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Mercury Retrograde 2024

Family dogs Mercury and Jupiter are danoodles. Mercury is black & grey with one blue eye and one brown eye. Jupiter is reddish brown danoodle.

Mercury Retrograde 2024

Mighty Mercury is a small planet closest to the Sun and is named after the Roman messenger God Mercury. He had wings on his helmet and ankles. In astrology, he is connected with travel, divination, communications, commerce, trickery, and transactions.

I named my puppy “Mercury” as he is small and quick! That’s his picture above with my other danoodle Jupiter.

Mercury Retrograde Occurs Several Times  Yearly

Three or four times a year, it appears from the Earth that the planet Mercury is going backward. In 2024 this happens 3 times. It’s technically 4 times but the very first Mercury retrograde of the year has Mercury turning direct on January 2, having been retrograde since December 13, 2023. The illusion of Mercury going backwards is partly due to its elliptical orbit – Mercury moving backwards in the night sky is actually an optical illusion. When Mercury is in retrograde motion, misunderstandings and miscommunications are more likely. Cognition is also affected, so you may feel confused and fuzzy-headed with your head in the clouds.

If you have a work presentation, if possible put it off until a more favourable time when Mercury resumes direct motion. Often important seminars, presentations, and business meetings can experience difficulties such as technical issues, delays and miscommunications. In fact, it’s probably wise to save all important things until Mercury is moving forwards again. This is known as going direct.

Mercury Stations

When Mercury stations direct or retrograde, its effects are likely to be more intense and impactful. Planetary “stations” in astrology refer to moments when a planet appears to temporarily pause in its apparent motion from Earth’s perspective. When a planet “stations retrograde,” it seems to slow down, stop briefly and then move backward in the zodiac, which associated with reflection and reevaluation. On the other hand, “station direct” occurs when a planet pauses before resuming its normal forward motion. This is often linked to implementing insights gained during the retrograde phase.

a trio image of a person driving a car with post it notes on the wheel, a woman surrounded by stars, and a red head woman frustrated with her computer breaking

Technology Can Be Affected

Not only do communications suffer, but equipment can also fail. Your emails go ta-ta’s, your computer has a blue screen, or your mobile is uncooperative. If you’re doing something important, then double-check your equipment beforehand to be absolutely sure you can do what you intend. Back up your hard drive!

Dealing with Unfinished Business

If you do something important under Mercury retrograde, you may have to go back and redo it when Mercury turns direct. An example would be – you sign a contract for a new white car. Several weeks later, you are advised there are no white cars in the country – so now you have to choose another colour. When Mercury is in a retrograde period, we sometimes have to revisit things we thought we were finished with including old relationships!

The past can come back, and you may hear news of old friends, school reunions, or an old lover returns to your life. If an ex comes back, just remember why they are an ex!

A Great Time to Finish Old Projects

It’s not all doom and gloom under Mercury Retrograde. If you have something that was started pre-retrograde, it is a great time to complete it during the retrograde. However, if you start something during the retrograde, you may have to go back later. You might have to revisit, re-tweak, or renovate what you’ve already done. So it is a good time to finish up old projects that you started before Mercury went retrograde. However it’s not so good to start brand new jobs. Real estate that has been for sale for a while can complete while Mercury is in backward motion. However, sales made under Mercury Retrograde may fall through or at least have delays, twists, and turns.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2024

Our old friend in charge of communications, fast-moving Mercury turns retrograde most strongly affecting Zodiac signs Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo and Leo. If you pay attention to how you are feeling and what is going on in your life, you can quite literally feel the energy when Mercury goes retrograde and when it turns direct restoring order to your life once again. 2024 Mercury retrograde has a ‘shadow period’ for up to two weeks leading up to and coming off the dates below when Mercury is still in the retrograde zone.

  • December 13, 2023 (8° Capricorn 29′ Rx) – January 2, 2024 (22° Sagittarius 11’D)

    There could be issues with building structures, so this is not the best time to build or renovate. Structures can also refer to internal belief systems as well, so some people could find they are more unclear or confused about what they believe in. For some, their direction in life could be challenged or modified. Any strongly held beliefs such as political or religious views could meet opposition and need some reassessment. Relationships with authority figures might also be tense.

    There may also be a tendency to hold on stubbornly to those things that could be released due to a fear of letting go of the past. Also it’s not the best time to invest or travel for Christmas or New Year breaks. Be extra careful travelling or expanding your horizons. Practice being organised.

  • April 2, 2024 (27° Aries 13′ Rx) – April 25, 2024 (15° Aries 59′D)

    In Aries, Mercury retrograde can manifest as an energy slow-down. Perhaps, you wish to get on with various projects or investments, yet things don’t go to plan. You could be delayed now or perhaps you’re not bounding full of energy. It’s a good time to rest and look within now rather than taking direct action on important decisions. You’ll be able to move forward again soon, so no point in rushing or stressing because something isn’t working out right at the moment.

    It is not a good time for Aries to spend large amounts money if you can help it, as Mercury rules over payment systems and financial transactions. Large or important purchases could get mucked up in some way now.

  • August 5, 2024 (4° Virgo 6′ Rx) – August 29, 2024 (21° Leo 25’D)

    Miscommunications and misunderstandings could occur as people get their ‘wires crossed’. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so Virgoans could be feeling more sensitive or confused than usual. Someone might get the ‘wrong end of the stick’ and misinterpret a situation. Therefore, do be a little careful, or arguments may blow up.

    Lucky Virgoans are generally clever so can probably think of a way out of a problem in meticulous detail. The issue can be overthinking a situation… it’s like falling down a rabbit hole trying to think of all the options which can then become confusing. Calm down and take a deep breath so clarity can return.

    Leos could also be quite impacted – perhaps you don’t feel as outgoing as usual. You may wish to retire and reflect somewhat upon your life.

  • November 26, 2024 (22° Sagittarius 40′ Rx) – December 16, 2024 (6° Sagittarius 24’D)

    Planning on travelling for Christmas or the New Year perhaps? Think again because there are real possibilities of delays or glitches in travel plans. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is likely encouraging you to broaden your horizons, however Mercury may have other ideas just now.

    Make your plans, allow extra time and extra money. Check everything again and keep an eye on schedules. Especially if you’re travelling abroad, take as little luggage as you can manage. Also keep your receipts and invoices during Mercury Rx. Pay special attention to communications and comprehension of all matters regarding travel, study or growth. Mercury is moving forward once again post-retrograde shadow January 2, 2025.

a woman meditating with the earth element and fire element hovering above her head

There’s a substantial Earth and Fire energy going on during Mercury retrograde in 2024. These are the realms of the physical world and Spirit. Physical manifestation could be challenged during Mercury Retrograde.

Stay in touch with your emotions and allow them to flow in order to avoid getting stuck the mud. Try some exciting and refreshing new things.

Ensure Clear Communication

Mercury retrograde can cause miscommunications, misunderstandings, delays, travel problems, restrictions, malfunctions in equipment, problems with contracts and negotiations.

With all these potential problems, it’s no wonder that relationships can also suffer.

Sometimes the energy is internalised so that we have to find another way of dealing with Mercury retrograde… which may involve thinking a lot about things before acting.

Try to ensure you are very clear with everyone during Mercury Retrograde in 2024. It’s a good idea to write everything down and send emails to confirm. Try to find a silver lining as there might just be something that you can salvage if a situation goes belly up. Completing old projects should stand you in good stead and do try to find a silver lining if something doesn’t work out how you expect.

Happy 2024 & Many Blessings,

Psychic Astrologer Rose Smith 🙂

Rose Smith
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