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2024 Astrology Horoscopes and Major Planetary Transits

a woman running up a slanted road to the sky with the year 2024 on the road.

2024 Planetary Transits & Astrology Predictions – Unveiling the Cosmic Blueprint.

Retrogrades, Astrological Transits & Eclipses for all Signs

Welcome to the vivid astrological canvas for the year ahead 2024! This year’s celestial theatre holds a promise of significant change and discovery. Brace yourself for a series of powerful astral happening – think planetary transits, eclipses, and retrograde – all set to leave their mark!

The ancient wisdom of Ptolemy from around 150 AD comes to mind. He proposed the heavens ‘impel, not compel,’ suggesting they influence us but do not force us down certain paths. In simpler terms, while the stars nudge us, the choices are ours to make!

Embracing Global Transformation

As Pluto enters Aquarius, a period of monumental global shifts will unfold. This transition sparks a re-examination of global systems, challenging the conventional workings of authority, governance, and societies worldwide. After critical review of long-held often conservative beliefs, established power structures will face disruption. These changes are poised to significantly reshape our all our lives, societies, and the Earth herself.

In 2024, the vibes from the recent US Pluto Return will continue, stirring things up in the U.S like the aftershocks of a big earthquake, those changes – shake-ups and shakedowns are still rippling! The orbit timeline takes 248 years for the planet of the underworld to travel around the Sun. It then returns to its original position in the natal chart and commences its Pluto Return, which is where the US is at now.

Although we can’t see the god of the underworld in the sky using only our eyes, it certainly packs a punch! We are all riding a wave of transformation.

global transformation represented by a digital hand pointing at a digitised planet earth

The U.S. Elections

The U.S. Elections coincide with Pluto’s presence in Capricorn from September 1 to November 19, infusing a sense of profound and serious responsibility into the political landscape.

Leading up to the elections, the United States faces profound introspection regarding authority, leadership, and the fundamental aspects of its democratic values. This election’s outcome transcends mere politics, it’s all about societal transformation and rebirth. The election result will have intense impact worldwide as countries (especially Australia) often follow the proclivities of US leadership.

As Pluto resumes its journey back into Aquarius on November 19, it paves the way for a new age. This seismic shift holds the promise of redefining global authority frameworks and societal paradigms. Many conservative frameworks will pass away as new arrangements are born and, in some cases, reborn.

2024 Notable Astrological Influences to Start the Year!

We start 2024 with Mercury turning direct in Sagittarius on January 2nd in Australia and January 1 in the United States. This is a great omen to commence the New Year with clearer communications, new ideas and generally more activity.

January 4 (5 in Australia) sees Mars enter Capricorn bringing even more energy to the mix. Fortunately, in this earthy sign, it’s likely to be quite grounded so we can actually get things done and accomplish physical things.

Uranus in Taurus is in retrograde motion until January 27, when it turns direct and amplifies change and innovation especially around finances. This planet is the solar system rebel and loves shaking things up. Even though it’s in Taurus, a sign all about stability and Earthly concerns such as finances, there will still be some unexpected shakeups and shakedowns! Unexpected circumstances and unconventional solutions which may quickly pop up ‘out-of-blue’. Life is likely to bring volatile or unpredictable shifts that need quick adaptation.

2024 Astrological Predictions for Zodiac Signs

aries the ram symbol on a purple filligree background representing aries horoscope

Aries 2024 ( MARCH 21ST – APRIL 19TH )

Issues in important REALationships become even more important for you. You may find yourself swinging between the opposing needs – absolute independence versus compromise in committed REALationships. Be brave, you can find the gold in both opposites. Your Ruler Mars looks like it’s going backwards from July 25 to September 13, so do watch for delays and frustrations. It’s a great time to develop inner reflection. Mars starts the year for you achieving real wins in career! 2024 brings huge transFORMation around your hopes and dreams, friends and groups.

taurus the bull symbol on a purple filligree background representing taurus horoscope

Taurus 2024 ( APRIL 20TH – MAY 20TH )

Venus your ruler is full steam ahead this year, so REALationships can make good ground and surge ahead! You do of course need to be careful not to put significant partners (business & personal) on a pedestal, your own needs are important too. However, you’re normally pretty sensible and you’ll figure this out. There are big changes in your career or with a parent or authority figure. Good news on the money front as your finances improve mid-year as opportunities present then.

gemini twins symbol on a purple filligree background representing gemini horoscope

Gemini 2024 ( MAY 21ST – JUNE 20TH )

