Angel Practices

image of beautiful angel in the ocean
Angel Practices may include using angel cards and communicating with angels generally. Most of our readers have communication (either clairaudience or clairvoyance) with angels, especially as Archangel Michael is our main Spirit Guide and casts his wings over this enterprise. Sometimes, Archangels Gabriel or Raphael also present themselves during readings. Our readers have special communion with angels.

Angels may appear in whatever form they choose. Sometimes, they are the “stereotypical” angel, dressed in white with large feathery wings, other times as humans with the eyes of Angels and sometimes, they can appear as large balls of light. They come in whatever form suits their purpose. They are rarely ‘loud’, they tend to present as a quiet small voice rather than a loud and tumultuous one. Although, I have had the odd occasion where a message has been given and I didn’t ‘get it’ so I’ve been woken up in the middle of a dream by the loud volume of a particularly insistent angel.

There are many types of angels including Archangels, The Seraphim, Fallen Angels, nature spirits with wings or cherubs and they are extremely numerous on planet earth. There are in fact more angels on this planet than people.

Angels can appear anywhere.

In my home they ‘inhabit’ my bedroom where I have many pictures and statues of Angels. If you wish to become more aware of the Angels in your life, do a meditation and ‘invite’ them into your life. In reality they are already there, but they have a very subtle and fine energy and you must prepare a space within yourself to witness them in their fullness.

Initially when you first communicate with angels, you may notice more bird feathers around you in your physical universe. You may also have visions of feathers. Often the feathers may be around you for an extended period – perhaps years before you actually “see” an angel. Don’t give up. Keep up your meditative practise and set your heart firmly on your desire to see and communicate with angels and eventually you will. It took 10 years of meditative practise for me to view Archangel Michael in his entirety. He is a huge energy and your body will require ‘preparation’ to be in his energy field.

Your awareness of Angels will be a great inspiration and help to you, especially in times of turmoil. They protect and comfort you even if you’re not aware of them.

Angel Blessings!

Author: Rose Smith