Pluto enters Aquarius 2023

pluto enters aquarius 2023

Pluto is the Planet of Karma

March 23, 2023 sees another hugely important influence when Pluto moves into Aquarius until June 11. This is just a small taster as Pluto pops back into Capricorn until January 21, 2024 and then returns to Aquarius proper until 2044!

With the US experiencing its Pluto Return, the ingress into Aquarius will have major effects also relating to people power. This astrological influence will have a very transformational effect on humanity, both personally and on a societal level.

People will be thinking more about death, addiction, manipulation and very deep and compelling emotions will rise. Unprecedented events will happen on the macro-economic level and correspondently in our personal lives. Anything corrupted or rotten will pass away from our lives or from society, including corrupt politicians. We can expect to see a further gradual worldwide erosion of far right power and fascism over time.

Unprecedented Global Events

Plutonian events could be things like:

  • Significant weather events such as flooding because Pluto does represent the raw power of nature.
  • Increased risk of war with the possibility of large numbers of people suffering/dying.
  • Nuclear power or nuclear warfare (although I do not see actual nuclear warfare, there’s probably more communications or threats of nuclear war). There could also be some technological events related to this eg new bombs or missiles.
  • Significant changes around food production and agriculture normally associated with Virgo. However, Pluto is also associated with both the pitchfork and the ‘helmet of invisibility’. There may be secret or underhanded dealings of which we know nothing, but these could affect agriculture and other matters plutonian. There are likely food shortages in many countries, sadly some of which will result in loss of life.
  • Severe economic events such as recessions and redistribution of wealth.
  • Increase in crime, violence and social unrest.
  • Very deep spiritual experiences, including past lives and experiences of our ancestors.

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