Your ruler Mercury does its retrograde thing again mid Feb to mid March, mid June to mid July and October 30 to November 20. It’s not the best time for clear communications so double check all everything important. There’s a metamorphosis of sorts around travel, spirituality or education. Get your message out into the world so you can find your proper place. Your appearance, personality or identity becomes much larger, so do be careful not to put on weight if you don’t need to.

cancer the crab symbol on a purple filligree background representing cancer horoscope

Cancer 2024 ( JUNE 21ST – JULY 22ND )

The Moon is drawing your focus to REALationships in a major way, although it’s emotional, you REALise you can’t be beholden to another. You have to find your own way and maintain some personal autonomy. Your career zone is calling you and this needs to be balanced with home and family considerations. Intimacy and shared resources with another go through a major transFORMation along with your spiritual life which travels from strength to strength.

leo the lion symbol on a purple filligree background representing leo horoscope

Leo 2024 ( JULY 23RD – AUGUST 22ND )

The Lunar Eclipses bring some challenges in March and September… do be careful with your communications, intimacy and joint assets however you can work this out! On the upside you have likely international travel, spirituality or education in your destiny this year. There’s a ‘revolution’ around important REALationships as you come to some insightful REVEALations. Your friends, groups, hopes and dreams expand dramatically; finally… it’s quite an exciting year for you!

virgo as the virgin symbol on a purple filligree background representing virgo horoscope

Virgo 2024 ( AUGUST 23RD – SEPTEMBER 22ND )

The old ways around your finances don’t seem to work as well so you’ll probably end up doing something around shared resources as this is the way of the future for you. There’s major transFORMation around your everyday work or perhaps your health. Your career zone expands  mid-year or perhaps a there’s an improvement with an authority figure such as a parent. Ruler Mercury goes retrograde 3 times so do be extra careful with communications and travel mid Feb to mid March, mid June to mid July and October 30 to November 20.

libra as the balance scales symbol on a purple filligree background representing libra horoscope

Libra 2024 ( SEPTEMBER 23RD – OCTOBER 22ND )

REALationships are very important this year and it’s a major focus for you, especially as your ruler Venus charges ahead. Find the balance between compromise and your own heart’s desires. Beauty, peace and creativity get a big burst of energy due to a major transFORMATION. Romance looks good too! You may have more to do with children or leisure and pleasure is on the agenda. Your horizons enlarge and you grow your space in the world by travel, spirituality, education or foreign affairs!

scorpio the scorpion symbol on a purple filligree background representing scorpio horoscope

Scorpio 2024 ( OCTOBER 23RD – NOVEMBER 21ST )

Your ruler Pluto is shaking up your home and family zone bring major transFORMation. Relocation is possible or something huge occurs around your home, perhaps involving technology. Your destiny involves your work or regular routine…for many working at home could become more important. Good luck comes to your intimate life or perhaps involves the joint assets you share with another. Shared investments and assets are likely to expand whilst you get closer to someone special.

sagittarius the archer's arrow symbol on a purple filligree background representing sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius 2024 ( NOVEMBER 22ND – DECEMBER 21ST )

Jupiter your ruler is blessing your significant REALationships and you could also have good luck with any legalities. If you have frenemies or downright enemies, these connections could also improve mid-year. There’s a major alteration around your communications or changes in your local area. The Universe is also asking you to have more fun by living closer to the world of the child. Get out and socialise! Increasing romance and creativity in your life is a good way to do this also!

capricorn the goat symbol on a purple filligree background representing capricorn horoscope

Capricorn 2024 ( DECEMBER 22ND – JANUARY 19TH )

It seems your destiny is asking you to find a better balance between home and family and your career. You’re normally a hard worker and take your responsibilities seriously however doing this at home is probably possible this year. There’s a major change around your finances, possessions and the things that you value, it’s almost like a ‘revolution’. You could change your mind about these matters. Your regular routine, health or work get a big lucky boost mid-year.

aquarius the water pitcher symbol on a purple filligree background representing aquarius horoscope

Aquarius 2024 ( JANUARY 20TH – FEBRUARY 18TH )

You could be thinking about doing some retraining or advancing your education this year, at the very least your destiny involves stepping up your communications. Promotion and marketing go quite well too! There’s a major renewal of your identity and appearance as you present yourself to the world and get your message out in a new way. People notice your ‘new and improved’ personality! Socialising, creativity and fun is on your agenda too and you are quite lucky in romance to boot!

pisces the fish symbol on a purple filligree background representing pisces horoscope

Pisces 2024 ( FEBRUARY 19TH – MARCH 20TH )

You pay more attention to your $$$ and it’s your destiny to become more independent. There’s abundant blessings around your home and family which could become larger. Perhaps new friends become like family or your family grows in some way. Your spiritual life is transFORMed as you are spiritually born again. Look to your dreams and the little flashes in your mind throughout the day for hints and clues about how to cause a minor revolution in your life. Your intuition or psychic ability could dramatically grow this year.

