beautiful woman with the third eye

Channelling describes the ability to allow Spirit to pass through us, usually, in order to communicate an important message. Many people can actually channel e.g. musicians and artists, although they may call it something else. There are different degrees of channelling. Sometimes a reader will be almost fully conscious, other times the reader will be in a totally altered state of consciousness and will not remember what was said during the course of the reading. Sometimes during a deeper trance state, a Spirit Guide entering the reader’s body will change her voice and her posture.

If your intention is to channel, I suggest you find a good teacher or someone knowledgeable you can speak with. Sometimes a situation can develop where an energy will come forward to be channelled which can put a great deal of strain on the physical body. If you experience any physical pain whatsoever including extremes in temperature, I suggest you ask “upstairs” for an energy more suitable for your physical body and refuse to channel any energy uncomfortable for you.

Be certain of the ‘bona fides’ of any energy who comes to you to be channelled. It is your unalienable right as a human being to decide who you will allow to enter the ‘sacred temple’ that is your body. This is particularly the case, if you consume alcohol or drugs. Not only do your lose inhibitions, you also lose the spiritual power of discernment in relation to seeing various Spiritual forces for who they really are. Sometimes entities can appear as being wholesome in the light, when they are anything but.

We shouldn’t be afraid however when in reality, we all channel something or someone every day. It is a question of degree however, and the ability to control the quality of the energy. Our professional psychics have a multitude of experience in channelling and can assist you in developing your channelling ability.

Author: Rose Smith