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Ask the Crystal Ball Oracle

Ask the Crystal Ball Oracle!

Crystal ball scrying, also known as crystallomancy, is an ancient divination practice that taps into the mystical energies of crystal spheres. Go on, ask the crystal ball oracle.

Normally, a seer gazes into the depths of a crystal ball, seeking visions and insights. It’s like peeking through a cosmic keyhole. The ball itself acts as a conduit, reflecting the subconscious mind and connecting to the unseen realms. As the seer focuses, symbols, images, or even fleeting glimpses of the future emerge in their mind. It’s a dance between intuition and symbolism, where the crystal whispers secrets only the attuned can hear.

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The Crystal Ball Reading is not designed to take the place of a reading with a professional psychic. It is included on this website for novelty purposes only. At all times you are responsible for your own decisions.

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