The Vision

image of archangel michael and the goddess as they appeared to Rose Smith

I have been seeing visions of the Archangel Michael since my twenties. At first I experienced just the tactile sensation of a touch of his wing, then after a while I had a vision. I then became intent on seeing all of Michael in his fullness. The wing first, then his hands, his robes and finally his beautiful face. This whole process took about 10 years. And I knew I was supposed to be doing something more. After those first few visions, I began to talk to Michael, and again it took several more years before I became attuned and clear enough to be able to pick up the odd word and small phrase.

Even today I do not find him chatty! He tends to speak when there is something important to say. Other angels chat on and even indulge in a sense of humour, but when Michael speaks I listen intently as I have found him to be an Angel of few words. Around eight years ago he said to me “I will be with you always, in every endeavour”. When the name Absolute Soul Secrets was given to me, I asked his permission if I could associate it with him. A strange quizzical look was given, then I heard “That was the intention” – it just took me 15 years to wake up!

Recently whilst writing the index page of this website, I kept hearing “The Hand of Guidance”. I knew it was intended that this phrase be used somewhere upon the page, but I couldn’t work out exactly where. After pondering this for some hours, I then realised that one of the first visions I had some 20 years ago, was of Michael’s outstretched hand. This particular vision lasted many years on and off and occasionally I still see it; Michael’s hand stretching down from on high, to give us all a hand up to a higher spiritual realm. If you’re in trouble, then imagine Michael’s (or another angel’s) down stretched hand pulling you up to a higher spiritual level.

Michael appears to me in a more or less traditional form, large white feathered wings, over seven feet tall, muscular, with dark short hair, powerful angled jaw. This is the form my mind has interpreted from a combination of factors including the energy he exudes and my background being at first an atheist, then agnostic, being baptised and converting to Catholicism in my mid twenties, traveling through a pagan period to a place now where I have no labels. Other people may see Michael as having blonde or silvery hair; I have heard that some people from Norway see him this way. He is a powerful force and in reality he is neither a he or a she, however when I needed confidence and security he chose to appear as he did, powerful and virile, so I still refer to him as a he. He can also appear sometimes not as an angel, but as a force of energy. I have also seen him as a radiant electric blue energy, the feeling I experienced was the same but his appearance was radically different.

The Goddess entered my waking life shortly after Lord Michael. She was more a feeling for the longest time. A sense of the ultimate feminine. Another powerful force, more than I could imagine. Again it took some time to hear her, I would have powerful psychic flashes that would take me when I was alone, together with a certain feeling of beingness. She appeared in a range of disguises, the Virgin Mary, a feminine Spirit of Nature when I was walking in the forest, various ancient Goddesses of olde, but always enveloped in a shade of the brightest, most pure blue (which I also see around Michael). This is how I eventually realised that it was her. Sometimes she would be blonde sometimes brunette but always clothed in nature’s gift of the clear midday sky.

A Planet of Colour

Today I feel truly blessed to have both powerful male and female energies underpinning Absolute Soul Secrets. When I was given the Absolute Soul Secrets name I replied, “But there are no absolutes, are there?” The answer came back “Not on this planet”.  Throughout the universe, everything exists – somehow, somewhere, whether as an absolute or not. On this planet, life is not black and white, all colours in between exist in our choices and non-choices. Sometimes we forget to choose from the myriad of colourful options in our lives and consequently, default back to our borrowed, limited black and white viewpoints. We forget we are on a journey and fearfully cling to the limitations of the past including our more traditional roots, our ancestry and the experiences of past lives in order to deal with this life’s dilemmas. We have just forgotten our ability to choose from the colours of consciousness, which in its highest form is infinite beingness. Infinite beingness, not infinite doingness. It’s not what you do, but who you are that counts.

May this site bring you several steps closer to back to the infiniteness of your true self. If you are looking for another way to deal with your problems or if you would like assistance in finding your true self, please avail yourself to an email or telephone reading with our talented Psychic Readers. Many have intimate dealings with Angels on a daily basis. Click here for psychic’s contact details.

Blessing from Rose

“Today I choose consciousness and today I am lighter than yesterday”

Say this everyday and your life will change.  May everyone who reads this:

“Be blessed by the energies of the Great Hand of Guidance, Lord Michael and the Goddess who are now directing you back to munificence of your Infinite Self. Let no one diminish you, not even yourself, for you are truly a magnificent powerful Infinite Being capable of whatever you choose!”

Author: Rose Smith