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Are Psychics Born or Made?

image of psychic laying out tarot cards

Are psychics born or made? This should be very interesting as I WAS BORN PSYCHIC, however……..my response to the above question might just surprise you.

‘I define intuition as the subtle knowing without having any idea why you know it.  It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis….It’s a knowing without knowing’ by Sophie Burnham, author of The Art of Intuition.

The belief that you either have psychic ability or you don’t is a common misconception that many people hold. Many say that true/natural psychics are just born that way, due to psychic ability often running in families, having a pronounced family lineage dating back many generations. This knowledge alone leads many to believe it must be in the genes and the genes only. I prefer to refer to my ability as my Psychic Inheritance, as I am a 5th generation professional Psychic, with two very psychic children of my own.

That being said, I prefer to use the terms ‘natural psychic’ and ‘developed psychic’. I am of course only able to speak for myself and of my own natural psychic abilities, at the same time mean no disrespect to those who have followed their passion and interest, their calling to explore and learn more about what lays beyond the veil.

I believe we all have a strong psychic ability at birth, if not before. This is why many people say it appears their babies lay in their cots babbling away as if communicating with someone…..more than likely they are!!

As we grow and evolve, we either start disconnecting ourselves from our inner voice/intuition, that knowing without knowing…..or as I did, speak openly and talk about what you are thinking, feeling, hearing and dreaming to anyone who will listen. My parents would often down play my predictions, prophetic dreams along with things I just knew. They would tell me ‘what a wonderful imagination I had……now run along and play with your friends’. I also remember being taken to ‘special’ doctors to see if I had some sort of problem?? My Dad would often say to my Mum, ‘She’s got it’. It is my Dad’s side I inherited my psychic ability from.

At 13 years old I knew I had something that not everyone spoke about around the dinner table, let alone share with your friends at high school. I told my parents of a dream I had the previous evening that the nursing home phoned and spoke to Dad when we arrived at work that morning (I used to work with them over the school holidays). I explained that Nana (my Mum’s Mum) had passed at a specific time from a specific condition that most teenagers wouldn’t even be able to pronounce. They were both horrified, scalding me for even saying such a thing let alone believing my dreams or talking about it.

That morning was confirmation for both myself and my parents. The work phone was ringing as we arrived at work, and Dad confirmed the sad news that Nana had indeed passed at the time I had said, and from the condition I had mentioned.

My life as a psychic started to make sense to me and I started taking an interest in having psychic readings for myself. I needed to know more and I connected with others who understood my confusion at such a young age. I honestly could not have told you back then if my psychic reading was conducted by a natural psychic or a developed psychic. As I was introduced to more psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and alike, I began to feel more comfortable in my own abilities – to these psychics I was normal.

Even today I still enjoy having a psychic reading. I don’t like to read for myself or friends and family, so I often book a psychic phone reading or at times, for convenience, a psychic email reading where I can read back on the information if I am unable to take notes while having a live psychic phone reading.

I always recommend the talented phone psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets to friends and family, as I know they will receive a clear and informative, accurate psychic phone reading that will allow them to navigate confusing areas of their life. To be honest, I have never asked my psychic if they are a natural or a developed psychic reader. As mentioned earlier, I believe we are all born with strong intuition, whether we know it or not is a different story, which in turn has a knock on effect as to whether or not we follow our gut feelings, deja vu experiences or what is often disregarded by many as coincidences or unexplained, unusual experiences, even referred to as spooky by some. My partner who is also very spiritually aware, often tells me that I am spooky in a unexplained kind of way.

In saying that I would also like to add that I believe some people are ‘chosen’ to fine tune their abilities from birth, and others ‘choose’ to fine tune their abilities throughout their life, by starting from scratch and working hard to understand and trust their own intuition. Major life events have also been known to trigger psychic growth or awareness. Many people I have spoken to have felt a sudden change in their understanding of things around them being different after the death of a loved one for example.

Are you living a lifestyle that prevents or blocks you from paying attention to your intuition? Contact Absolute Soul Secrets for an overall view of where you are heading in a clear and accurate psychic phone reading today.

The open and helpful psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers can help you to discover ways of practising mindfulness, quietening your busy mind through meditation and down time. Your psychic phone reading can also bring about healing of past hurts that may be blocking your ability to decipher prophetic dreams and following your own psychic path. Go to our page Psychic Reading Times to find out more about the talented psychics we have available 24/7.

Rose Smith
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