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Archangel Gabriel

image of archangel gabriel

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

According to Christian tradition, Archangel Gabriel sits on the left side of the throne of God. The reference to the left may give rise to the idea that Gabrielle is a feminine spirit. Archangel Gabriel is sometimes referred to as Gabrielle, no doubt arising from the feminine attributes this energy presents with.

Male, Female, Androgynous?

Some believe the Catholic church changed Gabrielle from a female into a male (hence the name Gabriel) as they systematically deleted the divine feminine, leaving only the Virgin Mary as a remnant of the previous matriarchal culture and religion.

In reality angels possess both male and female characteristics, so they can appear in the guise of either sex. In spirit, there is no such thing as male hierarchy dominating the feminine; both are of equal importance. The name Gabriel means “Hero of God” or “The Mighty One” in Hebrew. He/she/they is the angel of revelation, divine prophecy, wisdom and mercy.

Gabriel also appears in various other religions including the Muslim faith where his main responsibility was to present humans with divine revelations from Allah.  In Christian faith, he has a similar job, appearing in the New Testament to announce to Mary that she would have the child Jesus. When Gabriel appears, he usually brings important news and prophecy.

When Should I Call Gabriel?

Gabriel and his/her helping angels reside over everything to do with communications, intuition, teaching, writing, acting, photography, public speaking etc. He/she can be useful in questions relating to career, public image and reputation. You can pray/meditate upon Gabrielle if you want a job promotion or anything where you are trying to promote yourself looking your best.

Gabriel is also great for issues concerning childbirth and pregnancy. Problems in relationships and conception of children are also specialties for Gabriel. If you are seeking to develop your intuition or psychic ability, use Gabriel’s sympathetic and kind guidance to enhance your natural psychic talents.  Gabriel is the Great Communicator! This Archangel is also the one to call when you feel stuck and can’t move forward or backwards in a life situation.

Sometimes Gabriel will appear with a golden or copper colored halo around his/her head, he/she may also carry a trumpet or lily and is often associated with flowers. You can prepare a suitable psychic space for praying/meditating to Gabriel by laying an altar of flowers (white and gold would be my first choice), lighting a yellow candle and burning pine needles or something natural such as herbs to cleanse the area. Call on Gabriel often to help you, especially during Springtime when flowers are blooming.

Feel Safe! Angels are watching…

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