Media Enquiries

Media Enquiries

Rose Smith is a regular media commentator having been seen on Studio 10, Today Extra, Weekend Sunrise and is also a regular contributor on Nights with Denis Walter 3AW. Rose also appears regularly in the Daily Mail UK, 9Honey and The Carousel together with a host of other radio stations including 4BH, 6PRABC The Spirit of Things, 2SM, Triple M, 2UE, Sea FM, Zinc FM and 2GB.


You can see Rose in action on our YouTube Channel and livestreaming on our Facebook Page reading for the general public every Monday morning at 8.30 AEST.

Recent Television Appearances

Studio 10 with Tristan MacManus & Narelda Jacobs 22/5/23

Are You Compatible with Your Pet – Studio 10 Interview

Studio 10 with Angela Bishop, Tristan MacManus & Narelda Jacobs 9/1/23

2023 Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10

Studio 10 with Sarah Harris & Tristan MacManus 28/12/21

2022 Star Sign Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10

Studio 10 with Angela Bishop & Tristan MacManus 31/12/20

2021 Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10

Studio 10 with Sarah Harris & Tristan MacManus 7/10/20

Donald Trump Predictions with Rose Smith on Studio 10

Studio 10 with Sarah, Jo and Kerri-Anne 16/7/20

Is Ophiuchus a Real Starsign?

Studio 10 with Sarah, Angela and Cassandra 5/8/19

A Beginner’s Guide To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Studio 10

Recent Radio Interviews

Zinc 96.1 FM Breakfast Show         – What the October Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Means 27.10.23

Hit 104.7 Canberra                            – Psychic Rose Smith predicts AFL and NRL Grand Final Winners 30.9.23

Off Air with Nick & Jules                 – Rose Predicts AFL Grandfinal Winner 28.9.23

Zinc 96.1 FM Breakfast Show          – June 2023 Strawberry Full Moon 2.06.23

Zinc 96.1 FM Breakfast Show          – March Full Moon and Dream Interpretations 7.03.23

Zinc 96.1 FM Breakfast Show          – Green Comet and February’s Full Moon 6.02.23

ABC Radio Afternoons                     – How To Earn a Crust As a Psychic with Rose Smith 16.01.23

Australia Today Natarsha Belling   – Rose Smith Reveals 2023 Predictions 29.12.22

Recent Online Articles

The Daily Mail 24 November 2023: What does the November Full ‘Beaver Moon’ Have in Store for Your Star Sign?

Starts at 60 23 November 2023: Fast Paced Full ‘Beaver Moon’ in Gemini Set to Cultivate Curiosity for all Horoscopes

The Carousel 23 November Full Beaver Moon in Gemini 27th November – What It Means For You?

The Carousel 31 October 2023 Full Hunter’s Moon & Lunar Eclipse in October: Take Hold of Emotions & Embrace Change 29 October 2023 What October’s Combined Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Means for Your Star Sign

The Daily Mail 27 October 2023 What You Need to Know About November’s Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

The Daily Mail 15 October 2023 The last Solar Eclipse of 2023 Brings Emotional Turmoil and Career Changes 15 October 2023 New Beginnings – What this Weekend’s Solar Eclipse Means for Your Star Sign 24 September 2023 Full Harvest Moon on Friday September 29. Brightest Super Moon of the Year!

The Carousel 23 September Spring Equinox + The Harvest Super Moon What It Means for Your Horoscope

Starts at 60 23 September Super Moon 29th September Means Emotional Turmoil and New Beginnings

The Daily Mail 17 August 2023 Everything You Need to Know About the Ultra-Rare August Blue Supermoon and What It Means for Your Star Sign 1 August 2023 the Double Sturgeon Super Moon Horoscope

The Daily Mail 1 August 2023 What Tomorrow’s Full Moon Means for Your Star Sign – A Chaotic August!

Starts at 60 29 July 2023 August Horoscope: Double trouble on the celestial horizon!

The Carousel 28 July 2023 Double Sturgeon Supermoons in August = Double Trouble 3 July 2023 What Tonight’s Buck Super Moon Means for Your Horoscope

The Daily Mail 30 June 2023 The Super Moon in Capricorn Rose Smith Explains What it Means

Starts at 60 25 June 2023 July Horoscope It’s Time to Achieve Concrete Things

The Carousel 4 June 2023 Strawberry Full Moon And Winter Solstice: Travel and Adventure Are On The Way 4 June 2023 What the June 4 2023 Strawberry Full Moon and Winter Solstice Means For Your Star Sign

The Daily Mail 1 June 2023 What Saturday’s Strawberry Full Moon Means on 3rd June

The Daily Mail 5 May 2023 Astrologer claims King Charles Made a Huge Mistake Setting May 6 for Coronation

9 Honey 5 May 2023 King Charles III Coronation Astrological Forecast 5 May 2023 The King Picked the Wrong Day for his Coronation from Astrologer Rose Smith 4 May 2023 Astrologer Says This Weekend’s Flower Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse is Bad News for Couples

The Carousel 4 May 2023 What Does the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Mean for Your Star Sign?

Starts at 60 20 April 2023 How the Solar Eclipse Will Shake Your Star Sign

9 Honey 20 April 2023 Rare Solar Eclipse Bring Unexpected Change on 20th April

The Carousel 5 April 2023 April’s Full Pink Moon in Libra: Intense Arguments Could Be Brewing on the Love & Family Fronts

The Daily Mail 5 April 2023 April’s Pink Full Moon & Predictions for your Star Sign

The Daily Mail UK 7 March 2023 Tonight’s Full Worm Moon Breaks Chaos

The Carousel 7 March 2023 What The Full Worm Moon In Virgo Means For You And Your Star Sign

Starts at 60 7 March 2023 The Full Worm Moon Time to Get Life’s Chaos Under Control

The Daily Mail 14 February 2023 The Best and Worst Love Match for Your Star Sign Valentine’s Day

MSN 14 February 2023 What Valentines Day Looks Like for Your Star Sign

Starts at 60 13 February 2023 Valentine’s Day Astrology: Who Could Be Your Zodiac Love Match?

The Carousel 11 February 2023 Rose Smith: Tips for Star Sign Compatibility for Valentine’s Day

Starts at 60 6 February 2023 February Horoscope Growth and Money on the Horizon

9 Honey 6 February 2023 Green Comet Full Moon What It Means for You Explained

The Daily Mail 5 February 2023 Ultra Rare Green Comet Set to Light Skies

The Daily Mail 3 February 2023 What Monday’s Full Moon Means for Your Star Sign. And Why the Rare Green Comet is Important

The Carousel 2 February 2023 Rare Green Comet Combined With February Full Moon. A Time for Growth and Money!

Starts at 60 7 January 2023 Your January Horoscope – It’s time to get your ‘house in order’ before emotions take over!

The Carousel 9 January 2023 First Full Moon for 2023 and Your January Horoscope

The Daily Mail 6 January 2023 Friday’s Emotional Wolf Moon by Astrologer Rose Smith

News Around the 5 January 2023 What January’s Wolf Moon Means for your Star Sign

The Carousel 27 December 2022 What 2023 Holds for You According to the Stars

9 Honey 22 December 2022 Predictions for 2023 by Rose Smith

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