly makes a difference – to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem – it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Right now I am sitting here and waiting for the next client to ring – I know that the right person (at the right time) will always get through to me and will get what they need… The medicine is not always ”sweet” – there are times when it’s a bit ”bitter” – but I always do my best to give it in the kindest and most loving way possible.

To describe the things that I read is impossible – whether it’s your business, your relationships, your health or your finances – there really isn’t anything I haven’t been asked to read on in my time.

For me, knowing that I make a difference – and quite often with situations where there is nobody else who can – that is powerful – and also quite humbling. Quite often a customer will come to you seeing you as their ”last port of call” – feeling that you are their ”last hope” – this is a great challenge and responsibility – and to be honest just as the doctor is bound by the Hippocratic oath I believe the psychic should make a similar commitment also…

In our case though – it goes way beyond ”do no harm” – it’s really about doing ”all the good you can”.

There really is no such thing as a ”typical day” for me after all it would seem – every day having its own unique challenges and opportunities to make a difference – to help others and in the process help myself as well.

I believe Absolute Soul Secrets (AbSS) changes lives – but not just for the customers – for those of us lucky enough to work as psychics for AbSS, this is a transformational process too – an ongoing journey and adventure – and it’s the most exciting journey of all – the ”journey within”. I feel privileged to be a part of it and hope to continue doing what I do for many years to come. What I do is not like any other job or profession or career – it’s so much more – it’s not just a ”job” – it’s a ”calling” – it’s a vocation – and it’s so much more on all levels.

I may never be ”rich” in the way the world judges such things but in the ways that TRULY matter I am already.

A famous German philosopher once said that ”what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. This is true – but there is so much more to it than that – we are part of an amazing journey and adventure – it’s a journey and adventure we all share and all have in common – it’s just that some of us are so caught up in the day to day stresses and worries and struggles that we have forgotten how to ”wake up and smell the roses” (or is it “coffee” I am thinking of here?)

At any rate – whether it’s ”coffee” or ”roses” we truly do have much to be thankful for – it’s really as simple as what I call the ”half” test – just ask yourself this ONE question right now: ”Is that cup half full or half empty?” Just answering that one simple question will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about where you are right now and where you are heading – and where you need to know more – to get to the nuts and bolts and specifics – well, that is where someone like ME comes in.

At the end of the day – THIS day is what it’s all about – yesterday is no more than a memory and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet – what matters right now is NOW – and right NOW is an amazing time to live in. The main thing is to never forget how to laugh or smile, to never forget the ones we love and to never forget we are never truly ”alone” – unless we want to be… And if you need some help and guidance in your life right now – there are always people like me out there ready to help. It doesn’t mean we ”always” have ”all” the answers – but we can certainly help and can certainly give you that extra bit of guidance and clarity when its needed most. Don’t be afraid to ask – the help you need is there – you just have to reach out and ask for it.


Psychic Laurence.

Rose Smith
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