2 teenagers sitting in front of a surreal planet earth in bright colours covered in moon light

What are the Major Moon Events in 2024?

We start the New Year 2024 with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn on January 11 relating to planning your goals. Get those foundations done to build your house of dreams now. Make a plan of what you REALly want to accomplish this year. The sign of the goat is all about that hardworking, climb-the-mountain energy that you will need to physically accomplish in the world. This is your chance to hit the reset button on your goals and life aspirations.

January 27 sees the first Full Moon of 2024 is in Leo. We welcome the New Year hearing this call to embrace our inner artist and show our true colours. This Full Moon phase shines a light on places within where we need to become more authentic, creative, and bold in our self-expression. The celestial spotlight is urging us to shine brightly and share our unique gifts with the world.

The Moon’s Nodes

These play a crucial role in shaping karmic forces. Destiny unveils celestial connections and lessons we may encounter as we get more in touch with our natural instincts, soul, and true purpose.

The Aries and Libra Lunar Axis

The North Node in Aries and the South Node is in Libra for the entire year. This brings a journey of self-discovery while balancing independence and REALationships.

N.Node in Aries nudges us to embrace independence, courage, and take initiative to fulfill our purpose. Meanwhile, the S.Node in Libra suggests letting go of over-reliance on others’ opinions and finding balance in relationships without losing our own identity. This lunar axis teaches us to assert ourselves while maintaining harmony in our relationships. Think of it as finding your own path by being brave, whilst simultaneously learning about the give-and-take of REALationships.

Year 2024 Eclipse Forecasts

Eclipses hold transformative potential, as they mark pivotal moments for personal and group evolution. This year has a strong theme of personal independence versus relationship compromise and responsibility.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse March 25/6, 2024 at 5° Libra 07′

When the Full Moon lights up Libra in your relationship zone (that 7th house), harmony and fairness in your partnerships becomes more important. The Universe is nudging us to keep things balanced and smooth sailing in our committed connections.

But here’s the twist: the Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Aries – in your sense of self and how your present yourself to the world zone. It becomes ‘all about you’ and rightfully so because you are now your own reference point rather than the significant other. Being your own reference point is of key importance as it’s all about your independence and standing strong in who you are – independent of others.

You may feel caught between wanting to be true to yourself (fiery Aries) and trying to keep the peace in your relationships (hello, Libra Moon!). It’s a celestial tug-of-war between asserting your individuality and ensuring your partnerships are AOK. Balancing your needs with the needs of others is the astral lesson. It may become a case of me -v- the other … work with this to find the right balance that works.

Total Solar Eclipse April 8/9, 2024, at 19° Aries 24′

The Total Solar Eclipse teams up with the North Node, Sun, and Mercury, all throwing a party in the zodiac sign of Aries! This is a golden ticket to redefine yourself and kick-start new beginnings.

Many people are likely to feel more confident than usual as we all get a boost to express our truth. Mercury’s in the mix, so your mind’s sharp and ready to communicate your ideas and plans with clarity.

This isn’t just any new chapter – it’s a whole new book! It’s all about setting intentions, taking the reins, and embracing your individuality. So, seize this astral moment to carve your path, make bold choices, and shine bright with your unique brilliance!

Partial Lunar Eclipse September 17/18, 2024, at 25° Pisces 41′

This Lunar Event brings up feelings, deep thoughts, and subconscious contents from the House of the Divine Unknowable! Meanwhile, the Sun in Virgo is opposite in your practical everyday house, worrying about to-do lists and keeping things in order, especially in your daily work or regular routine.

Consequently, there’s potential for a cosmic clash between daydreams and reality. On one side, the eclipse wants you to declutter your emotional closet, while on the other, Virgo encourages you to sort and organise tasks, work and even your health. This ‘luna tune’ is about finding the balance between these competing opposites.

Annular Solar Eclipse October 2, 2024, at 10° Libra 04′

This Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury in Libra, in your partnership house, is encouraging all of us to find balance in our relationships. There’s bound to be lots of communication on this topic along with a few brilliant ideas to help. However, there’s also a cosmic dance with the North Node in Aries opposite, suggesting you follow your own personal path. This is the universal balancing act: juggling relationships and staying true to your unique self.

planets jupiter and saturn on a bright orange night sky

How do the Social Planets Jupiter and Saturn Affect 2024?

