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Nine in Numerology

Number Nine people often take control of situations and can be seen as natural leaders. People assume they are in charge even if they are not. They feel like they have a lot to do in life. Number Nine’s will often have strangers coming up to them asking for directions and advice. If out shopping, people think they work for that particular shop, they have the look of credibility and authority. Sometimes, they take care of everyone else including their parents, but not themselves.

Number Nine’s can often feel unloved or abandoned by their mother or father, or they may feel responsible for them. Their lesson is to resolve and complete all issues from the past. They must let go in order to move on. Nine years are all about finishing up unresolved business. There is a strong affiliation with past lives, which they will sometimes remember.

Often they have had many, many past lives and can be accident prone as a result of left over issues. There is special emphasis on their dream lives, number nine’s remembering very detailed accounts of altered states of consciousness. Some number nine’s will not reincarnate back onto this planet as they have completed their earthly issues before moving onto higher dimensions further out in the galaxy.

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