Archangel Michael

image of archangel michael with blonde hair as seen by Rose Smith

Archangel Michael has worldwide recognition as being one of the most powerful angels of God. He reportedly sits at the ‘right hand of God’ and is known as ‘the Chief of Princes’. He is the patron saint of police, soldiers, grocers, mariners and the story is that he battles Satan regularly. This is not my experience of him, as he has always appeared to me with a loving and healing presence. He is also the patron saint of chivalry (who said chivalry was dead?).

The British honours system appoints the Order of St. Michael to honour individuals who have rendered important services in relation to the British Commonwealth. Fictional spy 007 James Bond was appointed as ‘Companion’ to the Order of St. Michael in the movie From Russia With Love.

What Does He Look Like?

Saint Michael adopts a multitude of physical appearances, in Scandinavian countries, he has blond hair and fair skin whilst in America, he has appeared to black Americans with black hair and black skin. I have seen him with brown hair and fair skin. There are however certain similarities to his earthly visitations and these are his immense size and strength of character. His gigantic powerful wings also set him apart from other angels. Often an electric blue light is associated with his presence and he has the look of steely resolve in his eyes.   Sometimes gold and/or white are also present. He is an angel of few words and only says what is necessary, being very economic with language.

When you are in the presence of Michael the Archangel, there is no doubting him. Other angelic visitations pale into insignificance in comparison to his spiritual power and immense presence. He sometimes appears in the company of other angels, who are usually in the background or at his feet. When Lord Michael’s presence might overwhelm the unsuspecting human, he may send messages through other angels.

How can he help you?

If you need courage or feel you are under spiritual attack, call upon Michael the Archangel to lend support to your Guardian Angel and strengthen your resolve during difficult circumstances. He is mentioned more than any other angel in the Bible and you can read about his triumphs over evil in the Books of Daniel and Revelations.

Catholics know him as Saint Michael and celebrate his Feast Day on the 29th September, so this is a great day to meditate upon his presence. Do a ritual burning incense and place some blue cellophane around the light in your room which will give everything a blue glow. Lord Michael is also well known throughout other religions including Judaism, Islam and Bahai. He is the Guardian of Humanity and is available to help you when things get really tough.

Author: Rose Smith