Jupiter’s Transits

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

On April 20/21, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.  This transit can bring about a innovative expansive energy in finance, stability and material possessions. Taurus is an Earth sign associated with practicality and groundedness, while Jupiter represents expansion and growth, and Uranus represents change and innovation.

On a personal level, this conjunction can bring about a desire for more freedom and independence especially in financial matters. We may feel like taking more risks and trying out new approaches to building wealth and security. There may also be a heightened sense of optimism and opportunities for growth in the areas of finance and material possessions.

Although, mostly positive and optimistic, one possible negative is the tendency to be overconfident by thinking risks will ‘automagically’ pay off. Jupiter here teaches us to be careful with our money but still take calculated risks to expand our lives. Uranus also brings great volatility of an unpredictable nature, so caution should be used especially when dealing with finances.

Forecast: Sudden and unexpected shifts in the financial markets, as well as a focus on new technologies and resources related to the Earth and agriculture. A push towards unconventional ways to generate wealth and stability. There’s a greater trend toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in finance and material resources. Increased cryptocurrency volatility with sudden surges and declines.

Jupiter is retrograde July 15, 2024 until April 30, 2025, read more about Jupiter retrograde here https://www.absolutesoulsecrets.com/jupiter-retrograde-2024/

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter transits Gemini from May 25, 2024, to June 9, 2025 and brings a focus on communication, intellect, and learning. People with this placement may have a natural gift for expressing themselves and connecting with others through their words. They may be curious, articulate, and open-minded, always seeking out new information and experiences. These people may also have a talent for persuasion, using their communication skills to inspire others.

This placement can also indicate a love for travel and exploration, as well as a desire to expand knowledge and understanding of the world. However, this transit can also bring a tendency towards feeling restless and scattered. There’s also the need to guard against being superficial or flippant in interactions and pursuits. Overall, with Jupiter in Gemini there’s a sense of optimism, curiosity, and adaptability for both individuals and large groups of people.

Forecast: Increased tourism and aviation and cruising gets major changes. Innovative spiritual, educational and communication products are developed.

Saturn in Pisces Continues

Saturn in Pisces is associated with a deeply sensitive and empathetic energy which is constrained or limited in some way. There is a strong urge to help and serve others, and some people can be extremely compassionate and understanding. However, struggles may also ensue with boundaries and self-discipline. There may be a tendency to take on too much responsibility or feel burdened by the emotions of others.

Many people will experience a great increase in intuition and insight into the deeper workings of the world. They may be drawn to spiritual or mystical pursuits. which they may try to manifest physically in some manner. Overall, this transit requires people to learn how to establish healthy boundaries and take care of themselves while still being of service to others.

Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, 2023 and will be there until May 24, 2025. You can read more about Saturn in Pisces here https://www.absolutesoulsecrets.com/saturn-enters-pisces-2023/. In 2024 Saturn is retrograde from June 29 (at 19° Pisces 26′) to November 15 (at 12° Pisces 42′).

Forecast: Governments and large corporations become more empathetic towards people – their employees and customers. The need for more social responsibility becomes more recognised and is acted upon. After a turbulent time, governments and corporations become more responsible or face legal action.

2024 Astrology Forecast and Major Transits for the Outer Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

2024 Planetary events of these outer transpersonals can illuminate group and personal experiences whilst indicating significant change, transformation and evolution.

Uranus in Taurus Direct

Uranus turns direct on January 27 until August 27, 2024. This transit signifies a time of revolutionary change and innovation in areas related to finance, material possessions, and earthy pleasures. The movement may bring unexpected developments and disruptions in these areas, as well as increased focus on sustainability and environmental issues. Individuals may feel the urge to break free from traditional financial norms and embrace new, progressive ways of managing resources. Overall, Uranus in Taurus direct encourages us to embrace change, explore new ideas, and find innovative solutions to material challenges. The things we truly value change!

The Great Awakener turns direct in Taurus on January 27 and  resumes its backward motion September 1, until January 30, 2025.

Forecast: Innovative new financial products including imaginative loans for real estate, banking, investments and new cryptocurrencies. Innovation of course brings increased risk, especially for early adopters.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune continues in Pisces until March 30, 2025.  This is a strong placement because Neptune is the modern ruling planet of Pisces. This means that Neptune’s energy is amplified and expressed more powerfully because it is at home in its own sign.

The god of the subconscious waters represents dreams, intuition, creativity, and spirituality, and when in Pisces, these qualities are emphasised even more. People with this placement often have a strong intuition and are very in tune with their emotions. They may be highly empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others.

On the negative side, the planet of dreams and intuition in Pisces can sometimes lead to escapism and a tendency to avoid facing reality. Some people may be prone to getting lost in their own fantasies and can struggle to establish clear boundaries between themselves and others. Sometimes drugs and alcohol are relied upon to escape reality. We may see these problems increase in society.

Overall, this transit can bring a strong sense of compassion, empathy, and creativity, however, staying grounded and avoiding the pitfalls of escapism is key.

Neptune in Pisces is retrograde July 2 until December 7, 2024.

Forecast: Addictions of all kinds increase. On the positive side, expect a focus on global unity, artistic innovation, and heightened compassion, leading to discussions about environmental concerns and idealistic visions for a more connected world. Unfortunately for this to happen, there’s a likely increase in turbulence beforehand.

Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius

These are dates when Pluto is in Aquarius:

  • Mar 23, 2023, to Jun 11, 2023
  • Jan 20, 2024, to Sep 1, 2024
  • Nov 19, 2024, to Mar 8, 2043
  • Aug 31, 2043, to Jan 19, 2044

In between these dates, Pluto will revert back to Capricorn, where it has been since 2008. This placement is associated with themes of power, authority, and deep transformation in society, government and the economy.

In March 2023, this planet of the underworld briefly entered Aquarius before retrograding back into Capricorn in July 2023. It will finally move into Aquarius for its long-term transit in November 2024 where it will remain for 20 years!

We will see huge transformative changes related to technology, innovation, and societal structures. So do expect shifts in collective consciousness and the way we interact with each other as a global society. We will also see some global healing over the next 20 years, although initially there will be great disruption in early beginnings of a new world.

Forecast: Major innovation for social media platforms, collective innovation, social justice, revolutionizing power dynamics and reshaping societal norms and communities over the next 20 years. ‘Local’ becomes more important.

Read more about Pluto entering Aquarius on our website.

planet earth and planet mercury in a bright purple night sky

When is Mercury Retrograde?

February 21 – March 17, 2024 in Pisces:


Delays or misunderstandings in communication, especially spiritual or emotional.

Time for reflection, introspection, and reassessing creative projects.

Technical difficulties related to emotional, artistic or creative expression.

June 18 – July 12, 2024 in Cancer:


Challenges in communication with family members or loved ones.

Increased focus on emotional needs and nurturing relationships.

Delays or complications especially related to home renovations or relocation.

October 30 – November 20, 2024 in Scorpio:


Misunderstandings related to legalities, power dynamics or financial matters.

Opportunities to confront and release past emotional baggage.

A good time for deep research, investigation, and uncovering hidden truths.

What About Venus Retrograde?

There is no Venus retrograde in 2024. Relationships can proceed as usual without the normal retrograde motion slowing things down. Taurus and Libra star signs will be most affected as they fall under the rulership of Venus.

When is Mars Retrograde:

Mars is retrograde from December 6, 2024, to February 23, 2025, in the signs of Leo and Cancer.


Delayed or stalled progress in personal goals and ambitions.

Increased frustration and anger, requiring patience and control.

Opportunity for reevaluation of motivations and strategies.

Potential for lower energy initially then renewed energy and focus upon retrograde’s completion.

Saturn’s Retrograde in Virgo:

August 11 – December 23, 2024


Increased focus on organisation, efficiency, and attention to detail.

Challenges related to health or work routine, demanding self-discipline and patience.

Opportunities to refine systems, improve work processes, and take responsibility for personal well-being.

Systematic global changes to regulations and frameworks concerning the environment and climate change.

Neptune’s Retrograde in Pisces:

June 30 – December 5, 2024


Increased sensitivity and intuition, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

A yearning for artistic expression, meditation, and exploration of the subconscious mind.

Potential for blurring of boundaries or confusion in relationships due to heightened sensitivity.

Dissolving of relationships and situations that no longer serve our highest benefit.

Thanks for Reading my Predictions for 2024

I do hope you found this astrology overview helpful, don’t forget to check out your individual horoscope which includes the transits of planets and the planetary cycles, on the links above.

The astrological features of 2024 offer guidance, but ultimately, we hold the power to choose our own paths and shape our individual stories within the tapestry of the cosmos.

Wishing you all the best as you navigate 2024!

Psychic Astrologer, Rose Smith

Rose Smith
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